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Chess Theory Wiki 101[edit]

Chess Theory Wiki 101[edit]

1K ZX Chess
Adjournment (games)
Advanced Chess
Alapin's Opening
Albin Countergambit
Albin Countergambit, Lasker Trap
Albino (chess)
Alekhine's Defence
Alekhine's gun
Algebraic notation (chess)
Amar Opening
Anderssen's Opening
Anti-computer tactics
Artificial castling
Babson task
Back-rank checkmate
Backward pawn
Balogh Defense
Baltic Defense
Bare king
Barnes Opening
Basic Chess Endings
Battery (chess)
Battle Chess
Battle vs. Chess
Belle (chess machine)
Benko Gambit
Benko's Opening
Benoni Defense
Bird's Opening
Bishop and knight checkmate
Bishop's Opening
Black Knights' Tango
Blackmar-Diemer Gambit, Halosar Trap
Blackmar–Diemer Gambit
Blindfold chess
Blumenfeld Gambit
Blunder (chess)
Board representation (chess)
Boden's Mate
Bogo-Indian Defence
Bogo-Indian Defence, Monticelli Trap
Brains in Bahrain
Branching factor
British Chess Problem Society
Budapest Gambit
Budapest Gambit, Kieninger Trap
Candidate move
Caro–Kann Defence
Catalan Opening
Center Game
Cheating in chess
Chebyshev distance
Check (chess)
Checkmate pattern
Checkmates in the opening
Chess (application)
Chess (Northwestern University)
Chess and Backgammon Classics
Chess annotation symbols
Chess as mental training
Chess Assistant
Chess blindness
Chess Crusade
Chess endgame
Chess endgame literature
Chess engine
Chess Engine Communication Protocol
Chess Engines Grand Tournament
Chess handicap
Chess Informant Expert
Chess middlegame
Chess notation
Chess opening
Chess opening book
Chess opening book (computers)
Chess opening theory table
Chess piece
Chess piece relative value
Chess problem
Chess puzzle
Chess Query Language
Chess strategy
Chess symbols in Unicode
Chess table
Chess tactic
Chess theory
Chess Tiger
Chess Titans
Chigorin Defense
Chronos Digital Game Clock
Clamp no Kiseki
Clemenz Opening
Closed Game
Colle System
Colossus Chess
Combination (chess)
Comparison of chess video games
Compensation (chess)
Computer chess
Computer Olympiad
Connected pawns
Corresponding squares
Cray Blitz
Critter (chess)
Cyber Chess
Cylinder chess
Damiano Defence
Danish Gambit
Decoy (chess)
Deep Blue (chess computer)
Deep Blue versus Garry Kasparov
Deep Blue versus Kasparov, 1996, Game 1
Deep Blue versus Kasparov, 1997, Game 6
Deep Thought (chess computer)
Deflection (chess)
Descriptive notation
Desperado (chess)
Desprez Opening
Dexter's Laboratory: Chess Challenge
Die Schwalbe
Diemer–Duhm Gambit
Discovered attack
Domination (chess)
Double check
Doubled pawns
Draw (chess)
Draw by agreement
Dunst Opening
Durkin Opening
Dutch Defence
East Indian Defence
EG (magazine)
Eight queens puzzle
Elephant Gambit
En passant
Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings
Endgame study
Endgame tablebase
English Defence
English Opening
Englund Gambit
Eugene Nalimov
Evaluation function
Evans Gambit
Excelsior (chess problem)
Exchange (chess)
Exchange variation
Fairy chess piece
Fast chess
FIDE Album
Fidelity Ultimate Chess Challenge
Fifty-move rule
First-move advantage in chess
Flank opening
Flight square
Fool's mate
Fork (chess)
Forsyth–Edwards Notation
Fortress (chess)
Four Knights Game
Franco-Benoni Defence
French Defence
Fritz (chess)
Fritz Chess
Fruit (software)
Game clock
Game Over: Kasparov and the Machine
GBR code
Giuoco Piano
Giuoco Piano, Jerome Gambit
Glossary of chess
Glossary of chess problems
Glossary of computer chess terms
GNU Chess
Grandmaster Chess
Greco Defence
Greek gift sacrifice
Grid chess
Grimshaw (chess)
Grob's Attack
Grotesque (chess)
Grünfeld Defence
Grünfeld Defence, Nadanian Variation
Gunderam Defense
Göttingen manuscript
Half-open file
Halloween Gambit
Handbuch des Schachspiels
Hedgehog (chess)
Hippopotamus Defence
Hodgson Attack
Houdini (chess)
Human–computer chess matches
Hungarian Defense
Hydra (chess)
Hypermodernism (chess)
ICCF numeric notation
Ideal mate
Ikarus (chess)
Indian Defence
Initiative (chess)
Interference (chess)
International Computer Games Association
International Judge of Chess Compositions
Inverted Hungarian Opening
Irish Gambit
Irregular chess opening
Isolated pawn
Italian Gambit
Italian Game
Italian Game, Blackburne Shilling Gambit
Italian Game, Rousseau Gambit
Joke chess problem
Junior (chess)
Kasparov Chessmate
Kasparov's Gambit
Keres Defence
Key square
King and pawn versus king endgame
King walk
King's Gambit
King's Gambit, Falkbeer Countergambit
King's Gambit, Fischer Defense
King's Gambit, Rice Gambit
King's graph
King's Indian Attack
King's Indian Defence
King's Indian Defence, Four Pawns Attack
King's Indian Defence, Sämisch Variation
King's Knight Opening
