Yaxham Light Railway

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Yaxham Light Railway
Yaxham Light Railway 2009.jpg
Commercial operations
NameYaxham Park Light Railway
Original gauge2 ft (610 mm)
Preserved operations
Operated byYaxham Light Railway
Length360 yd (329 m)
Preserved gauge2 ft (610 mm)
Commercial history

Yaxham Light Railway is a 2 ft (610 mm) narrow gauge light railway (heritage railway) situated adjacent to Yaxham railway station on the Mid-Norfolk Railway. It is located in the village of Yaxham in the English county of Norfolk.


Mr D.C. Potter opened the site's first narrow gauge line in the former goods yard in 1967. This was constructed for his Hunslet 0-4-0ST, "Cackler", and the disused tracks of this line can still be seen from passing trains on the Mid-Norfolk Railway.

In 1969 the loco was moved across the standard gauge line to the Yaxham Park Light Railway (YPLR), which ran for over ½ a mile in meadows beyond the station, eventually being replaced by today's Yaxham Light Railway.[1]

Present day[edit]

The main running line is some 360 yd (329 m) long. It operates a collection of industrial railway equipment acquired over the years from quarries and other locations throughout the country. Passenger trains are usually hauled by a variety of vintage diesel locomotives.[2][3]

Rolling stock[edit]

Narrow gauge steam locomotives

Narrow gauge diesel locomotives

  • YLR No. 2 – "Rusty" – Lister "Rail-Truck" built 1948
  • YLR No. 3 – "Pest" – Lister "Rail-Truck" built 1954
  • YLR No. 4 – "Goofy" – Orenstein & Koppel with a Single Cylinder Crude Oil Engine
  • YLR No. 6 – "Colonel" – Ruston & Hornsby built 1940
  • YLR No. 7 – Ruston & Hornsby 16 hp class, built 1934
  • YLR No. 10 – "Ousel" – Motor Rail Ltd ‘20/28hp’ plate frame type, built 1937
  • YLR No. 13 – Motor Rail Ltd ‘20/28hp’ plate frame type, built 1940
  • YLR No. 14 – "Coldmeece" – Ruston & Hornsby class ‘20DL’, built 1943
  • YLR No. 18 – "Planet" – F.C. Hibberd & Co Ltd type 39, built 1962
  • YLR No. 19 – "Penlee" – Hudson Hunslet 25 hp, built 1942
    Number 19

Standard gauge goods wagons

  • GWR 126977 MOGO Cars Wagon, grounded body and former narrow gauge locomotive shed.

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