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Flag of the Second Empire of Brazil

The Empire of Brazil was a 19th-century nation that broadly comprised the territories which form modern Brazil. Its government was a representative parliamentary constitutional monarchy under the rule of Emperors Dom Pedro I and his son Dom Pedro II. On 7 September 1822, Pedro declared the independence of Brazil and, after waging a successful war against his father's kingdom, was acclaimed on 12 October as Pedro I, the first Emperor of Brazil. Despite his role in Brazilian independence, Pedro I became the king of Portugal in 1826. Unable to deal with both Brazilian and Portuguese affairs, Pedro I abdicated on 7 April 1831 and immediately departed for Europe to restore his daughter to her throne. Pedro I's successor was his five-year-old son, Pedro II. Once declared of age, Pedro II managed to bring peace and stability to the country, which eventually became an emerging international power. Pedro II personally had no desire to see the monarchy survive beyond his lifetime and made no effort to maintain support for the institution. Despite the lack of enthusiasm among most Brazilians for adopting a republican form of government, on 15 November 1889, after a 58-year reign, the Emperor was overthrown in a sudden coup d'état that had almost no support outside a clique of military leaders whose goal was the formation of a republic headed by a dictator. (more...)

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April 27: Independence Day in Sierra Leone (1961); Freedom Day in South Africa

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Ulysses S. Grant

Grant from West Point to Appomattox, an 1885 lithograph by Thure de Thulstrup of events in the military career of U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant, who died that year. Clockwise from lower left: graduation from West Point (1843); in the tower at Chapultepec (1847); drilling volunteer soldiers (1861); the Battle of Fort Donelson (1862); the Battle of Shiloh (1862); the Siege of Vicksburg (1863); the Battle of Chattanooga (1863); appointment as Commander-in-Chief by Abraham Lincoln (1864); and the surrender of Robert E. Lee at Appomattox Court House (1865).

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