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Yamaha Passol/Passol-L
YAMAHA Passol-L.jpg
Passol-L at its 2005 Tokyo Motor Show introduction
Manufacturer Yamaha Motor Company
Production 2002–2007
Class Electric scooter
Engine Brushless DC electric wheel hub motor
Power 0.58 kW (0.78 hp)
Frame type Aluminum pipe backbone
Suspension Telescopic fork
Brakes Drum front and rear
Tires 60/100-12
Wheelbase 1,040 mm
Dimensions L: 1,530 mm
W: 600 mm
H: 995 mm
Seat height 745 mm
Weight 44 kg (97 lb) (dry)
Fuel capacity 14 Ah battery (Passol)
Turning radius 1.6 m
Related Yamaha EC-02

The Yamaha Passol was an electric scooter manufactured by Yamaha Motor Company beginning in 2002,[1] and sold only in Japan.[2] Weight was 44 kilograms (97 lb) and claimed range 32 kilometres (20 mi).[1] It was described as the first mass-produced electric motorcycle in Japan[3][4] (the Peugeot Scoot'Elec was produced earlier). It had a lithium-ion battery. A Passol-L model with the same motor and bigger battery was released in 2005,[5][6] and a related electric, the EC-02, featuring a built-in iPod dock, also was released in 2005.[7]

A recall for battery problems in the Passol and EC-02 was issued in late 2006,[8] followed by the halting of production of all Yamaha electric motorcycles in 2007 due to the recall coupled with weak sales.[3][9]

Records and awards[edit]

In 2003, the Passol won the Good Design Gold Award (MITI Prize) from Japan's Ministry of International Trade and Industry.[10]

In 2004, Japanese long-distance motorcyclist Kanichi Fujiwara set off to circumnavigate the world on a Passol.[11] It may have been the first global circumnavigation by electric two-wheeler.[12]

In 2004, Yamaha won the Hong Kong Design Centre's Design for Asia Award for Product Design for the Passol.[4]

In exhibitions[edit]

A Passol was exhibited in an international show on Japanese design at Metropolitan State College of Denver's Center for Visual Art in 2005.[13]


Specifications in infobox from Ono & Undated:6.

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  • Passol-L electronic brochure from Yamaha Museum's 2003 Tokyo Motor Show display