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Missing or needs redirect[edit]

  1. Dance to the Music of Time (Series of 12 novels in four "movements")Anthony Powell ("movements") Amazon | "movements") wp "movements") gwp "movements") g)
  2. Dark HesterAnne Douglas Sedgwick (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  3. Darkness in El Dorado: How Scientists and Journalists Devastated the AmazonPatrick Tierney (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  4. Daughter of SilenceMorris West (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  5. Daughters of the HouseMichele Roberts (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  6. Daxue (Ta Hsueh; The Great Learning, attributed)Confucius (Kong Fuzi) (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  7. Day of the OwlLeonardo Sciascia (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  8. Days of Our YearsPierre van Paassen (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  9. Days of Sorrow and Pain: Leo Baeck and the Berlin JewsLeonard Baker (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  10. Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over the HillsCharles Bukowski (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  11. De Morbis Artificum DiatribaBernardino Ramazzini (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  12. Dear and Glorious PhysicianTaylor Caldwell (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  13. Dear SirJuliet Lowell (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  14. Death in Life: Survivors of HiroshimaRobert J. Lifton (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  15. Death in the Woods and Other StoriesSherwood Anderson (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  16. Death of VirgilHermann Broch (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  17. Death Without Weeping: The Violence of Everyday Life in BrazilNancy Scheper-Hughes (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  18. Death's Jest-BookThomas Lovell Beddoes (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  19. Decay of the AngelMishima Yukio (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  20. Deeper into the MoviesPauline Kael (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  21. DélieMaurice Scève (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  22. Delights & ShadowsTed Kooser (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  23. Deliverer from ErrorAbu Hamid Muhammad al- Ghazzali (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  24. Delta of Venus: EroticaAnaïs Nin (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  25. Dere MableEdward Streeter (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  26. Detroit: I Do Mind DyingDan Georgakas (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  27. Devotional Poetry of North IndiaVarious Authors (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  28. Dialogues with LeucòCesare Pavese (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  29. Diana: Her True StoryAndrew Morton (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  30. Diane of the Green VanLeona Dalrymple (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  31. Diaries, 1898-1902Alma Mahler-Werfel (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  32. Diary of Anaïs Nin (7 vols.)Anaïs Nin (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  33. Diet and HealthLulu Hunt Peters (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  34. Different HoursStephen Dunn (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  35. Dimensions of HistoryJay Wright (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  36. Dinner at Antoine'sFrances Parkinson Keyes (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  37. Diplomatic DaysEdith O'Shaughnessy (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  38. Discoveries and OpinionsGalileo Galilei (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  39. Discussion with Einstein on Epistemological Problems in Atomic PhysicsNiels Bohr (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  40. Diving into the Wreck: Poems 1971-1972Adrienne Rich (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  41. Doctor of His Own HonorPedro Calderón de la Barca (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  42. Don't Stand Too Close to a Naked ManTim Allen (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  43. Door in the Mountain: New and Collected Poems, 1965-2003Jean Valentine (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  44. Dostoevsky: The Years of Ordeal, 1850-1859Joseph Frank (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  45. Double Fold: Libraries and the Assault on PaperNicholson Baker (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  46. Dr. Atkins' Diet RevolutionRobert C. Atkins (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  47. Dr. Berger's Immune Power DietStuart M. Berger, M.D. (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  48. Dreams Die FirstHarold Robbins (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  49. D'ri and IIrving Bacheller (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  50. Drivin' WomanElizabeth Pickett (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  51. Dynamite: A Century of Class Violence in America, 1830-1930Louis Adamic (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  52. E.T., the Extra-Terrestrial StorybookWilliam Kotzwinkle (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  53. Early and Late TestamentStanley Burnshaw (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  54. Early Irish Epic (including the Ulster Cycle)Various Authors (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  55. Early Occult Memory Systems of the Lower MidwestB.H. Fairchild (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  56. Early RomancesWilliam Morris (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  57. Early RomeLivy (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  58. Earthly MeasuresEdward Hirsch (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  59. East German Poetry: An AnthologyVarious Authors (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  60. Easy in the IslandsBob Shacochis (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  61. Eat to Win: The Sports Nutrition BibleRobert Haas, M.D. (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  62. Eben HoldenIrving Bacheller (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  63. Eclipse FeverWalter Abish (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  64. Ecology of Fear: Los Angeles and the Imagination of DisasterMike Davis (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  65. Ecology, Community