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  • If a redlink is outside our project scope, or you consider it marginal please strike it out.
  • If a redlink is dubious enough that you be bold and remove it from the article, remove it from this list too
  • Add the most pressing red links (very notable figures or concepts and/or many incoming links) embolden it and add it to the emboldened links list

The Beatles (2)[edit]

0 - 9[edit]

1 (The Beatles album) (0) 20 Greatest Hits (The Beatles album) (0)


Abbey Road (album) (3)

Abbey Road Studios (1)

Abbey Road film scores (14): Well for starters this lot can stay red, well outside our scope (and should be in a split article):

Allan Williams (This house is clean!)

Anthology 1 (17)

Anthology 2 (0)

Anthology 3 (0)

Apple Corps (1)

  • Apple Corps#Apple Studio - Lou Reizner - Outside project scope (not a "Beatle person"), but the question remains about whether to delink him or not (and indeed whether to leave him in the Apple article or not). Has an incoming link from Tommy (album) and seems to be a music biz entrepreneur/producer. Ntability unknown to me. Google search.

Apple Records (2)

Jane Asher (0)

Neil Aspinall (0)


Beatle Barkers (0)

The Beatles discography (16)

Beatle haircut (1)

  • Intro - Marianne Stone - Minor league actress, has a non-Beatles incoming link. Note that she plays the reporter in A Hard Day's Night, a very minor role indeed and is not linked at all in the article A Hard Day's Night (film).

Beatlemania (0)

  • Needs wikified

Beatlemania (musical) (0)

Beatlemania! With The Beatles (0)

Beatles '65 (1)

The Beatles 1962-1966 (0)

The Beatles 1967-1970 (0)

Beatles, Ltd. (1) (tax shelter started early and that later developed for a large part into Apple Corps, probably might be added to the Apple article as a proto-Apple or its predecessor as long as it'll be described a bit in detail)

Beatles and Co. (1) (tax shelter formed in April 1967 and just like Beatles, Ltd. instrumental in the formation of Apple)

The Beatles Anthology (0)

The Beatles (album) (1)

The Beatles' Ballads (0)

Beatles VI (0)

Beatles for Sale (2)

Intro - Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now (book/biography) - mentioned in the text but not in the references list
The album design - Robert Freeman (photographer) (3+ links)

The Beatles' London (4)

Only Wigmore Street has other incoming links, but I think it does no harm to leave the others redlinked. Probably outside project scope, unless somebody feels they deserve articles just because they have Beatles connections (e.g. Cavendish Avenue, where Paul resided for several years...)

List of The Beatles' record sales (0)

Beatlesque (2)

Pete Best (1)

  • After The Beatles - Lee Curtis & The All Stars - Best's post Beatles band, apparently later renamed Pete Best and the All Stars (nothing like a bit of Beatle marketing is there? :)). No incoming links except one for Lee Curtis, but I dunno if the same fellow or not. Probably best to delink.

Birth of The Beatles (0)

The Bootleg Beatles (0)

The Beatles bootleg recordings (0)

The Beatles' influence on popular culture (0)

The Beatles: The First U.S. Visit (2)


William Shears Campbell (0)

The Capitol Albums, Volume 1 (0)

A Collection of Beatles Oldies (0)


Hunter Davies (0)

Day by Day (music) (0)

The Decca audition (0)

  • Needs wikifying

The Beatles discography (16)

Automatic double tracking (1)


The Early Beatles (4)

The Beatles' Christmas Album (0)

Brian Epstein (2)


Fifth Beatle (1)

  • Other candidates - Ed Rudy - who?! -- {{fact}} added. Just another self-promoting journalist by the looks of it. Name rings a bell though... --kingboyk 15:55, 19 March 2006 (UTC)


The Grey Album (0)


A Hard Day's Night (album) (0)

George Harrison (21)

Help! (album) (1)

  • American release - Ken Thorne (Help! film music composer) - 6 incoming links, Academy Award winner. Not sure if he's within project scope or not, and I'd never heard of him. I won't add him to our to-do list yet but it would seem he probably requires an article.

