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For submitters[edit]

  1. To request an edit to an article where you have a conflict of interest, go to the Talk page of that article, start a new section at the bottom of the page. Put {{request edit}} at the top of new section (below the new heading).
  2. Below the {{request edit}} template add the particulars of your proposed edit.
  3. Describe the requested changes in detail. You should include independent sources that support the edits that you are suggesting; if you do not, you increase the likelihood that your request will be denied. Be as specific as possible, ideally following a "add X", "delete Y", "replace X with Y" approach to specify the precise text and citations you are proposing be added, deleted, or modified. If the rationale for a change is not obvious (particularly for proposed deletions), explain. Be sure to add your signature at the end of the text using the four tildes (~~~~).
  4. The proposed edit must comply with Neutral point of view, and in particular Due and undue weight, a section of our neutrality policy. The Wikipedia article must reflect, both in content and tone, the body of high-quality, independent literature that exists on the subject in question.
  5. It is better not to propose major rewrites of articles or sections of articles where you have a conflict of interest. If you do make such a proposal, be sure to read WP:COI and WP:PSCOI, and provide content that is well researched and neutral. Include any negative material or controversies found in reliable sources. Good reviewers will look for such omissions. Do not ask that negative material be removed if it is well-sourced and accurate. For major content revision requests, use the {{request edit|R}} template.

For reviewers[edit]

  1. For major re-writes or controversial requests that may require consensus, ask the submitter to discuss the edits with regular contributors first on the article's talk page, using {{request edit|D|D}}.
  2. Reviewers must make sure that the proposed edit does not violate NPOV, and in particular UNDUE. The Wikipedia article must reflect, both in content and tone, the body of high-quality, independent literature that exists on the subject in question, not only the sources the submitter has offered. Be on the look-out for cherry-picking, for the omission of sources, for the misrepresentation of a source's tone, and for the use of source material out of context. It is particularly important to be vigilant about omissions and tone when a paid editor proposes a major rewrite of a contentious article or section of an article.
  3. When requests are straightforward, uncontentious, and do not require consensus or the assistance of a subject-matter expert, be bold. If the edit is reverted, it is by definition controversial, so do not revert back.
  4. Avoid excessively high or low expectations, but do make sure that the proposed edit improves the article.
  5. When declining, try to submit enough feedback to allow the submitter to improve their request.


"Template:Edit request" redirects here. For edits to a semi-protected page, see Template:Edit semi-protected. For edits to a template-protected page, see Template:Edit template-protected. For edits to a fully-protected page, see Template:Edit protected.
How to use
  1. Create a new section on the talk page, like this ==New section==
  2. Add {{request edit}}
  3. Underneath the template, write out your request, along with any sources.
  4. Sign the post using four tildes ~~~~
  5. Use the preview button to make sure the request looks the way you want it to.
  6. Save
Request options
{{request edit}} = {{request edit/request}} for requested edits. Post on the article talk page, in a thread that describes the edit to be made. The template automatically adds the request to the list of edits requested and Category:Requested edits.
{{request edit|R}} = {{request edit/significant}} same function as {{request edit}} – use for more substantial changes.
Response options
{{request edit|A}} = {{request edit/answered}} for implemented edits. Adds the request to Category:Implemented requested edits. The template also accepts |answered=yes or |ans=yes.
{{request edit|G}} = {{Request edit/proceed}} to ask the submitter to implement the edits themselves (good for non-controversial edits and major re-writes). Adds the request to Category:Answered requested edits.
{{request edit|P|[explanation]}} = {{request edit/partial}} for partially completed requests. Please provide an explanation of what was and was not done and why as the third parameter. Adds the request to Category:Partially implemented requested edits.
{{request edit|D|[see below]}} = {{request edit/declined}} for declined request. Adds the request to Category:Declined requested edits.
Declined parameters
{{request edit|D|ADV}} for declining promotional content.
{{request edit|D|V}} for declining content not properly sourced.
{{request edit|D|O}} for articles with obvious omissions that need balance.
{{request edit|D|R}} when changes ask to remove sourced content.
{{request edit|D|D}} to request the editor attempt to discuss with involved editors first.
{{request edit|D|A}} to approve the edits, but ask the COI editor to make them themselves. Acts the same as {{request edit|G}}.
{{request edit|D|S}} for requests that are not specific enough.
{{request edit|D|T}} for requests that aren't an improvement.
{{request edit|D|C}} this issue has been discussed and no clear consensus was reached.

Please see the list of requested edits at the instructions page and see how you can help!

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