and Lifestyle: Outline of an EcosophyArne Næss (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  66. Economic Backwardness in Historical PerspectiveAlexander Gerschenkron (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  67. Economics: An Introductory AnalysisPaul Samuelson (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  68. Edgar Cayce--The Sleeping ProphetJess Stearn (tie) (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  69. Edith Wharton: A BiographyR. W. B. Lewis (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  70. Edmund Husserl: Philosopher of Infinite TasksMaurice Natanson (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  71. Edmund Pendleton 1721-1803David J. Mays (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  72. Education of a PrincessGrand Duchess Marie (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  73. Effort at Speech: New & Selected PoemsWilliam Meredith (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  74. Eight AnthologiesVarious Authors (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  75. Eight Weeks to Optimum HealthAndrew Weil (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  76. El Diablo CojueloLuis Vélez de Guevara (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  77. Elaine's BookJay Wright (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  78. Eleanor and Franklin: The Story of Their Relationship, Based on Eleanor Roosevelt's Private PapersJoseph P. Lash (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  79. Elements of ChemistryAntoine Laurent Lavoisier (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  80. Elements of the Differential and Integral CalculusJames M. Taylor (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  81. Elizabeth and EssexLytton Strachey (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  82. Elizabeth Takes OffElizabeth Taylor (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  83. Eloise in ParisKay Thompson (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  84. Enamels and CameosThéophile Gautier (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  85. Encheiridion (Manual)Epictetus (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  86. Enclopædia Britannica, 11th ed.Various authors (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  87. Encyclicals of Pope John XXIIIJohn XXIII (Pope) (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  88. Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening (By the staff of Organic Gardening)Various Authors (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  89. End of IdeologyDaniel Bell (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  90. Endangered and Threatened Plants of the United StatesEdward S. and Robert A. DeFilipps Ayensu (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  91. Ending UpKingsley Amis (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  92. English minor PoemsJohn Milton (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  93. Enormous Changes at the Last Minute: StoriesGrace Paley (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  94. Envy, or Yiddish in AmericaCynthia Ozick (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  95. Episodes of the Cuban Revolutionary War, 1956-58Ernesto "Che" Guevara (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  96. Epitome of Copernican AstronomyJohannes Kepler (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  97. Erections, Ejaculations, Exhibitions and General Tales of Ordinary MadnessCharles Bukowski (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  98. Ernie Pyle's War: America's Eyewitness to World War IIJames Tobin (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  99. Eros and Civilization: A Philosophical Inquiry Into FreudHerbert Marcuse (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  100. Erotism: Death and Sensuality (Eroticism)Georges Bataille (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  101. Essay on DynamicsGottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  102. Essay on the Theory of NumbersRichard Dedekind (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  103. Essays and AphorismsArthur Schopenhauer (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  104. Essays and CriticismWilliam Hazlitt (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  105. Essays and DialoguesGiacomo Leopardi (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  106. Essays and PoemsJones Very (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  107. Essays in Idleness (Tsurezuregusa)Kenko Yoshida (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  108. Essays in SociologyMax Weber (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  109. Essays Moral and PoliticalDavid Hume (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  110. Essence of ChristianityLudwig Feuerbach (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  111. Ethics (Nicomachean)Aristotle (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  112. Ethnic AmericaThomas Sowell (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  113. Etruscan PlacesD. H. Lawrence (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  114. European Literature and the Latin Middle AgesErnst Robert Curtius (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  115. Every Man for HimselfBeryl Bainbridge (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  116. Everyday ZenCharlotte Joko Beck (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  117. Everything but MoneySam Levenson (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  118. Evidence of Things Unseen: A NovelMarianne Wiggins (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  119. Evolution of PhysicsAlbert Einstein (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  120. Exile and Other PoemsSt.