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About About the Bartending WikiProject[edit]

Welcome to WikiProject Bartending. Some Wikipedians have formed this collaboration resource and group dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of Bartending and the organization of information and articles on this topic. This page and its subpages contain their suggestions and various resources; it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians interested in the topic. If you would like to help, please join the project, inquire on the talk page and see the to-do list below.

Namespace Wikipedia.svg Scope[edit]

This WikiProject strives to develop and improve articles at Wikipedia related to bartending, mixology, related occupations, notable bartenders, drinkware, bartending tools and practices, and drinking establishments. Project members collaborate with and support the cross-wiki development and coordination of a comprehensive Bartending Guide at Wikibooks, which covers both the basics and the finer points of the bartending industry, including mixology. There is also some overlap with our sister WikiProject Beer/Pub Taskforce, creating opportunities for collaboration.

Nuvola apps kdmconfig.png Participants[edit]

You can join our project by adding your name to the participant list and placing one of the user boxes ({{User bartender}} or {{User:Willscrlt/UBX/UbxWPMix2Flames}}) on your user page. Feel free to add any special project designations and special interests after your name. If you are involved with mixed drinks professionally (bartender, bar owner, food and beverage manager, etc.), please indicate that, too.

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Members that have made no contributions to Wikipedia for over 6 months are listed as inactive.

Manolis Anastasiou / Bartender

Nuvola apps kword.png Ways to contribute[edit]

To do list[edit]

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Here are some tasks you can do for the Bartending Task Force:
  • Help bring these Top Importance articles currently B Status or below up to GA status:
  • Bring these Top Importance articles currently at GA status up to FA Status:
  • Articles for creation:
  • Get rid of Trivia sections in articles you are working on.
  • Add the {{WikiProject Food and drink|bar=yes}} banner to bartending related articles to help bring them to members attention. It could encourage new members to the project too.

Current projects[edit]

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These are the current projects that the WikiProject Bartending is working on:
  • (Presently none)

Dialog ballons icon.svg Community forums[edit]

In 2008, a community forum was established to help manage common goals of the associated Food and Drink WikiProjects. The inactive discussion is located here.

Goal specific forums
  • Guidelines forum - This forum has been set up for the various Food and Drink projects to develop a set of Manual of Style guidelines for use in articles under the auspices of all the related Food and Drink WikiProjects and task forces. This would be similar to the MoS guidelines for biographies or legal articles.
  • Restaurant notability guidelines discussion - This guideline is intended to extend WP:CORP, in no way to replace its purpose, in regard to restaurants. It is also not intended to replace, supplant, or otherwise alter the standard notability requirements.


Bartending notices

Gtk-dialog-question.svg Article information[edit]

The purpose of this WikiProject is to support the continued development and enhancement of the Wikibooks Bartending Guide and interwiki collaboration on related encyclopedic articles, multimedia, and other related information. Our primary focus is on bartending as a profession. We help answer questions like:

You will notice that the question "How do I make this specific drink?" is not included in that list. In the Wikibooks Bartending Guide, you will find a glossary of mixed drinks, and the English Wikibooks Wikiproject Bartending does maintain that glossary. It is not, however, a primary function of the WikiProject, since there are many freely available sites with huge databases of drink recipes. Likewise, on the English Wikipedia, our sister WikiProject Mixed Drinks maintains the articles concerning mixed drinks. Again, these are not comprehensive drink recipes, but rather encyclopedia articles that provide background information, historical significance, and pop-culture information, along with a standard drink recipe for many of the drinks, and sometimes notable variations. In both cases, we are more interested in quality and relevance rather than quantity of drinks included.

This page and its various sub-pages contain goals, guidelines, suggestions, and observations made by WikiProject Participants and others interested in bartending. You do not have to be a professional bartender or a trained mixologist to participate in this WikiProject. It is hoped that this Project will help to focus the efforts of other editors as we all work to improve and expand Wikibooks, Wikipedia, and their sister wikis. For more information on WikiProjects in general, please refer to b:Wikibooks:WikiProjects, Wikipedia:WikiProjects, and Wikipedia:WikiProject best practices.

On-topic articles[edit]

  • Topics related to the bartending profession.
  • In-depth, encyclopedic information about specific topics (tools, drinkware, traditions, etc.).
  • Biographies of famous bartenders and notable drinkers, especially those uniquely important to the history of bartending or a related topic.
  • Places, including specific bars, that are or were uniquely important to the history of bartending or a related topic.
  • Hospitality and beverage service topics related to the field of bartending (coordinating with the Foodservice WikiProject where appropriate).
  • Things related to serving drinks (cocktails, liquors, beers, wines, non-alcoholic bar beverages, mixers, bar tools, drinkware, garnishes, supplies, etc.) (coordinating with the Mixed Drinks WikiProject where appropriate).
  • Drinking culture as it relates directly to bartending and drinking establishments.

