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Volume magazine was a music magazine which was published in the UK in the early to mid 1990s. The 192-page magazines were the size and shape of jewel cases, and each issue included a CD which contained a track from each artist who was featured in that issue. Volume One, the first issue, was published in September 1991. Volume also released several double-CD compilations, including the Trance Europe Express and Trance Atlantic series, a mix release called TEXtures, and two best-of compilations. These special editions were packaged in double-disc jewel cases, and each came in a box with Volume's standard-sized 192-page booklet.

The music artists featured in the magazine ranged widely from ambient artists The Orb, to trip-hop artists Massive Attack, to electronic body music artists Nitzer Ebb, to hip-hop act Cypress Hill, to post-punk band Public Image Ltd., to name but a few. Electronic music was featured quite heavily.

The magazine contained interviews and bios of various bands and musical artists, with discographies and "favorite tracks" lists of the artists. The tone of many of the articles was irreverent, and much of the filler material was riotously funny. For example, in the Wasted compilation's companion booklet, several short blurbs entitled "The Diary of Dave Stewart's Beard" are written from the perspective of a beard, in which it pontificates whether it will be shaven, and describes its attempts to hide itself in shame after the poor performance of its owner's latest album.