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Born Steven
Residence Rural area in Kentucky

About Me[edit]

My name's Zeke and I live in Kentucky. I like video games, Wrestling (WWE), and NASCAR. Sometimes I make mistakes so if I make a mistake editing a page just tell me and don't get mad and I won't get mad. I know my userpage can be a little messed up at times, but I'll (eventually) fix it.

Where else you can find me[edit]

My YouTube username is fishboyultra.I also have a user on Wikihow, Wikimedia Commons, and Wikibooks. My usernames on those sites are also Matrix8110. My Runescape username is fishboy12000 and Gordon_4ever. My email addresses are,, and

Pages I've Edited[edit]

Page Note Page Note
The Weakest Link Adam Copeland
After Sex I never really saw that movie Facebook features removed vandalism
D-Generation X Nickelodeon (TV channel)
Disney Channel Food Network
ECW Extreme Championship Wrestling (WWE)
List of World Wrestling Entertainment employees Divas in Professional Wrestling
G4 (TV channel) The Art of War (Anarchy Club album) Refernces, a few more I believe
Hell in a Cell WWE Diva Search 2007
Template:System of a Down Leg Show I never really read that magazine
WWF The Music, Vol. 3 WWE Anthology II
Dustin Rhodes Discovery Channel Two edits, one deleted, I forgot what the other was
Half Life 2: Raising the Bar NASCAR Canadian Tire Series (2008 Schedule)
List of video games: I-O List of video games: P-S
Railroad Tycoon The N Deleted an irrelevant photo
Space Pilot 3000 Futurama Pilot Episode Spaghetti tree
Kayfabe The Undertaker
Sprint Cup Series 2008 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series
Command & Conquer: Red Alert Spaceballs
Rick Hendrick Added the infobox Unforgiven 2008
Psychobilly Freakout Quizilla
Wrestling Userboxes Added my Template:WWE-RSE template to it Tom Brady (film director) Added the stub thing
1998 in television Notes on Drowning Pool
Bodies (Drowning Pool song) Playstation Portable XMB Rewrote caption for photo
WWE Friday Night SmackDown Fixed link Perfect Dark: Source Added Half-Life 2 to the categories thing. This page still needs major editing.
Chris Warren (musician) Corrected spelling error General Computing Userboxes Added User:Matrix8110/Userboxes/crappy to it.
Assassin's Creed - Music Fixed the track list Rock N Roll Jesus
Estate of Panic Categories Television and Radio requested articles
Samsung SCH-u470 a.k.a. Samsung Juke (Edited twice) Pin See also section
Talk:Pin (professional wrestling) Suggested that article be renamed Pinfall or Pinfall (professional wrestling) Wikipedia:Requested articles/music/Songs Added several, 2 in F at least
Family reunion (disambiguation) Pwn
Dr. Feelgood Requested Articles: P-Z
Wii Speak fixed font (March 19, 2009) Polyamorous (Breaking Benjamin song)
Run Like Hell: Hunt or Be Hunted created redirection Motörizer



Stuff I'm working on[edit]

These are templates I have changed a little. I did not yet replace these ones with the ones you will find on their page because not many people may agree with what I did to them.

Pages That Need To Be Started[edit]

I am telling you this because I don't feel like starting a page right now.





Video Games[edit]


Major Editing[edit]


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