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This article is about the section of highway in Ohio. For the entire length of highway, see U.S. Route 23.

U.S. Route 23 marker

U.S. Route 23
Route of US 23 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by ODOT
Length: 234.83 mi[1] (377.92 km)
Existed: 1926 – present
Major junctions
South end: US 23 at U.S. Grant Bridge in Portsmouth

US 52 in Portsmouth
US 35 / US 50 in Chillicothe
US 22 in Circleville
I‑70 / I‑71 in Columbus
US 36 / US 42 in Delaware
US 30 in Upper Sandusky
US 224 near Fostoria
US 6 near Bradner
I‑75 / I‑475 / US 20 in Perrysburg

US 24 in Maumee
North end: US 23 / US 223 at Michigan-Ohio state line near Sylvania
Counties: Scioto, Pike, Ross, Pickaway, Franklin, Delaware, Marion, Wyandot, Seneca, Sandusky, Wood, Lucas
Highway system
US 22 US 24

U.S. Route 23 (US 23) is a United States Numbered Highway that runs from Jacksonville, Florida, to Mackinaw City, Michigan. In the US state of Ohio, it is a major north–south state trunkline highway that runs from the Kentucky border at Portsmouth, Ohio to the Michigan border at Sylvania, Ohio.


Before the establishment of the United States Numbered Highways system in 1926, the route of what would eventually become US 23 was numbered as SR 4 from Portsmouth to Marion; SR 22 from Marion to Carey; SR 63 from Carey to Fostoria; SR 199 from Fostoria to Millbury; and SR 2 from Millbury to Toledo.[2][3] Over the years, portions of US 23 have been realigned to divided highway, freeway, or expressway portions. Among these are a bypass of Circleville built in 1958;[4] the Marion-to-Carey expressway routing, on which work began in 1962;[5] and a bypass of Chillicothe, on which work began in 1966.[6]

When first established, US 23 followed its current routing from Fostoria to Woodville, then continued north along present-day Fostoria Road into Millbury, and northwest along present-day Ohio State Route 51 (Woodville Road) into downtown Toledo. There, it followed Broadway Street, Starr Avenue, and Main Street to the Cherry Street Bridge (now the Martin Luther King Bridge) across the Maumee River. The route then followed Cherry Street (present-day SR 120) to Detroit Avenue (US 24), before turning west onto Laskey Road and north onto Lewis Avenue.[3] Only a year later, the Fostoria-to-Toledo routing was shifted westerly, taking a northwest-southeast route that was originally designated SR 63 between Fostoria and Perrysburg, then East River Road into Toledo. It crossed the Maumee River via the Fassett Street Bridge, then followed South, Sumner, Logan, Summit, and Huron streets to rejoin its original routing. The Fostoria-to-Millbury routing was designated SR 199, and the Millbury-to-Toledo routing became SR 102,[7] which in turn became present-day SR 51 in 1955.[8] By 1940, US 23 was shifted westerly again in Toledo, taking the Anthony Wayne Bridge to Summit Street, then to Jefferson Avenue and Collingwood Boulevard before rejoining the previous routing.[9]

US 23 was realigned c. 1960 to follow Monroe Street northwesterly out of Toledo, joining with the first constructed segment of its current freeway routing in Sylvania.[10][11] The freeway was extended southerly to US 20 (Central Avenue) by 1964.[12] By 1969, the entire western freeway bypass of Toledo was complete, carrying the current routings of both US 23 and I-475. In addition, US 23 and SR 199 were swapped north of Fostoria in 1969, with US 23 reverting to its pre-1927 routing between Fostoria and Woodville, then becoming concurrent with US 20 from there to Perrysburg; the 1927-1969 routing of US-23 between Fostoria and Perrysburg thus became part of SR 199.[13]

Route description[edit]

The route crosses over the Ohio River via the U.S. Grant Bridge into the city of Portsmouth. Through downtown Portsmouth, it follows parallel one-way streets with northbound traffic on Gay Street and southbound on Chillicothe Street. These roads merge into Scioto Trail, which becomes a divided highway north of Rosemount, and again north of Lucasville, through Piketon to just south of Waverly.[14]

Within Waverly, the route becomes concurrent with SR 104, in addition to a four-block concurrency with SR 335 that ends in downtown Waverly. The concurrency with State Route 104 ends just south of Chillicothe, Ohio, at which point US 23 becomes an expressway.[14] The route bypasses Chillicothe to the east, including a short concurrency with US 35 before once again becoming a divided highway near Kingston. It continues as such through Circleville to the southern edge of Columbus, at the southern junction of Interstate 270.[14]


In downtown Columbus, the route is applied to a one-way pair. It first jogs easterly via Livingston Avenue (north) and Fulton Street (south) before continuing northerly with northbound traffic on Fourth Street and southbound traffic on Third Street, which becomes Summit Street north of Fifth Avenue. The one-way pair ends at Hudson Street on the border of the SoHud and Glen Echo neighborhoods, with both directions of US 23 jogging westerly onto Hudson Street before continuing northerly on Indianola Avenue, closely paralleling Interstate 71. The route then moves westerly again via Morse Road, then north again onto High Street on the north edge of the East Beechwold neighborhood. North of the northern junction with Interstate 270, High Street becomes Columbus Pike.