Hey Jude (album) (0)

History of The Beatles (6)

  • The psychedelic years - Ken Townsend
  • The psychedelic years - Maureen Cleave - British journalist, 4 incoming links
  • The psychedelic years - Datebook - American magazine [1] Not sure if a general teenybop mag (which would be outside project scope) or a Beatles fanzine (within scope). No other incoming links, but as the publication which broke the "bigger than Jesus" story it must have a claim to notability
  • Brian Epstein's death - Carbitol - I'm not sure if this is even correct. The Google results are mighty thin [2]. Can someone with printed matter to hand look up what drug killed Mr Epstein? No other incoming links for Carbitol, nor does a wiki search help much. Strike because a pharmaceutical product is of course outside project scope, but the matter nonetheless needs investigation (and if it's correct should probably remain a link)
  • Personnel - Tony Barrow - Beatles Press Officer 1963-1968. Is this the chap that wrote the wonderful sleeve notes on the Beatles EPs? (and on Please Please Me, if I remember rightly). I suspect he's deserving of an article but he has no other incoming links at the moment -> Now has a stub

The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl (3)


Introducing... The Beatles (8)


Kaiserkeller (0)

Astrid Kirchherr (0)

Allen Klein (0)


John Lennon (1)

Lennon/McCartney (0)

Richard Lester (0)

Let It Be (5)

Let It Be… Naked (0)

Live at the BBC (0)

Live! at the Star-Club in Hamburg, Germany; 1962 ()

The Beatles' Long Tall Sally (5)

Love Songs (The Beatles album) (0)


Magical Mystery Tour (1)

George Martin (3)

Dave Mason (0)

Paul McCartney (9)

Meet The Beatles! (0)

Mersey Beat (magazine) (0)

The Beatles Story (0)


Jimmie Nicol (0)


Our World (0)


Larry Page (British singer and manager) (0)

Past Masters, Volume One (0)

Past Masters, Volume Two (0)

Paul is dead (0)

Norman Pilcher (0)

Please Please Me (9)

Portal:The Beatles (0)

Billy_Preston (5)


Rarities (The Beatles album) (0)

Rarities (The Beatles American album) (0)

Reel Music (0)

Revolver (album) (0)

Rock and Roll Music (6)

Rubber Soul (0)


The Beatles' Second Album (7)

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (8)

Billy Shears (0)

Norman Smith (record producer) (0)

Something New (album) (0)

Star-Club (0)

Ringo Starr (2)

  • After The Beatles - Pete Drake - country musician (and I know his name from a George H bootleg track). Stacks of incoming links, should turn blue but not really inside project scope
  • All-Starr Band editions - Timmy Cappello (X 2) - No other incoming links. Project scope? I don't know, maybe just about inside as a member of Ringo's band, but I think outside. Notability status to be determined.

The Beatles' Story (1)

Strawberry Field (0)

Stuart Sutcliffe (0)


Alistair Taylor (0)

The Beatles Box Set (0)

    • This should probably be listed under B, but I'm following the article classification order.

The Beatles Collection (0)

    • This should probably be listed under C, but I'm following the article classification order.

Tittenhurst Park (0)

Twist and Shout (The Beatles Canadian album) (2)


Ivan Vaughan (0)

Klaus Voormann (0)


With The Beatles (1)


Yellow Submarine (album) (0)

Yesterday and Today (0)

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Missing Articles[edit]

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Created stubs with tracklists and infoboxes and ext links on all Julian Lennon albums... if someone would please have a look to see if they could add anything, that would be appreciated!NaLaochra 15:13, 13 September 2006 (UTC)

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This topic is obliquely treated in the article The Songs Lennon and McCartney Gave Away. WWGB (talk) 02:08, 14 May 2017 (UTC)

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