King's Pawn Game
Knight's graph
Knight's tour
Komodo (chess)
Konstantinopolsky Opening
Larsen's Opening
Late Move Reductions
Latvian Gambit
Lego Chess
Lewis chessmen
List of chess gambits
List of chess openings
List of chess openings named after people
List of chess openings named after places
List of chess software
List of chess traps
List of mathematicians who studied chess
London System
Longest uncrossed knight's path
Lopez Opening
Los Alamos chess
Lucena position
Légal Trap
Mac Hack
Marshall Defense
Maróczy Bind
Mathematical chess problem
MChess Pro
Medieval Kings Chess II
Mephisto (chess computer)
Mieses Opening
Mizar chess engine
Model mate
Modern Benoni
Modern Chess Openings
Modern Defense
Modern Defense, Monkey's Bum
Modern Defense, North Sea Variation
Morphy number
Motif (chess composition)
Mutilated chessboard problem
Napoleon Opening
Naum (chess)
Neo-Indian Attack
Nimzo-Indian Defence
Nimzowitsch Defence
Novotny (chess)
Null-move heuristic
Numeric Annotation Glyphs
Old Indian Defense
Online Chess Kingdoms
Open file
Open Game
Opposite-colored bishops endgame
Opposition (chess)
Outpost (chess)
Overloading (chess)
Owen's Defence
Paris Defence
Passed pawn
Pawn storm
Pawn structure
Pawnless chess endgame
Permanent brain
Perpetual check
Petrov's Defence
Petrov's Defence, Marshall Trap
Phase of play
Philidor Defence
Philidor position
Pin (chess)
Pirc Defence
Pirc Defence, Austrian Attack
Ply (game theory)
Pocket Fritz
Poems and Problems
Poisoned Pawn Variation
Polish Defense
Ponziani Opening
Portable Game Notation
Portuguese Opening
Power Chess
Promotion (chess)
Proof game
Prophylaxis (chess)
Pure mate
Queen and pawn versus queen endgame
Queen sacrifice
Queen versus pawn endgame
Queen's Gambit
Queen's Gambit Accepted
Queen's Gambit Declined
Queen's Gambit Declined, Cambridge Springs Defense
Queen's Gambit Declined, Elephant Trap
Queen's Gambit Declined, Rubinstein Trap
Queen's Indian Defense
Queen's Knight Defense
Queen's Pawn Game
Quiescence search
REBEL (chess)
Retrograde analysis
Richter-Veresov Attack
Romantic chess
Rook and bishop versus rook endgame
Rook and pawn versus rook endgame
Rook polynomial
Rook's graph
Rules of chess
Rundlauf (chess)
Ruy Lopez
Ruy Lopez, Exchange Variation
Ruy Lopez, Mortimer Trap
Ruy Lopez, Noah's Ark Trap
Ruy Lopez, Tarrasch Trap
Réti endgame study
Réti Opening
Saavedra position
Sacrifice (chess)
Saragossa Opening
Sargon (chess)
Scandinavian Defense
Scholar's mate
Scotch Game
Scotch Game, Classical Variation
Semi-Closed Game
Semi-Open Game
Semi-Slav Defense
Shane's Chess Information Database
Shannon number
Shredder (chess)
Sicilian Defence
Sicilian Defence, Accelerated Dragon
Sicilian Defence, Alapin Variation
Sicilian Defence, Chekhover Variation
Sicilian Defence, Dragon Variation
Sicilian Defence, Dragon Variation, Yugoslav Attack, 9.Bc4
Sicilian Defence, Katalimov Variation
Sicilian Defence, Magnus Smith Trap
Sicilian Defence, Najdorf Variation
Sicilian Defence, Scheveningen Variation
Sicilian Defence, Smith-Morra Gambit, Siberian Trap
Sicilian Defence, Smith–Morra Gambit
Silver Star Chess
Simultaneous exhibition
Sjeng (chess)
Skewer (chess)
Slav Defense
Smart Game Format
Smothered mate
Socrates II
Software for handling chess problems
Sokolsky Opening
Solving chess
St. George Defence
Staunton chess set
Staunton Gambit
Steinitz Variation
Stockfish (chess)
Stonewall Attack
Strelka (chess engine)
Swedish Chess Computer Association
Swindle (chess)
Swiss Gambit
Symmetrical Defense
Tandem simultaneous exhibition
Tarrasch Defense
Tarrasch rule
Taxicab geometry
Tempo (chess)
The exchange (chess)
The Problemist
Three Knights Opening
Threefold repetition
Tie-breaking in Swiss-system tournaments
Time control
Time trouble
Toledo Nanochess
Tom Kerrigan's Simple Chess Program
Torre Attack
Touch-move rule
Transposition (chess)
Transposition table
Triangulation (chess)
Trompowsky Attack
Turton doubling
Two Knights Defense
Two Knights Defense, Fried Liver Attack
Two Knights Defense, Max Lange Attack
Two knights endgame
Undermining (chess)
Universal Chess Interface
Van 't Kruijs Opening
Variation (game tree)
Video Chess
Vienna Game
Vienna Game, Frankenstein-Dracula Variation
Vienna Game, Würzburger Trap
Virtual Chess 64
Virtual Kasparov
Wade Defence
Ware Opening
Wayward Queen Attack
Wheat and chessboard problem
White and Black in chess
Wii Chess
Windmill (chess)
Wing Gambit
World Championship of Chess Composition
World Chess Solving Championship
World Federation for Chess Composition
Wrong bishop
Wrong rook pawn
X-ray (chess)
X3D Fritz
Zappa (chess)
Zepler doubling
Ziggurat (chess engine)
Zillions of Games
Zobrist hashing
Zukertort Opening