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Edit summary to ToDo note
User:Fabartus/tmp (edit talk links history)    
User:Fabartus/tmp1 (edit talk links history)    This the actual Pre-expansion limits problems demonstration with 32Stories templates. This showed a substable templaten needed, prelim in Template:Tt2.
Experiments for/regarding Pre-expansion limits problem demonstrations with 32Stories templates. This showed a subst-able template needed, prelim fix approach currently in Template:Tt2, Dated: (sequence) 08:21, 7 January 2008
User:Fabartus/tmp2 (edit talk links history)   Charmed episodes rewrites temp layout test page
Beginning 2 MAR 2009...
User:Fabartus/tmp3 (edit talk links history)    Probably Available for reuse: re: Romania, History of Romania, etc., esp. Battle of Sarmizegetusa (Sarmizegetuza), A.D. 105, various source notes, urls, etc. [Roman wars with Barbarians in Romania/Hungary]
Wow! Dated: 22:06, 8 November 2007 -debate seems more recent! def revisit arena!

User:Fabartus/tmp4 (edit talk links history)   Cite GG03 to adapt cite book better for gazettes articles... or write something particular to 1632 series articles w/appropo boilerplate. Date:05:47, 10 November 2007 (Original test of new cites templates) --Now needs updated, per current thinking. FrankB 21:39, 10 July 2008 (UTC)
User:Fabartus/tmp5 (edit talk links history)    Available for reuse (The template should do now.) Contents is the attempt to document the actual order of publication of works in the 1632 series.
sequential from November 2007 to 17:06, 8 January 2008 when switched to the template. FrankB 22:24, 10 July 2008 (UTC)
User:Fabartus/tmp6 (edit talk links history)   Aborted edit- mostly disabled formatting issue in Category:Earth_sciences for a time can play (earlier today)
replace Template:Infobox Officeholder rework with Category:Earth_sciences mid-formatting attempts... have to do later. Stacked up. // FrankB 22:18, 10 July 2008 (UTC)
User:Fabartus/tmp7 (edit talk links history)    

User:Fabartus/temp (edit talk links history)    
User:Fabartus/temp1 (edit talk links history)    
User:Fabartus/temp2 (edit talk links history)    
User:Fabartus/temp3 (edit talk links history)    

User:Fabartus/temp4 (edit talk links history)   Aborted edit in Macro (computer science) -- Formatting issues, play when have time. //FrankB 21:31, 10 July 2008 (UTC)
User:Fabartus/temp5 (edit talk links history)    
User:Fabartus/temp6 (edit talk links history)    
User:Fabartus/temp7 (edit talk links history)   Aborted edit of Jurassic (all, partial, formatting issues) // FrankB 21:23, 10 July 2008 (UTC)

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This Page:Fabartus/wikiContacts and Friends
User talk:Fabartus
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Genesis- 15 April 2006

Circle of contacts growing fast. This page to be reminders, and indexed cref.

1632 project[edit]

user talk: wwoods - user:wwoods

User talk:PiotrusUser:Piotrus

Aresenal of Democracy Prelim RFC (peer review)[edit]

refs: Talk: Arsenal of DemocracyArsenal of Democracy

Talk History PageArty History Page

  • All these deserve a personal thankyou note
  • tz=(-5) is EDST, tz=0 is British DST?
User Talk Page User Page Invited Contribute Thanked? Timezone or home
user talk:Mel Etitis user:Mel Etitis Yes Big Yes tz=0
user talk:BD2412 user:BD2412 Yes looked in+Edit ? tz=(-5)
User_talk:TantalumTelluride User:TantalumTelluride Yes Big!!! Yes tz=(-5)
User talk:HereToHelp User:HereToHelp Yes-late B4 invite ? tz=(?)
User talk:Nichalp User:Nichalp Yes n/a ? tz=(+5?)
User talk:SlimVirgin User:SlimVirgin Yes n/a ? tz=(0?)
User talk:Tony Sidaway User:Tony Sidaway Yes n/a ? tz=(0?)
User talk:RoySmith User:RoySmith Yes n/a ? tz=(-5)
User talk:Woohookitty User:Woohookitty Yes n/a ? tz=(-5)
User talk:Commander Keane User:Commander Keane Yes n/a ? tz=(-6?)
User talk:HappyCamper User:HappyCamper Yes Huge ? tz=(-5)
User talk:Valentinian User:Valentinian Yes Big Yes tz=(-5)
User talk:Sherool User:Sherool Yes n/a ? tz=(?)
User talk:JYolkowski User:JYolkowski Yes n/a ? tz=?
User talk:TantalumTelluride User:TantalumTelluride Yes Very Big ? tz=?
User talk:Jwrosenzweig User:Jwrosenzweig Yes n/a ? tz=(?)
User talk:Uncle G User:Uncle G yes n/a ? tz=(?)
User talk:KI User:KI yes Made Edits/No suggestions ? tz=(?)
User talk:Pickelbarrel User:Pickelbarrel yes n/a ? tz=(?)
User talk:Katefan0 User:Katefan0 yes n/a ? tz=(?)
User talk:Petrit Augustini User talk:Petrit Augustini Yes n/a ? tz=(?)
User talk:RHaworth User:RHaworth Yes n/a ? tz=(?)
User talk:Francs2000 User:Francs2000 Yes n/a ? tz=(?)
User talk:Piotrus User:Piotrus Yes Yes some + Edits too! Yes 060422 tz=(-5)
user talk: wwoods user:wwoods Yes n/a ? tz=(-5?)
User talk:Patchouli User:Patchouli NO - newbie Made Mn Edit Yes 060422 tz=(?)
1 2 3 4 5 tz=(?)
1 2 3 4 5 tz=(?)
1 2 3 4 5 tz=(?)

Picked off what links here: FrankB 03:02, 16 April 2006 (UTC) User talk:Piotrus User talk:Nichalp User talk:SlimVirgin User talk:Tony Sidaway User talk:RoySmith User talk:Woohookitty User talk:Mel Etitis User talk:Commander Keane User talk:HappyCamper User talk:Valentinian User talk:Sherool User talk:Fabartus User:Fabartus User talk:JYolkowski User talk:TantalumTelluride User talk:Jwrosenzweig User talk:KI User talk:Uncle G User talk:Pickelbarrel User talk:Katefan0 User talk:Petrit Augustini User talk:RHaworth User talk:Francs2000

WikiFriends and Friendly WikiPedians[edit]

  1. user talk:Mademoiselle Sabina
  2. MgM
  3. User talk:Peter S.
  4. User talk:Pegship
  5. User talk:RandomCritic ,
  6. User talk:Dragons flight
  7. User talk:Fuhghettaboutit
  8. User talk:Authorknitter
  9. User talk:Ashibaka
  10. User talk:Sjakkalle
  11. User talk:Xhin
  12. User talk:Tone
  13. User talk:David Shear
  14. User_talk:CBDunkerson — templates goto guy!

The End is near[edit]

I think that the end is near
                     but not yet...           but coming soon!