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Union Sportive Médina d'Alger
الاتحاد الرياضي لمدينة الجزائر
Official Logo
Full name Union Sportive Médina d'Alger
Nickname(s) L'USMA
Ouled El Bahdja
Ouled El Hamra
The Reds and Blacks
Founded July 5, 1937; 78 years ago (1937-07-05)
as Union Sportive Musulmane d'Alger
Ground Stade Omar Hammadi, Algiers
Stade 5 Juillet 1962 (when ready), Algiers (Derbies Only)
Ground Capacity 17,500
President Ali Haddad
Head Coach Miloud Hamdi
League Ligue Professionnelle 1
2015–16 Ligue Professionnelle 1, 1th
Website Club home page
Current season

Union Sportive Médina d'Alger (Arabic: الاتحاد الرياضي لمدينة الجزائر‎), known as USM Alger or simply USMA for short, is a football club based in the city of Algiers. The club was founded in 1937 and its colours are red and black. Their venue, the Stade Omar Hammadi, has a capacity of some 10,000. The club is currently playing in the Algerian Ligue Professionnelle 1.

USM Alger are one of the most successful clubs in Algeria, having domestically won the Algerian Ligue Professionnelle 1 6 times, the Algerian Cup 8 times and the Algerian Super Cup once. Internationally, USM Alger has won the UAFA Club Cup once, winning the last edition in 2013. The club also reached the final match of the 2015 CAF Champions League but he lost to TP Mazembe .


Genesis Club (1936–1937)[edit]

First USM Alger Team in 1937.

The discussion soon began despite some reluctance: "I wished a round table would be present all former living. The risks of failure are reduced. " A suggestion very relevant, but for time we had to content ourselves with our initiative. Mr. Kemmat admit that the idea of creating a club came like that. She had begun to sprout during the month of May 1937. "There was a neighborhood team, the sports club of the street that Sallust had enjoyed. We thought this was Lahmar said Ali Zaid, Zemmour Ali, Ali Slimani, Bennour Said, Meddad Arezki, Sid Ali Terkmane and I, a group of friends district who lived hard times of colonization. We often discussed, of all things in life .. And then by little we arrived at the sport. The example of Muslims clubs of the time we inflamed. A burning desire to do something we earned every time the subject was discussed. All these clubs had inspired us, including the MSO Oran created it in 1928 in terms of the name I knew all the workings of such an operation. My frequent contact with Mouloud Djazouli very active leader of the MCA had taught me a lot. I began immediately to work. We had to prepare the statutes and the case to be filed with the prefecture services. No sooner said than done, the file is saved under the number – wait if I remember correctly – 1687. The only thing that "shocked" the colonial administration was the word Muslim. He was very unpopular. They discussed, we argued on both sides and the approval was granted. On 5 July 1937 the club was created. USMA was born. His office was in the street Divan. Its first board of course includes the first named above which will add Abdelkader Amrani, Hemmaz Omar, Omar Lakehal, Basta Mohamed Ouali Zennagui Mohamed and Ali Cherifi. The first president was Meddad Arezki, the owner of the café.

Before the war (1938–1954)[edit]

The first championship

The Union Sportive Muslim Algerian red and black was thus born and was ready to participate in 1938 in the third division championship. At that time many players have expressed the wish to come to this club, unfortunately the regulations (license B) forbade them. Moreover, all clubs must have committed a stage for the competition. A criterion for which the federation then showed himself intransigent. This is what made Mr. Kemmat to both problems: "The time of the federation demanded a contract with a stadium with a minimum term of five years. This is to ensure the conduct of competitions. I contacted the leaders of the O. Pescade (now Rais Hamidou) and we had heard by paying annually to the club five thousand francs. For the money, needless to say where it came from, "he adds with a sigh that says something about the state of mind that prevailed in those days. More interested than ever we questioned on this issue and particularly on this story license (B). Smirk, El Hadj Ammi tells us "We had knowingly affiliated to the Sports Gymnastics Federation of Labour (FSGT) the first season. So, when we went to the football federation specifically, there was no obstacle. Everyone who wanted to opt for USMA could. There was no impediment. It began, then, in the third division and finished in third place. It was not bad for a start. As for the money, it just came quests, donations and revenues parties that we organized. Other clubs friends graciously lent the equipment and put the land to us for training. Such were the resources of the USMA of the time. We must also tell you that in that time, the player paying his dues, his equipment and even its shift ... ". Political struggle, the "native" sport was to survive and sacrifices of all kinds will be counted more.

