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Warming lubricant is a personal lubricant with the warming effect created due to added ingredients. The warming thermoception is achieved on the contact with skin or by natural body moisture.[citation needed]

The main ingredient of the majority of warming lubricants is glycerol, a viscous sugar alcohol.

Some of them include capsaicin, the active component of chili peppers. Other ingredients are: propylene glycol, alcohol, herbal extracts, and even some vitamins. Natural and artificial flavors are used for manufacturing flavored and edible warming lubricants.


Warming lubricants can be water-based or honey-based. Water-based lubricants are applied for vaginal or anal intercourse or while playing with sex toys or for masturbation.

The honey-based products are stickier and are usually applied for tummy play. Such lubricants are not intended or recommended for internal application.

A small amount of the warming lubricant may be rubbed into nipples, ears, or other sensitive parts for erotic sensation. Warming lubricants are often used as a massaging aid for rubbing into muscles to warm them.[citation needed]


Though warming lubricants contain no toxins[citation needed], they may cause an allergic reaction. The content of glycerin or acacia honey may encourage the development of infections such as yeast infections.

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