-John Perse (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  121. Exile and ReturnYannis Ritsos (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  122. Exiles and MarriagesDonald Hall (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  123. Exit LaughingIrvin S. Cobb (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  124. Experience and EducationJohn Dewey (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  125. Experience and NatureJohn Dewey (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  126. Experimental Researches in ElectricityMichael Faraday (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  127. Experiments in Plant HybridizationGregor Mendel (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  128. Exploration and Empire: The Explorer and the Scientist in the Winning of the American WestWilliam H. Goetzmann (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  129. Exploring the Dangerous TradesAlice Hamilton (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  130. Fables of IdentityNorthrop Frye (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  131. Face to Face with KaiserismJames W. Gerard (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  132. Factories in the FieldCarey McWilliams (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  133. Faërie QueenEdmund Spenser (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  134. Failure (poem)Philip Schultz (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  135. Fairy Tales and StoriesHans Christian Andersen (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  136. Faithful Are the WoundsMay Sarton (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  137. Fall Into TimeEmil M. Cioran (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  138. Family MoskatIsaac Bashevis Singer (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  139. Family: The Ties That Bind . . . and Gag!Erma Bombeck (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  140. Fanshen: A Documentary of Revolution in a Chinese VillageWilliam Hinton (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  141. Farewell CompanionsJames Plunkett (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  142. Fatal InterviewEdna St. Vincent Millay (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  143. Father Brown StoriesG. K. Chesterton (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  144. Fear of Freedom (Also known as Escape from Freedom)Erich Fromm (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  145. Felix O'DayF. Hopkinson Smith (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  146. Feminist Frameworks (EdVarious Authors (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  147. Ficciones (Fictions)Jorge Luis Borges (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  148. Fiddler's FarewellLeonora Speyer (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  149. Field of VisionWright Morris (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  150. Fields of WonderRod McKuen (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  151. Financial Self-DefenseCharles J. Givens (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  152. Financial Self-Defense: How To Win the Fight for Financial FreedomCharles J. Givens (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  153. Finch's FortuneMazo de la Roche (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  154. FiskadoroDenis Johnson (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  155. Five German TragediesVarious Authors (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  156. Five NovelsRonald Firbank (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  157. Five PlaysGerhart Hauptmann (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  158. Five PlaysHeinrich von Kleist (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  159. Flowering Judas and Other StoriesKatherine Anne Porter (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  160. Flying to NowhereJohn Fuller (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  161. Folk MedicineD. C. Jarvis (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  162. Folktales of HungaryTraditional (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  163. Footsteps in the SnowTokutomi Kenjiro (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  164. For 2¢ PlainHarry Golden (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  165. For Earth's SakeDavid Brower (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  166. For Keeps (book)Pauline Kael (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  167. Forbidden Sands: A Search in the SaharaRichard Trench (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  168. Forgetting ElenaEdmund White (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  169. Forgotten First Citizen: John BigelowMargaret Clapp (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  170. Fortunate Son: The Healing of a Vietnam VetLewis B. Puller, Jr. (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  171. Forty-two Years in the White HouseIke Hoover (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  172. Fountain and TombNaguib Mahfouz (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  173. Four Essays from The Meaning of TruthWilliam James (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  174. Four Essays on LibertyIsaiah Berlin (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  175. Four NovelsMarguerite Duras (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  176. Four PlaysJean Giraudoux (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  177. Four PlaysGil Vicente (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  178. Francis the FirstFrancis Hackett (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  179. Franklin D. Roosevelt: The TriumphFrank Freidel (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  180. French Provincial CookingElizabeth David (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  181. From Dawn to Decadence: 500 Years of Western Cultural Life, 1500 to the PresentJacques Barzun (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  182. From Immigrant to InventorMichael Idvorsky Pupin (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  183. From Scenes Like TheseG.M. Williams (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  184. From the First NineJames Merrill (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  185. From the Other ShoreAleksandr Herzen (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  186. Fully EmpoweredPablo Neruda (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  187. Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysics of MoralsImmanuel Kant (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  188. Funerary OrationsJacques-Bénigne Bossuet (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  189. Further Fables for Our TimeJames Thurber (Amazon | wp gwp g)

Unverified blue links[edit]

  1. Dale Loves Sophie to DeathRobb Forman Dew (Amazon | wp gwp g) - needs infobox
  2. Dancing on the EdgeHan Nolan (Amazon | wp gwp g) - Disambig.; novel does not have its own page
  3. Dangerous DaysMary Roberts Rinehart (Amazon | wp gwp g) - leads to subsection of Blade Runner
  4. Dark HarborMark Strand (Amazon | wp gwp g) - leads to film of same name (not adaptation)
  5. Dark Legend - Fredric Wertham (Amazon | wp gwp g) (now redirects to Christine Feehan)
  6. DawnGene Stratton Porter (Amazon | wp gwp g) no article; does not appear on listing of works on author's article
  7. de Kooning: An American MasterMark Stevens and Annalyn Swan (Amazon | wp gwp g) - still a stub
