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Tiny Tiny RSS
GUI of Tiny Tiny RSS
Graphical user interface from Tiny Tiny RSS
Developer(s)Andrew Dolgov
Initial release22 August 2005; 16 years ago (2005-08-22)[1]
Stable release
rolling releases[2] (git)
Written inPHP
TypeFeed reader
License2013: GPL-3.0-or-later[3]
2005: GPL-2.0-only

Tiny Tiny RSS is a free RSS feed reader. It is a web application which must be installed on a web server.[4]

Following Google's announcement that they would be retiring Google Reader,[5] Tiny Tiny RSS was widely reviewed as a possible replacement for it in major tech blogs and online magazines. Reviewers praised its versatility but criticized its performance and installation process.[6][7][8]

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