The transition from the 3rd to the 1st Division

Then comes the World War, the second, more cruel than ever. The official competition is stopped. A symbolic replaces the championship. Two groups are created. USMA is Gallia with the RUA, the other group includes the MCA ASSE among others. This lasts three seasons. Mr. Kemmat passes his hand over his hair, pulling a drag on his umpteenth cigarette and adds: "It was a way to let us know and the results are not made to wait. Ibrir Abderahmane old center-half became ASTA goalkeeper at home and even had its first selection of Algiers under our colors. Subsequently, other footballers, seduced by the club, followed him. There was Zitouni Hassen, Zouaoui Rabah, Mahmoudi Smain – bright as lightning winger although he was limping leg – all MCA. Naceri M'hamed and Houari GS Orleans city (now Chlef) Berkani Olympique de Tizi Ouzou and many others ... ". USMA is a club known despite the limited resources it has. The resumption of official competitions occur in 1942. For the 42–43 season, USMA returns to Third Division according to regulations. Mr. Kemmat intervenes: "The regulations stipulate the. Think well, do a favor for a Muslim club was unimaginable. However after this season, USMA access to the second division with Mustapha Kamal El coach. Nay, it was more than that, an educator, a father to everyone. The mentality that was instilled serve us well after his departure. A great man indeed. His image is still alive, where it happened. " USMA accessed later in 1951 in the first division with Krimos the brothers Azzouz, Chabli, Benhaik ... It is also the eve of the period of major departures Hammam Lif. O Bologhine, we come to you equipped with drums and flags, chanted this refrain ... by usmistes supporters who personifies the place of their meeting place to share the joys and sorrows but also the glories and victories of their club cherished, like a temple, gathering his followers, this space has become legendary for fans of USMA. Its border location between the towns of Bologhine (Ex Saint Eugene) and Bab El Oued, gives it the advantage to dominate a beautiful bay dominated by the promontory of Z'ghara district and the Basilica of Our Lady of Africa . This town which was very popular for its beauty, from the Ottoman period, and where were localized deys summer residences and some diplomatic representations, such as consulates of France, Belgium, England and the United States, passed to the rank common in colonial times and as of September 14, 1870 where she was baptized under the name of St. Eugene in honor of Eugene account Guyot, civilian director of Algiers from 1839 to 1844 and also gave its name City Guyotville (now Ain Benian).

The 1960s[edit]

USM Alger first club to win the championship title After independence.

On July 16, 1963, USM Alger won the inaugural edition of the Algerian Championnat National after beating MC Alger 3–0 in the final of the national championship playoff.[1] The club reached the final after winning the central regional league and then beating USM Annaba 7–6 on corners in the semi-final.

The Red and Black, led by player-coach Abdelaziz Bentifour easily outweigh the score of 3–0 in a match played at the Stade d'El Annasser. Hence the club to Soustara had the honor and privilege of being the first club to win the championship title in the era of independent Algeria.[2]

In 1969, USM Alger reached the final of the Algerian Cup for the first time in the club's history. However, in the final, they lost 5–3 to CR Belcourt.[3]

After The 1970s[edit]

Djamel Keddou, was an USM Alger player and manager, he led USM Alger to the Algerian Cup in 1981 and 1988.

Despite the quality of players who have played at the USMA, the championship title was turned away from the club for more than three decades, although the team has to make a successful record of finals played in Algerian Cup. USM Alger in seven finals without having snatched a cup, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1978, 1980. Now, Lady Cup smiled at the club for the first time in 1981 and the second in 1988 . These lean decades have been characterized by ups and downs, as the years passed and the club fell repeatedly in the lower divisions.

Allik Era[edit]

In 1995, USMA, chaired by Said Alik, newly elected head of the club by the General Assembly, began to back away from. This is where the golden age for the team's flagship Soustara started because the club has managed, in the year 1995 to meet the elite, to the delight of all lovers of the club who saw their favorite team reconnect with the accolades, titles and trophies. This is the beginning of an epic that would continue until 2005.

The following season and won the bet after the accession, coach Younis Ifticen leaves the ship. Nour Benzekri arrive and drive USMA during the first half of the 1995–96 season, before leaving. Mustaha Aksouh takes over; he managed to lead the club to its second league title. At the end of the season, USMA ended with a total of 60 points.

From 1996 to 2001, Usmistes did not succeed in the league too. A period of drought had just won, leaving the club just the honorary title of vice-champion in 1998 and 2001. However, the data are different in Algerian Cup because the club has expanded its list with three other Cups Algerian in 1997 against CA Batna (1–0), in 1999 against JS Kabylie (2–0) and the third in 2001, facing the CRB Mécheria (1–0).