  8. Dear AbbyAbigail Van Buren (Amazon | wp gwp g) Dear Abby is a syndicated advice column
  9. Dearly BelovedAnne Morrow Lindbergh (Amazon | wp gwp g) - disambig.
  10. DebatesAbraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas (Amazon | wp gwp g) - leads to general page
  11. Deep BluesRobert Palmer (Amazon | wp gwp g) - leads to film adaptation
  12. Defence of PoetryPercy Bysshe Shelley (Amazon | wp gwp g) - needs infobox
  13. Democracy and LeadershipIrving Babbitt (Amazon | wp gwp g) - lacks the book cover
  14. Democratic VistasWalt Whitman (Amazon | wp gwp g) - needs infobox
  15. Deschooling SocietyIvan Illich (Amazon | wp gwp g) - needs infobox
  16. Description of GreecePausanias (Amazon | wp gwp g) - leads to author page
  17. DésiréeAnnemarie Selinko (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  18. DialoguesDenis Diderot (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  19. DiariesFranz Kafka (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  20. Dialogues Concerning Two New SciencesGalileo Galilei (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  21. Diary of a Madman and Other StoriesLu Xun (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  22. DiarySamuel Pepys (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  23. DiderotArthur M. Wilson (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  24. DiscoursesEpictetus (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  25. DiscoursesJalal ad-Din Rumi (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  26. Discourses on the First Ten Books of LivyNiccolò Machiavelli (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  27. DispatchesMichael Herr (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  28. Disputed PassageLloyd C. Douglas (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  29. DisraeliAndré Maurois (Amazon | wp gwp g) biography
  30. DisraeliRobert Blake (Amazon | wp gwp g) biography
  31. DivanMohammed Shamsuddin Hafiz (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  32. DivanKhan Khatak Khushhal (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  33. Dog in the MangerLope de Vega (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  34. DoloresJacqueline Susann (Amazon | wp gwp g) - mentioned on disambig. page
  35. DreamtigersJorge Luis Borges (Amazon | wp gwp g) - needs infobox
  36. Each Little Bird That SingsDeborah Wiles (Amazon | wp gwp g) - needs infobox
  37. Early AutumnLouis Bromfield (Amazon | wp gwp g) - needs infobox
  38. East RiverSholem Asch (Amazon | wp gwp g) - leads to main article
  39. East Side, West Side (1949 film)Marcia Davenport (Amazon | wp gwp g) - leads to film adaptation
  40. Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844Karl Marx (Amazon | wp gwp g) - needs infobox
  41. Eleanor and FranklinJoseph P. Lash (Amazon | wp gwp g) - leads to TV movie adaptation
  42. Elizabeth AppletonJohn O'Hara (Amazon | wp gwp g) - needs infobox
  43. Eloise (1955 book)Kay Thompson (Amazon | wp gwp g) - needs infobox
  44. English and Scottish Popular BalladVarious Authors (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  45. EpigramsMartial (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  46. EpistlesHorace (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  47. EscapeEthel Vance (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  48. Essay on the Development of Christian DoctrineJohn Henry Newman (Amazon | wp gwp g) - leads to general article on Development of doctrine; book is only mentioned
  49. Essays and ReviewsEdgar Allan Poe (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  50. Essays of EliaCharles Lamb (Amazon | wp gwp g) (stub); needs infobox
  51. EtiquetteEmily Post (Amazon | wp gwp g) - leads to general article
  52. EtiquetteFrances Benton (Amazon | wp gwp g) - leads to general article
