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Citation needed for birth date[edit]

Hi there - the birth date has been added for Boone. We cannot have uncited material on Wikipedia. If someone can help find the data that is a quality reliable source, that'd be great. If not, I'll end up removing it again, thank you. Here is a good place to learn about citing sources and reliablity: Wikipedia:Citing sources --- SarahStierch (talk) 19:48, 23 January 2012 (UTC)

I believe I found a cite that has her birth and death. I found that she was born on May 18, 1867 and pasted away around September 14, 1919. [1]


If Sarah Boone "obtained United States patent rights for her improvements to the ironing board," does that not imply the existence of an "ironing board" previous to 1892? And doesn't the existence of an ironing board before 1892 completely invalidate the claim that people "were forced to resort" to creatively laying wooden planks across chairs and tables?

I'm looking at the patent records and I'm seeing ironing tables dating back nearly 100 years before 1896. Dozens of them, in fact. Is it plausible that people were being painfully forced to resort to creative means of ironing their clothes before Sarah Boone came along? Ultranothing (talk) 07:27, 2 February 2013 (UTC)

Agreed, this paragraph is incorrect and should be removed. Robina Fox (talk) 16:26, 27 July 2013 (UTC)