White Head Island

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"White head" redirects here. For the village, see White-le-Head. For other uses, see Whitehead (disambiguation).
Long Point Lighthouse at the southern tip of White Head Island

White Head Island is a Canadian island located in the Bay of Fundy.

Located within Grand Manan Parish which is part of Charlotte County, New Brunswick, the island is located off the east coast of Grand Manan Island and hosts a community of less than 150 residents.

White Head Island forms a local service district. Its economy is based largely around aquaculture and fishing.[1][verification needed]

The only public transportation off the island is via Grand Manan Island to White Head Island Ferry.


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Coordinates: 44°37′52.61″N 66°42′28.63″W / 44.6312806°N 66.7079528°W / 44.6312806; -66.7079528