  53. Etiquette in Society, in Business, in Politics, and at HomeEmily Post (Amazon | wp gwp g) - needs front cover
  54. EuropaRobert Briffault (Amazon | wp gwp g) - no mention of novel on disambig. page
  55. Eurydice (Anouilh play)Jean Anouilh (Amazon | wp gwp g) - needs infobox
  56. Eva TroutElizabeth Bowen (Amazon | wp gwp g) - needs infobox
  57. Evening in ByzantiumIrwin Shaw (Amazon | wp gwp g) - leads to film adaptation
  58. Evening LandPär Lagerkvist (Amazon | wp gwp g) - leads to (possible) film adaptation
  59. EvergreenBelva Plain (Amazon | wp gwp g) - leads to general plant article
  60. Every Living ThingJames Herriot (Amazon | wp gwp g) - leads to unrelated short story collection
  61. ExilesWarwick Deeping (Amazon | wp gwp g) - leads to main article
  62. Explosion in a CathedralAlejo Carpentier (Amazon | wp gwp g) - needs front cover
  63. FableRobert Pinget (Amazon | wp gwp g) - leads to general article
  64. Facial JusticeL. P. Hartley (Amazon | wp gwp g) - Needs infobox
  65. FaeriesBrian Froud and Alan Lee (Amazon | wp gwp g) - leads to general article
  66. Fairy TalesJacob and Wilhelm Grimm (Amazon | wp gwp g) - leads to general article
  67. FalstaffRobert Nye (Amazon | wp gwp g) - leads to general page
  68. FamilyNatalia Ginzburg (Amazon | wp gwp g) - leads to general page
  69. Fanny KembleMargaret Armstrong (Amazon | wp gwp g) - leads to biography page
  70. Father of the BrideEdward Streeter (Amazon | wp gwp g) - leads to disambig. page; no mention of novel
  71. Feudal SocietyMarc Bloch (Amazon | wp gwp g) - leads to general page
  72. Field Work (Heaney)Seamus Heaney (Amazon | wp gwp g) - needs infobox
  73. Film FormSergei Eisenstein (Amazon | wp gwp g) - leads to Swedish organization; related?
  74. Fin-De Siecle Vienna: Politics And CultureCarl E. Schorske (Amazon | wp gwp g) - needs infobox
  75. FindingsRichard Howard (Amazon | wp gwp g) - leads to article related to jewelery
  76. Fine ThingsDanielle Steel (Amazon | wp gwp g) - needs front cover
  77. Fire in the Lake: The Vietnamese and the Americans in VietnamFrances FitzGerald - needs infobox (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  78. Fire in the Valley: The Making of The Personal Computer - Paul Freiberger and Michael Swaine - leads to film adaptation (Amazon | wp gwp g)
  79. Fire on the MountainAnita Desai (Amazon | wp gwp g) - mentioned on disambig. page
  80. First PrinciplesHerbert Spencer (Amazon | wp gwp g) - leads to mathematics article
  81. Flesh and BloodC.K. Williams (Amazon | wp gwp g) - not mentioned on disambig. page
  82. FloodtideFrank Yerby (Amazon | wp gwp g) - leads to (possible) film adaptation
  83. Florence NightingaleCecil Woodham-Smith (Amazon | wp gwp g) biography
  84. FloridaChristine Schutt (Amazon | wp gwp g) - leads to general article
  85. Flow ChartJohn Ashbery (Amazon | wp gwp g) - needs front cover
  86. Folk Devils and Moral PanicsStanley Cohen (sociologist) (Amazon | wp gwp g) - leads to Moral panic
  87. For a New NovelAlain Robbe-Grillet (Amazon | wp gwp g) - needs infobox
  88. Forgive Us Our TrespassesLloyd C. Douglas (Amazon | wp gwp g) - leads to unrelated album
  89. Forgotten FireAdam Bagdasarian (Amazon | wp gwp g) - needs infobox
  90. Four DaysAmerican Heritage and United Press International (Amazon | wp gwp g) - leads to unrelated album
  91. FranJ. Breckenridge Ellis (Amazon | wp gwp g) - disambig.
  92. FreedomOrlando Patterson (imdb | wp gwp g) - mentioned on disambig. page
  93. Freedom of a ChristianMartin Luther (Amazon | wp gwp g) - needs infobox
  94. FridayMichel Tournier (imdb | wp gwp g) - leads to general article
  95. From the TerraceJohn O'Hara (imdb | wp gwp g) -leads to (possible) film adaptation
  96. Full CircleDanielle Steel (imdb | wp gwp g) - mentioned on disambig. page