Off-target articles[edit]

  • Recipes from a bar manual. These should be trans-wikied to Wikibooks Bartending. Depending on the length and other content within the article, an illustrative or historical drink recipe or two may be appropriate, but articles mostly comprised of recipes do not belong in the English Wikipedia.
  • Drinking games.
  • Specific beverages (which fall under the scope of the Mixed Drinks, Beer, Wine, Soft Drinks, or Coffee & Tea WikiProjects).
  • Fictional beverages of any type.
  • People or places with only a passing mention or association with mixed drinks. (e.g., New Orleans is associated with many famous bars, but would be an off-target article for this Project; though the various bars would be on-target).

Featured content[edit]


New articles[edit]

Please feel free to list your new Bartending-related articles here (newer articles at the top, please). Any new articles that have an interesting or unusual fact in them, are at least over 1,000 characters, don't have any dispute templates on them, and cite their sources, should be suggested for the Did you know? box on the Wikipedia Main Page.

Review and assessment[edit]

Peer review


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Related projects[edit]

Welcome to WikiProject Bartending at the English Wikipedia, a WikiProject that oversees the ongoing maintenance and improvement of the Wikibooks Bartending Guide and related in-depth encyclopedia articles on Wikipedia. Anyone interested in the topic is encouraged to join the WikiProject here and also on Wikibooks. You don't have to join to edit the Guide or related articles, but we find it helpful to work together to accomplish more and avoid wasted effort.

We were founded as an English Wikibooks WikiProject on January 25, 2007, by Willscrlt and other Wikipedians from WikiProject Mixed Drinks. The sister English Wikipedia WikiProject was formed at the same time to improve the collaboration and communication between the two sites.

This WikiProject is not limited to the English versions of Wikibooks and Wikipedia. If you can contribute in another language, we would love to help you with your local language's Wikibooks and Wikipedia to create a comprehensive, multi-lingual version of the Guide and related encyclopedia topics. Project members are also active on the multi-lingual Wikimedia Commons project, and plan to form a sister WikiProject there, too.

The English Wikipedia WikiProject Bartending is a child project of the WikiProject Food and Drink, which is part of the broad WikiProject Culture. It's directly related sister project is the WikiProject Mixed Drinks, which formed this WikiProject initially. Other closely related projects include WikiProject Beer, WikiProject Foodservice, WikiProject Soft Drinks, and WikiProject Wine

The English Wikibooks WikiProject Bartending is closely related to the Wikibooks Cookbook. On Wikimedia Commons, most of the media related to bartending is found under the Bartending and Mixed drinks categories.

If this topic interests you, we would love your help. Add your name to the list of participants, and introduce yourself on the talk page.

To help, whether you become a Participant or not, please see our To-Do List for the list of things that WikiProject Participants have identified as needing to be done. Thank you in advance for any assistance you provide in helping make this a better place for everyone.

Hierarchy of projects[edit]

Wikipedia WikiProject Culture

→ Wikipedia WikiProject on Food and Drink
→ Wikipedia WikiProject Mixed Drinks and its sibling projects
Wikipedia Bartending WikiProject Task Force


Willscrlt created the following userboxes for active Participants in this WikiProject to use to identify themselves to other Wikipedians. Feel free to use your favorite one, or add several. The last one is customizable so you can link directly to your favorite drink. The link above each userbox gives a little more information you might find helpful.

Faux Neon Cocktails Sign.svg This user is a Bartending Task Force Participant. How to pour 5 martinis at the same time while on fire.jpg
{{User bartender}}
Alcoholic beverages.jpgThis user is a professional bartender.

Useful References[edit]

DYN (Did you know?), deletion sorting, featured articles and candidates, featured pictures and candidates, featured lists and candidates, and peer reviews.

WikiProject Deletion sorting[edit]

Deletion sorting is a new effort that attempts to classify various articles nominated for Votes for Deletion by major categories.

The WikiProject Mixed Drinks-related articles at VFD should be listed at Wikipedia:WikiProject Deletion sorting/Mixed Drinks, but are more likely to be found at Wikipedia:WikiProject Deletion sorting/Food and drink.

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