In 2002, with the composition of a team that raflait everything in its path, success with the championship title back. Red and Black managed that season to win the third championship title in Division 1 club history. First place with 57 points, 5 units ahead of the JS Kabylie. In 2002–03 season, the team goes into high gear and harvest valuable booty, this is the first double of its history (league and cup), under the leadership of coach Azzedine Aït Djoudi.

After doubling in 2003, the seventh and Algerian Cup final was won in 2004 against JS Kabylie where the club won by penalties. And since everything has an end, 2005 was for Usmistes the end of an era that has long been dreaming all lovers of the club. The fifth league title was won under the leadership of Mustapha Aksouh. During this season, the Red and Black flew over the competition, finishing with a huge 13 point lead on the prosecutor, JS Kabylie.

A continental scale, teammates Captain Billel Dziri came twice to the semifinals of the prestigious African Champions League at that time, in 1997 and 2003 exactly.

Haddad era[edit]

USM Alger fans during the final UAFA Club Cup, Stade 5 Juillet 1962 in Algiers, May 14, 2013 vs Al-Arabi SC (Kuwait).

On August 4, 2010, USM Alger went public in conjunction with the professionalization of the domestic league.[4] Algerian businessman Ali Haddad became the majority share owner after investing 700 million Algeria dinars to buy an 83% ownership in the club.[5] On October 27, 2010, Haddad replaced Saïd Allik as president of the club.[6] Allik had been the club's president for the past 18 years.

The first of season of professional football in Algeria was a tough season for USM Alger. Indeed, the club finished in ninth in the championship and gets his continued until the last day thanks to a 3–0 win over the USM Annaba.[7] That is, the worst ranking since the club 1999–00 season. As of Cup of Algeria, the Usmistes are eliminated in the first round.[8] The 2010–11 season also saw Noureddine Saadi, coach chief since of August 2009, be removed from office on December 11, 2010.[9] The technician French Hervé Renard, will replace him as head of the technical bar in January 2011.[10]

Team USM Alger Champion Ligue 1 2013–14 and 2013 Algerian Super Cup.

The following season (2011–2012), the club's owner decided to take the bull by the horns by deploying all the human and material resources to build a team that can achieve the objectives set by management, namely the championship title and a qualifying place in the African Champions League. That season, the club had a lot of the Algerian football tenors, recruited early in the season, and things have improved a lot in terms of results. Moreover, at the end of season, Usmistes were close to a sixth league title, was the home defeat against JSM Béjaïa (4–3). A fatal setback that has seen the club slip through his coronation fingers. In Algeria Cup, the Red and Black reached the quarter finals of Season cup. The elimination occurred during a derby Stade 5 Juillet 1962 against USM El Harrach. Nevertheless, third place, snatched at the end of the same year in the league, consoled the Usmistes and allowed fans to find their club on the international stage after seven years, ensuring a place on the podium, synonymous with participation in CAF Confederation Cup. Some months later, USMA was also invited by the Arab Football League to compete in the Arab competition organized by the latter in its new version. What club officials agreed. Therefore, the Red and Black are engaged currently on four fronts: the Algerian Ligue 1, Algeria Cup, the CAF Cup and the Arab Cup.

In the Algerian Cup Final, played at Stade 5 Juillet 1962, the Algerian Ligue 1 clubs USM Alger and MC Alger will contest the final, in what will be the 92nd edition of the Algiers Derby. USM Alger beat MC Alger 1–0, with a goal by Benmoussa scored in injury time, USM Alger win their eighth major trophy also gave the club a place in the Preliminary round of the CAF Confederation Cup, USM Alger were appearing in a final a record seventeenth time and had won the cup seven times.

In May 2013, USM Alger won their first international title after beating Kuwaiti club Al-Arabi 3–2 on aggregate in the final of the 2012–13 UAFA Club Cup.[11]

In 2014, USM Alger qualified for the CAF Champions League. The following year, they won the Ligue 1, their first league title for 9 years after by beating RC Arbaâ 2–1 on the Week 28 of the season, The championship marked Usmistes first Algerian title since 2005, and won the Super Cup after beating ES Sétif 2–0 at Stade Mustapha Tchaker on 11 January 2014.

In 2015, USM Alger qualified to 2015 CAF Champions League Final after leading the group stage , then defeating Al-Hilal in the semi-final ; but the team lost in the final against TP Mazembe 1–2 , 0–2

Colours and badge[edit]

The original colors were USMA red and Maroon, colors hoisted to the club 1937, year of creation, 1945.[12] The origin of these colors is unknown.

