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A Graphics Lab has been created on Wikipedia-en. Based on the highly successful French and German graphics labs, it seeks to better organise and coordinate our graphic design and photo-editing efforts. Particularly needed are SVG artists.

Sample diagram

We are always in need of contributors with the skills to create diagrams, illustrations and other drawings. To appear on this list you must be a Wikipedian who has contributed your own work to the project.

Please include a link to your User page and also to a Wiki gallery of your work, if you maintain one.

If you would be happy to respond to requests for drawings from other Wikipedians, please indicate this in the listing.

Add yourself in lexicographical order and please keep any comments very short.

Wikipedian Gallery Specialties / comments
Alkivar yes Photography, Photoshop (Logo & Web design)
Antilived yes Photography, SVG tracing (inkscape), blender 3D illustration, image editing/manipulation (GIMP & Photoshop)
Asbestos yes Technical diagrams, line drawing, sections
Akira Otomo yes Manga, Anime, and using Jasc PaintShopPro (current version is 8), .gif making and using HTML text to put images on sites.
Bcshell no Photoshop (scientific diagrams, process diagrams, photograhic improvement and conversion), Autodesk CAD
Bohunk not yet Photoshop, Illustrator
dbenbenn yes Metapost, TeX (requests welcome)
Dragons flight yes Scientific data presentation
Duk list SVG and 3D illustrations
Fastfission yes Illustrator/Freehand/Photoshop/Excel/etc. (requests welcome)
Fraterm yes Gimp,Inkscape, and whatever else I can master.
Fraser Chapman yes Professional vector graphics and Raster graphics. (requests welcome)
Fredrik yes Requests welcome
GaussNegotiator not yet Photoshop, Flash, Director, Audition, Dreamweaver. Requests most certainly welcome.
Ilmari Karonen yes Gimp, Inkscape/Sodipodi; odds and ends, feel free to ask!
Interiot yes Photography, diagrams, rework, maps. Requests welcome.
jacobolus user page photography, maps, Photoshop, Illustrator, TeX math drawings, whatever
J.J. yes Cartoons, caricatures, see: Mad scientist and Filibuster website
jeremykemp no infographics, lineart, descriptive snapshots
Jocsboss not yet Photoshop. Restoration, exposure correction, perspective correction, generally all photography work
Josh Lee yes diagrams: inkscape, gimp
JWSchmidt yes biology
Yaoi Kat na-no-da not yet Photography, photoshop, GIMP, sketching, all that jazz.
Kieff yes POV-Ray renderings, graphics and diagrams, including vector drawings. Animated versions too. Subject: anything on the area of mathematics or physics is welcome.
L'Aquatique no Adobe Photoshop, Illustrations, etc. I'll give anything a try so hit me up.
LockeShocke no Photoshop
Mats Halldin yes Line art, CAD, Photoshop
Montrealais yes Metro maps
nagualdesign not yet Adobe Photoshop, Google SketchUp, some photography. (details)
N.samimi island no Adobe Photoshop (I can do almost anything! (except professional diagrams)) and Adobe Flash .I'll give anything a try so hit me up!
Number2two2 no Image cleanup, Image restoration, logo creation, charicatures
Omegatron yes Electronics, requests welcome
Parhamr yes BFA graphic design—a visual jack of all trades. Requests welcome.
PhilHibbs yes Image cleanup, conversion & annotation
PioM EN DE PL yes Coat of arms, maps, diagrams (biology, aviation); Request pages: diagrams, CoatOfArms; Programs: GIMP, Inkscape
Pixelclear No Graphic & New Media Designer (Photoshop Guru, Print, Broadcast, & Web Design).
Plowboylifestle yes Adobe Illustrator, flat, technical and stylized
pmcm List Basic maps and simple diagrams. Produced with OmniGraffle.
Prisonblues yes Photoshop generally. Heraldry.
Prolific yes Please visit my Talk page to request wikipedia diagrams, I generally accept all requests.
Rarelibra None(yet!) MapInfo, custom maps, all requests welcome, time donated.
Reverie Yes Scientific illustrations, lineart, math diagrams, etc. If in doubt, just ask me. Requests welcome.
Rocchini yes Mathematics & Physics. All requests welcome!
Seav list Philippines
Stevertigo Barely Anatomical art, color drawing, inkscape, GIMP, requests welcome
Tarnas yes Portrait illustrations, all work public domain, requests welcome.
Theresa Knott Yes Scientific diagrams
Thomfilm Yes Photoshop
utcursch yes The GIMP, dia, requests welcome
VampWillow list Line Art & cutaways
Wapcaplet yes Auto diagrams
Willtron commons Inkscape, mainly flags and coat of arms
Yupi666 yes, at my profile Illustration, Photography, Photographic modification, requests taken
Xanthine Not Yet Graphic Design Professional, Scientific & Technical Illustration, Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop - requests welcome
Rebwilli not yet scientific and engineering illustrations in Illustrator, Photoshop, Matlab for plots - requests welcome!

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