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The WOI Tower.

The WOI Tower (also called NYT Broadcast Holdings Tower, for WHO-TV's former owner) is a 609.6 meter (2,000 feet) high guy-wired mast located in Alleman, Iowa, north of the Des Moines urban area, at 41°48′33″N 93°36′54″W / 41.80917°N 93.61500°W / 41.80917; -93.61500. It carries not only the signals of television stations WOI-TV (channel 5), but also WHO-TV (channel 13), and KDIN (channel 11) as well as radio station WOI-FM (90.1). The structure is one of the very few masts to have elevators.

The Tower was completed in 1972 and is property of Tribune Broadcasting, the owner of WHO-TV, Iowa Public Television and Iowa State University.

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