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Traffic in Třebíč – schema

Třebíč is an important traffice source and destination. Třebíč is crossed by highways I/23 and II/360 and is an important stop on Brno-Jihlava railway line.

Road transport[edit]

The expressway (I/23) in Třebíč

Since 2000 reconstruction of road II/360 is being realized. This road will connect Třebíč to motorway D1. Reconstruction was started in Trnava, where a new roundabout was constructed. Following phases of reconstruction will affect Oslavice, Oslavička and Velké Meziříčí.

Rail transport[edit]

First nearby railway line, the mainline of Austrian Northwestern Railway built in 1871 has avoided the town because trains would have to descend to the Jihlava River valley and climb uphill again. A today railway station of Třebíč–Stařeč was then built. Třebíč got railway station within city limits in 1886 when Střelice-Okříšky segment of Czech-Moravian Transversal Railway line segment was built.

Třebíč is well connected with other cities by express trains running through the town once per hour in weekdays.

Public transport[edit]

Mercedes-Benz Citaro in Třebíč - bus stop Augustina Kratochvíla

Public transport first operated in Třebíč in 1871-1886 period when the railway station Třebíč–Stařeč was connected to the city by omnibus line. Bus transportation was re-established in 1956.

During the 1980s, the town planned to establish trolleybus network but the social changes after 1989 Velvet revolution stopped any actual actions.

Bus transport[edit]

In Třebíč there are nine bus lines. The lines with most ridership are numbered 1, 4 and 5. The most frequently used stops are Karlovo náměstí (Charles Square) and Komenského náměstí (Komenský Square).

Buses used[edit]