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This article is about the magazine. For other uses, see Tempo (disambiguation).
Issue 1323 of Tempo.jpg
Issue 1323 of Tempo, depicting the Yugoslav national basketball team upon winning EuroBasket 1991.
Type Sports magazine
Publisher Politika AD
Founded 1966
Language Serbo-Croatian,
Ceased publication 2004
Headquarters Belgrade, Serbia

Tempo (Serbian Cyrillic: Teмпo) was a Serbia-based magazine devoted to sports, published weekly.


Tempo was founded in Belgrade in 1966, as a weekly sports magazine under Politika's umbrella.[1] Most of its coverage centered on football, with basketball, handball, volleyball, and water polo also featuring prominently. For decades, Tempo was famous among the youth of SFR Yugoslavia for publishing glossy color posters of their favourite domestic and foreign sporting heroes.

With internet sporting sites and specialty TV sports channels gradually eating into its readership since the early 2000s, Tempo eventually folded on July 7, 2004. It was the magazine's 1879th issue and its cover featured the Greek national football team that just won EURO 2004.

Brief rebirth (2007-2009)[edit]

In 2007, Tempo 21 launched. One of the main theories as to why the 21 was added to their name was that it was meant to symbolize the magazine's rebirth in the 21st century. A new issue was released every other Wednesday, and was sold not only in Serbia, but throughout the worldwide Serbian diaspora. In early 2009 however the magazine reached its end.


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