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Tampa Roller Derby
League logo
Metro area Tampa Bay Area
Country United States
Founded 2005
Teams Tampa Tantrums - Travel A Team
Bruise Crew - Travel B Team
Black Widows
Cigar City Mafia
Switchblade Sisters
Vicegrip Vixens
Aces on Eights
Tampa Junior Derby
Track type(s) Flat
Venue DownTown Skate
Affiliations Women's Flat Track Derby Association
Org. type LLC
Website TampaRollerDerby.com

Tampa Roller Derby (TRD) was established in 2005 as the first modern day roller derby league in the state of Florida. Originally known as the Tampa Bay Derby Darlins, in 2007 Tampa Roller Derby became the first women's flat track roller derby team in the state of Florida to be accepted into the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), the major governing body of the sport of modern-day roller derby. Since then, many other Florida leagues have followed suit, including the Tallahassee RollerGirls, Gainesville Roller Rebels, Jacksonville RollerGirls, Fort Myers Derby Girls, and Gold Coast Derby Grrls. TRD is composed of over 100 skaters, referees, and volunteers, and is the largest roller derby league in the Tampa Bay Area.

League Organization[edit]

Tampa Roller Derby comprises four home teams: the Black Widows, Cigar City Mafia, and Switch Blade Sisters. The league originally had a fourth team in the Vicegrip Vixens, but was disbanded in the second season and was revived at the 10th sesson Anniversary. TRD also has two travel teams: the Tampa Bay Bruise Crew[1] and the Tampa Tantrums.[2] The Bruise Crew is TRD's B-level travel team and play other teams throughout the state of Florida. Tampa Roller Derby's A-level travel team, the Tampa Tantrums, are currently ranked in division one of the WFTDA and travel throughout the country to compete against other division one teams. The Quad Killers [3] program trains the newest members of the league, and the Aces on Eights is TRD's farm team for up and coming league skaters. Tampa Roller Derby also has a junior counterpart, Tampa Junior Derby, for girls ages 8–17.

WFTDA and TRD Association[edit]

Tampa Roller Derby is a part of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) division one.[4] TRD was accepted as a member in August 2007 after meeting requirements set forth by WFTDA. Being a part of WFTDA allows TRD to compete against other leagues within the United States, Canada, and Europe that follow the same rules and regulations - therefore ensuring fair play and sportsmanship. Every fall, at the end of the official WFTDA roller derby season, each division holds a Playoff tournament which includes the top ranking teams from that region. Three winners from each tournament advance to the WFTDA Championships tournament where a league wide winner is determined.

League Philanthropy[edit]

In an effort to help the area and reach out to those in need, Tampa Roller Derby perform community involvement activities, and have worked closely with organizations including The Springs Domestic Violence Center,[5] Lowry Park Zoo,[6] The Ronald McDonald House,[7] Arthritis Foundation,[8] Florida Blood Services,[9] Animal Coalition of Tampa,[10] and many more.

TBDD in Popular Culture Media[edit]

July 19, 2008 TRD won the People's Choice Award by entering a large, flying skate into the Tampa Bay Red Bull Flugtag competition. TRD scored a third of the Red Bull Flugtag record 30,000 SMS votes.[11]

TRD was contacted by the movie Whip It, starring Ellen Page and directed by Drew Barrymore, in order to gain permission for the use of the Black Widows team name. The movie was released in 2009 and featured the Black Widows as one of the Austin roller derby teams in the movie.

October 3, 2009 - TRD in conjunction with Runs With Bulls Tampa Bay, proceeds go to Alpha House, which provides safe housing for pregnant women and their children[12]

Then TRD League President, Jessica Cameron (aka Anne Tagonize), was a finalist for Tampa Bay Business Journal’s 2010 Business Woman of the Year Awards [13]

In September 2010, the Tampa Tantrums were featured in a music video for the Tampa punk band, Neglected Superhero. The song, "Derby Darlins," was written about and inspired by the Tampa Tantrums.

TRD shows support for the LGBT Community with other derby leagues. Roller derby is, in modern history, a women's sport, and all women are welcome. TRD has made sure to be inclusive of all women in the community and support them in any way we can. Here's a story from watermark.com about Tampa Roller Derby's support of the LGBT community (read)

TRD League History[edit]


  • August - conception of Tampa Bay Roller Derby
  • October - Tampa Bay Derby Darlins are officially established

The Tampa Bay Derby Darlins, now Tampa Roller Derby, were formed thanks to the vision of one woman: Angela Kroslak (known in the derby community as "Dee Bauchery"). Although it was difficult and required hours of phone calls, internet research, and visits to local roller skating rinks, Dee Bauchery was able to find a place to host practices and bouts, as well as enough committed girls to begin the league. Three months later in October 2005, a relationship began between United Skates of America and the newly founded Tampa Bay Derby Darlins ("TBDD").[14]


After 5 months of intense training and player evaluations, the league broke into 4 teams made up of the Black Widows, Cigar City Mafia, Switchblade Sisters, and Vicegrip Vixens. Skaters began to practice with their teams and in May 2006 and all four teams participated in the first two bouts in TRD history, appropriately coined "Project Mayhem". The season was an impressive success and a colossal learning experience for the valiant original skaters. It culminated with the Black Widows winning the Double D ("DD") Championship Cup, by way of a completely undefeated, record season.


  • August - TRD was officially inducted into WFTDA[15]


  • April - First WFTDA sanctioned bout against the Atlanta Rollergirls (91/58 Atlanta)[15]
  • QTR 3 - TBDD makes it first appearance on Flat Track Stats rankings at #36 (out of 55 teams)[15]


  • Recognized by the Tampa Chamber of Commerce for the league's Florida State Championship 1st-place victory at the annual Sunshine Skate Championship, which has been organized and hosted by TRD for th previous three years.[16]


  • TRD Partnered with The Tampa Bay Sports Commission (TBSC) to host the first annual Frank Panky tournament.
  • September - TBDD hosted the first Tampa Tantrum Boot Camp and invited other leagues into their facilities to provide them with knowledge, skills, and drills to take back to their leagues.


  • The Tampa Tantrums finished in 9th place at the South Central WFTDA Regional tournament.


  • In an effort to update their image and better reflect the evolution of modern flat track roller derby, the Tampa Bay Derby Darlins officially became Tampa Roller Derby.
  • Tampa Roller Derby hosted Franky Panky at the Florida State Fairgrounds.
  • The Tampa Tantrums finished in 4th place at the South Central WFTDA Regional tournament.


  • The Tampa Tantrums finished in the new WFTDA Division One tournament in 9th place.


Season Q4 ranking[17] Regionals Championship
2008 5 DNQ DNQ
2009 7 7[18] DNQ
2010 6 6[19] DNQ
2011 8 9[20] DNQ


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