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Oman Telecommunication Company (Omantel) has a monopoly in the landline telephone and internet access markets. Its arm Omanmobile offers mobile services. The Omani government owns 70% of Omantel after 30% was listed for the public in 2005. In 2005 Qatar Telecommunication Company (Qtel) and partners were awarded the second license to offer mobile services in the country under the brand of Nawras, which is now rebranded as Ooredoo (Ooredoo Oman). Oman now has 4 mobile networks offering internet. The networks providing 4G coverage are Oman mobile, Ooredoo, Renna and Friendi.

In 2019 Omantel introduce its first 5G coverage in the country.

In October 2007 the government overhauled Omantel board of directors and announced its plan to remerge the two arm of the company and to sell part of its share to a strategic partner. The government also slashed the royalty fee paid on revenue from 12% to 7%.


Country Code: 00968

Landlines in use: 254,051(2010 - Feb)[1] Prepaid (36,430) - Postpaid (210,816)- Public Pay-phone (6,805)

Mobile cellular: 4,131,922 (2010 [2]- Feb) Prepaid (3,767,218) – Postpaid (364,704)

Domestic: open wire, microwave, radiotelephone communications, limited coaxial cable and a domestic satellite system with 8 earth stations. International: satellite earth stations - 2 Intelsat (Indian Ocean) and 1 Arabsat.


Internet Service Providers (ISPs): 1 (2007) Country code (Top level domain): OM

Dial-up access[edit]

Dial-up: Postpaid (50,000) plus prepaid access cards containing a username and a password which give a set number of surfing hours.

The postpaid dialup service offered by Omantel costs 3 R.O. ($8) per month plus 0.180 R..O. ($0.47) for each hour of use.

Broadband access[edit]

Broadband: (29,000)

ADSL services were launched in 2005 in Oman through the provider Omantel, the only ISP in Oman.

EDGE and 3G[edit]

Both Omanmobile and Ooredoo Oman offer access to the internet through their EDGE networks. Ooredoo Oman launched its 3G network in selected areas in December 2007 with a download speed of 1 megabit. Omanmobile is also offering high speed 3G coverage .


Broadcast stations: 13 (plus 25 low-power repeaters) (1999) Televisions: 1.6 million (1997)


Broadcast stations: AM 3, FM 9, shortwave 2 (1999) Radios: 1.4 million (1997)

In April, 2008, Nokia Siemens was appointed to replace parts of the existing radio network.[3]

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