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Below are some of the Wikipedia articles that I've significantly contributed to. I don't own them, but I follow their development closely as I'm interested in learning more about their subjects, and I want to make sure that they continue to be accurate and well-referenced.


Article Started DYK GA Peer review FA Last checked / Status
40-foot telescope 2008-11-22 2008-11-27 Needs updating
Alderley Edge Mines Needs expansion
Aqua Luna 2013-08-21 2013-09-06 (nom)
AMiBA 2008-10-21 2008-10-27 2008-10-23 Needs updating
Astronomical Netherlands Satellite 2008-03-03 2008-03-08
B of the Bang 2009-01-03
Barnes Hospital, Cheadle 2008-04-21
Big Bang FAR 2007-05-31 To recheck
C-Band All Sky Survey COI: C-BASS[1]
Castle of Pambre (reviewed) Some copyediting done. Check info/refs.
Cill Chriosd 2010-06-13 2010-06-20
Cine City, Withington 2008-07-04 2009-02-07
Croome Court
Dennis Walsh COI: Jodrell Bank[2]
Duk Ling
Dunham Massey Hall 2016-02-21
Faint Images of the Radio Sky at Twenty-Centimeters 2016-12-30 (nom)
Forbidden Corner
Gamma (satellite) 2008-03-01 2008-03-07
Grosvenor Picture Palace 2015-03-29 2015-04-26 (nom, main page)
Hardy's Well Last checked for sources 2016-08-14
Heath Robinson Museum 2016-08-22
Herschel Medal
Herschel Museum of Astronomy
Hulme Arch Bridge 2008-03-30 2008-04-06 2008-04-16
Huxley Hoard 2013-03-01 2014-03-10 (nom, main page)
Jacques Peretti 2015-01-18
Jodrell Bank Observatory 2007-08-08
List of space telescopes
List of Administrators and Deputy Administrators of NASA
List of solar eclipses in the 21st century
List of moons
Mark II (radio telescope) 2006-11-19 2006-11-22
Michael Garrett (astronomer) COI: Jodrell Bank[2]
NGC 2023
Norman Lockyer Observatory
Platt Fields Park 2008-04-19 2008-04-25
President of the Royal Astronomical Society
QUIET 28 May 2008
Reiss Engelhorn Museum 2015-11-25
Richard Davis (astronomer) 2016-05-07 COI: Jodrell Bank. Self-reported at WP:COI/N.[2]
Rod Davies COI: Jodrell Bank. Self-reported at WP:COI/N.[2]
Royal Oak, Frindsbury 2016-06-05 2016-06-21 (main page, nomination) Nom 2016-09-23 2016-09-23
Sir Ralph Abercromby (pub) 2016-08-16 2016-08-22 (main page, nomination)
STV Astrid 2013-07-25 2013-08-09 (nom) 2014-01-04 2014-09-14 Suggestions on talk page and at Peer Review
Trentham Estate
Trentham Monkey Forest 2014-03-08 2014-03-11 (nom, main page) Merged into Trentham Estate
Upper Brook Street Chapel, Manchester 2008-03-16 2008-03-21 2008-04-07
Worsley New Hall
Wythenshawe community farm
Wythenshawe Hall

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Wikidata templates[edit]

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Template Description
Template:Infobox award Early stages
Template:Infobox observatory
Template:Infobox telescope Complete
Template:Infobox sportsperson/Wikidata Early stages. Example in use at Madeline Groves.
Template:Infobox World Heritage Site Mature

Conflicts of Interest[edit]

I have edited articles on topics where I have a personal connection. When doing so, my primary aim is to neutrally improve Wikipedia's coverage, and I use references for as many facts as possible (often not including facts that I can't find references for). I've included notes about my COIs in the table above, with more details below.

  1. ^ I'm part of the C-Band All Sky Survey collaboration.
  2. ^ a b c d I work at the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics.
  3. ^ I've written about this object in the scientific literature, see arXiv:1506.06660.