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Amazon Instant Video is available on many compatible devices and platforms. All platforms support watching titles with Amazon Instant Video. Prime Instant Video (titles included with an Amazon Prime membership) isn’t available on Amazon Unbox Player[1] and TiVo[2].


Supported web browsers by platform:

  • Apple OS X: Firefox 3.0 (or later), Safari 5.0 (or later), Google Chrome 16 (or later). Watching videos in the web browser requires installation of the Microsoft Silverlight 5.1 plugin (or later) or Adobe Flash (or later).[4]

A software application is also available for Windows computers.

===Mobile devices===

  • Kindle Fire tablets: Kindle Fire[6] 1st (2011) and 2nd (2012) generation; Kindle Fire HD 1st (2012) and 2nd (2013) generation; and Kindle Fire HDX 1st (2013) generation[7]
  • When the Kindle Fire Phone ships on July 25, 2014,[8] customers will have access to Amazon Instant Video. [9]
  • iOS devices: (iPad[10], iPhone [11], iPod touch[12]) including compatibility with Apple TV via AirPlay.[13][14] Amazon introduced support for the iPad in August 2012[15] and followed with support for iPhone and iPod touch in December 2012.[16][17] Customers using iOS devices can watch movies and TV shows that they have rented or purchased from Amazon Instant Video. Purchases of additional titles must be made on the Amazon Instant Video website or on other supported platforms. If the customer is also an Amazon Prime member, they can also watch any title included with Prime Instant Video.[18]

===Set-top boxes===

  • Amazon Fire TV[19] released April 2, 2014.
  • An app for Roku[20] first released January 5, 2009.[21]
  • TiVo Series 2 and Series 3 DVRs, except those made for use with DirecTV (DirecTiVo)[22].
  • At least three devices based on the Google TV platform include Amazon Instant Video. These include the Vizio Co-Star [23][24], Asus Cube[25], and Hisense Pulse[26].

===TVs and [[Blu-ray player]]s===

Amazon Instant Video is offered as an app on late model TVs[27] and Blu-ray players[28]. These include Sony BRAVIA TVs[29] (announced September 3, 2008)[30], Samsung Smart TVs through the Samsung Apps Service[31], LG[32], Vizio[33], Panasonic VIERA TVs[34] (announced April 21, 2009)[35], and select devices using Google TV and Yahoo! Widgets.

===Game consoles===

Customers can watch Amazon Instant Video titles on popular game consoles[36], including the following:

  • An app for Microsoft Xbox One[37] was released in November 2013.[38]. This followed the first Amazon Instant Video app that appeared on the Xbox 360[39][40] through Xbox Live. The Xbox 360 app was released May 29, 2012.[41][42] Apps for both Xbox platforms initially required customers to have an Xbox Live Gold subscription to use the Amazon Instant Video app. In June 2014, Microsoft eliminated the Xbox Live Gold subscription policy to access entertainment services such as Amazon Instant Video.[43][44]
  • Customers could begin streaming their Amazon Instant Video movies and TV shows to Sony PlayStation 4 beginning November 15, 2013.[45] The earlier PlayStation 3 Amazon Instant Video app released April 3, 2012.[46][47]
  • Apps have been released for both the Nintendo Wii (app released January 13, 2013[48]) and Nintendo Wii U (app released November 21, 2012[49]).

A complete list of compatible devices appears on the website.[50]

===Platforms supporting downloaded content===

Amazon Instant Video is primarily an online streaming service, which requires an active Internet connection. However, some devices with internal storage are permitted to download titles that have been rented or bought, and then viewed while the device is offline.[51] This includes all versions of the Kindle Fire; Amazon Unbox for PC computers; iOS devices; and TiVo Series 2 and Series 3 DVRs, except those made for use with DirecTV (DirecTiVo).

In addition, titles included at no additional charge with Prime Instant Video — for customers with an Amazon Prime membership — can be downloaded on 2nd generation Kindle Fire (2013) and Kindle Fire HDX (2013) devices.[52]


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