In May 1945, following Setif massacre, Guelma and Kherrata, the club decided to replace garnet by the black in homage to 45,000 protesters Alegrian killed by the bloody repression of the French Armed Forces. Black represents mourning and red blood of the victims.

45,000 Algerian demonstrators came out to celebrate the end of hostilities in World War II that day, recalling the colonial forces their patriotic claims. But the bloody repression of the French army found no other way to meet their legitimate demands that cause genocide. To show their patriotic commitment and sympathy, the leaders of the USMA decided to keep the black is synonymous with grief and change Maroon red represents the blood of martyrs who fell that day.

Historical kits[edit]



The club play matches at the 17,000-capacity Stade Omar Hamadi, which was built in 1935, and Stade 5 Juillet 1962 for derbies algérois,[13] and international games deemed too important to be held at Stade Omar Hamadi.


MC Alger[edit]

Main article: Algiers derby

The biggest rivalry is that met with the Mouloudia Algiers, and sees the two clubs contest the local dominance during the Algiers derby. This rivalry dates back to the ancient 1950 and results from a non-sports disputes during the Algerian War. In 1956, the National Liberation Front (FLN) ordered the cessation of all sports and boycott competition by clubs called "Muslim. "Mouloudia unlike USM Alger and other Muslims clubs, refused to follow the instructions of the FLN and continued his sporting activities including football. This refusal generated several incidents to disrupt the meetings of the MC Algiers, and thus, during halftime of the game between Mouloudia and AS Saint-Eugénoise the municipal stadium of St. Eugene, violent clashes took place and forced the referee to stop the meeting. Following these incidents, Mohamed Tiar, then president of MCA, resigned himself to stop all sports activities of the club and, therefore, to take the side of the FLN and other Muslims clubs Algerian .

JS Kabylie[edit]

Main article: kabylo-Algiers Derby

The rivalry with the JS Kabylie is relatively recent compared to that that there is with Mouloudia. This sporting rivalry date of the 1996–97 season, season or USMA then any newly promoted D1 won his second league title. This fact marked the handover of the leadership of the Algerian football JSK USMA for next ten years, which will create moult disagreement between the two presidents at the time Saïd Allik and Mohand Chérif Hannachi.

Certainly USMA is older than JS Kabylie but there has always been a very strong Kabyle community in the city of Algiers. It is customary to say that USMA is the club of "Kabyle" Algiers, it is borne by the descendants of those who settled in the French presence among the popular classes.

CR Belouizdad[edit]

he first meeting between the USMA and CRB took place 30 September 1962 in a friendly environment. The Shabab Riadhi Belcourt newly created 15 in July of that year, held a pre-season tournament at Municipal Stadium. USMA was one of the teams invited to participate in the tournament alongside JSK and ESMA. USMA eventual champions Algeria, dominates the CRB with a score of five goals to one (5–1).[14]

ES Sétif[edit]


Sonelgaz is the main sponsor USM Algiers since the sports reform of 1977, the company logo is displayed on the front of team jersey as part of the sponsorship. And until 2011, this logo was even on the emblem of the USMA.

The telecommunications company Djezzy GSM sponsors the club since 2005.[15] Ownership of the majority shareholder of the club, Ali Haddad, the construction company ETRHB, and it also sponsors since 2010.

The German firm Adidas, is the supplier of the club since July 2012.[16]

Other sponsors have sponsored the club in the past, such as: Canon Dekorex, Armedic ARTC Insurance, Sonatrach and Renault Trucks.

Years Football kit Main sponsor
1970s Le Coq Sportif
1978–97 - Sonelgaz
1994–95 Uhlsport
1995–97 Kappa
1997–99 Uhlsport
1999–00 Puma SE
2000–02 Khalifa Group
2002–05 Uhlsport Sonelgaz
2005–08 Lotto Djezzy GSM
2008–10 Uhlsport
2010–11 ETRHB Haddad
2011–12 Nike
2012–16 Adidas


Domestic competitions[edit]

Champion (6): 1963, 1996, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2014
Runner-up (4): 1998, 2001, 2004, 2006
Winner (8): 1981, 1988, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2013
Runner-up (9): 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1978, 1980, 2006, 2007
Winner (1): 2013
Runner-up (2): 1981, 2014

International competitions[edit]

Runner-up (1): 2015
Winner (1): 2013
Runner-up (1): 1970

Training facility[edit]

Performance in CAF competitions[edit]

Current squad[edit]

