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Hi, I'm edi. Welcome to my user page.

Cornflower blue check.svg Very important: I really do try always to do the right thing. If I make a mistake, please let me know.

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A request[edit]

I prefer that no one edits this page without checking with me first. If you feel that something should be changed or could be improved, please leave a note on my talk page. I'll be happy to hear your thoughts, and will probably be open to implementing your suggestions.

About me[edit]

All about me
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Look over to the right a few centimeters. You see where it says "All about me"? If you want to know more about me, unfold the hidden userboxes and take a peek. There's all sorts of information, and if you need to know something else (though I can't imagine why anyone would) I'd be happy to talk about it. Just leave a note on my talk page.

What I do at Wikipedia[edit]

My favorite thing to do at Wikipedia (or anywhere else, really) is copy-editing. I love language and I'm a little obsessive by nature, so it does my soul good to fix mistakes and create a nice, clean encyclopedic tone. I'm also pretty good at wikifying, but I suck at sourcing and at writing proper citations so articles that I work on usually don't get much help in that area.

I strongly prefer cleaning up a whole article at once rather than just fixing some random thing that I notice and then moving on. Fixing one thing without checking the whole article clashes with my sense of order and completeness. To be honest, if I don't have time to do the whole article I'd almost rather not do anything at all. That's probably my biggest Wiki-weakness.

I also don't like making a lot of small consecutive edits when I'm going over a full article. I prefer to put the whole thing in a text editor and clean it up there, occasionally pasting it back in here to preview the formatting, and then save it here only when I'm finished. Therefore, my edit count does not remotely reflect the amount of work I've done here. I certainly haven't done as much as I'd like, but most of my edits actually encompass a very large number of changes to the page. This causes me to feel a little inferior sometimes because my edit count is so low, but I know what I've done and I feel proud of the improvements that I've made. There's a list below of the articles on which I've made major edits.

I rarely start new articles. I'm not good at starting from scratch.

Articles on which I've done significant work[edit]

* It won't look like much to the casual observer, but I'm really proud of my work on this one. The editing itself was pretty standard, but during the course of doing it, I (1) taught myself how to resize images and move them to non-default positions on the page (namely, the left side), (2) significantly refined my citation formatting skills, and (3) added my first tag to an article (which I knew how to do, but wasn't bold enough until now). Elementary stuff, to be sure, but it makes me happy.
** Another one where I'm proud of my work because I did something new. This was a two sentence stub with no references at all when I started, and I did all the research required and expanded it to a short but decent, well-referenced article. No big deal in the big scheme of things, but a first for me.
*** Very proud of this one. In 2013, the article had been deleted due to a question of notability, which I felt strongly to be due entirely to poor writing and poor sourcing that failed to show the notability of the subject. I worked hard to find better sources and write a better article, and eventually re-created it in late 2014. It was almost immediately marked for deletion because I had re-created a previously-deleted article, which raised a red flag. I again worked to make my case and after some discussion the article was approved for inclusion. Hooray!

To do[edit]

My personal sandboxes[edit]

One for major overhauls...

... and one for testing bits of code and stuff like that

Userboxes that I have made[edit]

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