North of Columbus[edit]

In Lewis Center, US 23 once again becomes an expressway, and remains as such until Carey, except for a small portion north of Delaware.[14] Between Marion and Carey, all junctions with other routes are exits, except for SR 529 east of Marion and SR 294 east of Harpster. The route becomes concurrent with US 42 along an eastern bypass of Delaware, then bypasses Waldo and Marion to the east. It bypasses Upper Sandusky to the east and north, mostly in concurrency with US 30.[14] The route then departs the expressway at Carey, becoming concurrent with SR 103 while the expressway continues westerly as SR 15. Within Carey, the concurrency with State Route 103 ends, and a concurrency with SR 199 begins. The two co-signed routes continue as a rural highway to Fostoria, Ohio.[14]

Within Fostoria, US 23 becomes concurrent with SR 18 while turning westerly along Lytle Street, then northerly along a short, unnamed expressway in concurrency with SR 12. At the northern end of the expressway, State Route 12 departs while US 23, still concurrent with State Routes 18 and 199, continues westerly along Tiffin Street, then northerly along County Line Street. State Routes 18 and 199 both depart within Fostoria city limits, while US 23 continues northerly and becomes Fostoria Road. Northeast of Bradner, the route has a junction with US 6.

Northwest of Woodville, the route becomes concurrent with US 20, with both routes continuing northwesterly to Perrysburg.[14] There, US 23 begins a brief wrong-way concurrency with I-75, then departs for a concurrency with Interstate 475, the western bypass of the Toledo metropolitan area. US 23 and I-475 are concurrent for the latter route's entire north-south portion, until I-475 departs in Sylvania to become an east-west aligned route. US 23 then continues northerly into Michigan as a freeway.[14]

Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi km Exit Destinations Notes
Scioto Portsmouth 0.00 0.00 US 23 south Continues into Kentucky
SR 73 west (2nd Street) / SR 104 north Eastern terminus of SR 73; southern terminus of SR 104
US 52 (11th Street, 12th Street) Eastbound US 52 follows 11th Street; westbound follows 12th Street
Lucasville SR 348 west / SR 728 east Eastern terminus of SR 348; western terminus of SR 728
SR 823 Interchange
Pike Scioto Township Centrifuge Circle Half-folded diamond interchange; access to Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant
Seal Township SR 32 / SR 124 – Jackson, Cincinnati Diamond interchange
Waverly SR 104 south (Lake White Road) Southern end of SR 104 concurrency
SR 220 (Market Street) / SR 335 Southern terminus of SR 335; southern end of SR 335 concurrency
SR 335 north (Clough Street) Northern end of SR 335 concurrency
Ross Franklin Township SR 372 east (Stoney Creek Road)
Southern end of controlled access
Scioto Township
SR 104 north (Three Locks Road, Bridge Street) / US 23 Bus.
Northern end of State Route 104 concurrency; southern terminus of BUS US 23; BUS US 23 not signed southbound
US 50 (Eastern Avenue) to US 35 east Northbound access to eastbound US 35 and from westbound US 35 to southbound US 23
US 35 east / US 50 east – Jackson, Athens Southbound exit and northbound entrance; eastern end of US 35 concurrency
To US 50 west (Main Street) – Chillicothe
US 35 west – Dayton Northbound exit and southbound entrance; western end of US 35 concurrency
Springfield Township
SR 159 (Bridge Street) / US 23 Bus. – Kingston
Northern terminus of BUS US 23; BUS US 23 not signed northbound
Green Township SR 207
Northern end of controlled access
Pickaway Pickaway Township SR 361 Western terminus of SR 361
Circleville US 22 / SR 56 – Circleville Five-ramp partial cloverleaf; northbound exit via Mound Street
South Bloomfield SR 316 east Southern end of SR 316 concurrency
SR 316 west Northern end of SR 316 concurrency
SR 752 east Western terminus of SR 752
Harrison Township SR 762
Franklin Hamilton Township SR 665 west / SR 317 east Eastern terminus of SR 665; western terminus of SR 317
I‑270 to I‑71 – Columbus, Wheeling Exit 52 on I-270
Columbus SR 104 to US 33 to I‑71 Eastbound to US 33; westbound to I-71
US 33 east (Livingston Avenue) South end of US 33 concurrency
I‑70 / I‑71 south – Wheeling No access to northbound I-71; exit 100B on I-70
US 62 south (Main Street) / SR 3 south (Rich Street) South end of US 62 and SR 3 concurrencies
US 40 (Broad Street) / SR 16 / US 62 north / SR 3 north North end of US 62 and SR 3 concurrencies
US 33 west (Long Street) Northern end of US 33 concurrency
I‑670 – Dayton, Airport Northbound-to-eastbound ramp also connects to northbound I-71; I-670 exit 4.
Worthington SR 161
Columbus 23 I‑270 to I‑71 – Indianapolis, Cleveland Signed as 23A (eastbound, to I-71) and 23B (westbound); exit 23 on I-270
Delaware Orange Township SR 750
Delaware SR 315 south Northern terminus of SR 315
US 42 south Southern end of US 42 concurrency; northbound US 23 to southbound US 42 access via off-ramp from South Sandusky Street
US 36 / US 42 north / SR 37 / Central Avenue, William Street, North Sandusky Street Interchange; northern end of US 42 concurrency; William Avenue signed northbound only, Central Avenue signed southbound only
North Sandusky Street Southbound exit and northbound entrance
Marlboro Township SR 229
Marion Waldo Township Southern end of controlled access
SR 229 Secondary cutoff for SR 229
SR 98 – Waldo, Bucyrus Access to SR 47 and SR 423
township line
SR 529 Intersection
Marion Township SR 95 – Marion, Mount Gilead
SR 309 – Marion, Galion
Marion-Williamsport Road
Grand Prairie Township SR 4 – Bucyrus
SR 231 – Morral, Nevada
Wyandot Pitt Township SR 294 Intersection
SR 199 Southern terminus of SR 199
Crane Township US 30 east – Bucyrus, Mansfield Southern end of US 30 concurrency
Upper Sandusky Wyandot Avenue, County Highway 330 — Upper Sandusky
SR 53 / SR 67 – Upper Sandusky, Tiffin
SR 199
Salem Township US 30 west – Van Wert Northern end of US 30 concurrency; left exit and entrance northbound
Crawford Township SR 15 west to I‑75 – Findlay, Toledo
SR 103 – Carey, Fostoria
Northern end of limited access, freeway continues westbound as SR 15; eastern terminus of SR 15; southern end of SR 103 concurrency
Carey SR 568 west / SR 103 east / SR 199 south Eastern terminus of SR 568; northern end of SR 103 concurrency; southern end of SR 199 concurrency
Seneca Loudon Township US 224
Fostoria SR 18 east Southern end of SR 18 concurrency
SR 12 west Southern end of SR 12 concurrency
SR 12 east Northern end of SR 12 concurrency
SR 18 west / SR 613 west Northern end of SR 18 concurrency; eastern terminus of SR 613
SR 199 north Northern end of SR 199 concurrency
county line
township line
US 6
township line
SR 600 east Western terminus of SR 600
SR 105
township line
SR 582 US 23 and SR 582 are concurrent for about 200 feet (61 m)
US 20 east Southern end of US 20 concurrency
Wood Troy Township 81B Pemberville Road
81A SR 420 to I‑280 – Toledo To Ohio Turnpike (I-80/I-90)
SR 163 east Western terminus of SR 163
Perrysburg 193 I‑75 north / US 20 west – Toledo Northern end of US 20 concurrency; southern end of I-75 concurrency; exit 193 on I-75
192 I‑75 south / I‑475 north – Maumee Northern end of I-75 concurrency; southern end of I-475 concurrency; I-475 exits 0A-B
2 SR 25 (Dixie Highway) – Perrysburg
Lucas Maumee 4 US 24 (Anthony Wayne Trail) – Napoleon, Maumee
6 To I‑80 / I‑90 / Ohio Turnpike / Salisbury Road / Dussel Drive Salisbury Road runs west, Dussel Drive runs east; added 1989[15]
Springfield Township 8 SR 2 (Airport Highway) – Toledo Express Airport, Swanton, Toledo Signed as exits 8A (east) and 8B (west) southbound
Sylvania Township 13 US 20 (Central Avenue) / SR 120
14 I‑475 east – Toledo North end of US 23 concurrency; signed as exit 232 southbound
Sylvania 234 SR 51 (Monroe Street) / SR 184 east / US 223 north – Sylvania Western terminus of SR 184; northern terminus of SR 51; southern terminus of US 223 and south end of US 223 concurrency
US 23 north / US 223 north – Ann Arbor Michigan state line
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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