As of July 27, 2015:[17]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Algeria GK Mohamed Lamine Zemmamouche
3 Algeria DF Ayoub Abdellaoui
5 Algeria DF Arslane Mazari
6 Algeria DF Farouk Chafaï
7 Algeria FW Zinedine Ferhat
8 Algeria MF Kaddour Beldjilali
9 Madagascar FW Carolus Andriamatsinoro
10 Algeria MF Youcef Belaïli
11 Algeria MF Hocine El Orfi
13 Algeria MF Nassim Bouchema
14 Algeria FW Rachid Nadji
16 Algeria GK Ismaïl Mansouri
No. Position Player
17 Algeria FW Oussama Darfalou
18 Algeria FW Mohamed Seguer
19 Algeria DF Houcine Benayada
20 Algeria DF Nacereddine Khoualed
21 Algeria FW Mohamed Amine Aoudia (on loan from FSV Frankfurt)
22 Algeria DF Mohamed Rabie Meftah
23 Algeria MF Hamza Koudri
24 Algeria MF Mohammed Benkhemassa
25 Algeria DF Mokhtar Benmoussa
26 Algeria DF Brahim Boudebouda
28 Algeria MF Karim Baïteche
30 Algeria GK Mourad Berrefane
33 Algeria GK Hossin Lagoun

Out on loan[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Algeria MF Abderrahmane Bourdim (on loan to RC Relizane)
Ivory Coast FW Manucho (on loan to RC Relizane)
No. Position Player
Algeria FW Abdelkader Meziane Bentahar (on loan to RC Arbaâ)
Algeria FW Mohamed Tayeb (on loan to RC Arbaâ)

Notable players[edit]

Below are the notable former players who have represented USM Alger in league and international competition since the club's foundation in 1937. To appear in the section below, a player must have played in at least 100 official matches for the club or represented the national team for which the player is eligible during his stint with USM Alger or following his departure.

For a complete list of former USM Alger players, see List of USM Alger players



Current technical staff[edit]

As of 8 October 2014

Position Staff
Manager Miloud Hamdi
Assistant manager(s) Mahieddine Meftah
Goalkeeper coach
Technical director
Fitness coach
Fitness coach
Senior opposition scout
Medical director
First team doctor
Head of youth development
Under 21 team manager
Under 18 team manager
Head of match analysis/scout

Source: [ USM Alger]


Algerian businessman Ali Haddad is the current president of the club
Position Staff
President Ali Haddad
Director General Rebbouh Haddad
General Coordinator Salah Allache
Spokesman Tarek Hadj Adlane
DTS youth categories Mustapha Aksouh
  • Last updated: 7 July 2014


Recent seasons[edit]

The season-by-season performance of the club over the last ten years

Season League[A] Cup[B] Africa / Other Top goalscorer(s)[C]
Division Pos Pts P W D L GF GA Name Goals
1 1st 67 30 21 4 5 55 27 R64 Champions League R2 Algeria Dziri 11
CAF Confederation Cup QF
1 2 57 30 18 6 6 50 30 RU Champions League R2 Algeria Haddou 11
1 4 47 30 13 8 9 32 25 RU Champions League R1 Mali Doucouré 7
1 4 42 30 12 6 12 32 27 R16 Algeria Ammour 12
1 6 48 32 13 9 10 38 31 R64 Algeria Rial 7
1 4 53 34 14 11 9 47 33 R16 Algeria Hamidi 15
1 9 38 30 9 11 10 32 28 R64 Algeria Daham 11
1 3 52 30 15 7 8 37 25 QF Algeria Djediat 12
1 4 51 30 15 6 9 32 15 W Confederation Cup R16 Algeria Daham 12
Super Cup W
1 1st 68 30 20 8 2 49 21 R32 Super Cup RU Algeria Ziaya, Madagascar Andria, Algeria Gasmi 6
1 8th 41 30 10 11 9 35 27 R16 Champions League Algeria Belaïli 8

In Africa[edit]

As of 16 February 2015:

Result summary by competition
Competition Seasons Pld W D L GF GA GD
CAF competitions
Champions League 6 42 20 8 14 74 44 +30
CAF Cup Winners' Cup 5 28 15 4 9 46 28 +18
CAF Confederation Cup 2 6 2 3 1 6 7 −1
CAF Cup 1 6 4 0 2 13 6 +7
Total 14 82 41 15 26 139 85 +54
Non-CAF competitions
Maghreb Cup Winners Cup 2 4 1 0 3 3 6 −3
Arab Champions League 4 25 11 8 6 40 28 +12
Total 6 29 12 8 9 43 34 +9

Other departments[edit]

Other sports[edit]

USM Alger has other departments for:




Main article: USM Alger Boxing Team



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