Yirrk-Thangalkl dialect

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Native to Australia
Region Cape York Peninsula, Queensland
Extinct (date missing)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 yrm
Glottolog None
AIATSIS[1] Y214*
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Yirrk-Thangalkl (Yir Thangedl) is a dialect of Yir-Yoront,[2] a Paman language spoken on the southwestern part of the Cape York Peninsula, Queensland in Australia, by the Yirrk-Thangalkl people. The language is also known as Yirr-Thangell and Yirrk-Mel.

During the early 1900s (decade), Yirrk-Thangalkl speakers started shifting to the Yir-Yoront dialect with the arrival of the Mitchell River Mission.[3]



Yirrk-Thangalkl has 16 consonants. The inventory is the same as that of Yir-Yoront, except that Yirrk-Thangalkl lacks the retroflex and glottal consonants /ʈ/, /ɳ/, /ɭ / and /ʔ/.[citation needed]

Peripheral Laminal Apical
Bilabial Velar Postalveolar
Dental Alveolar
Nasal m /m/ ng /ŋ/ ny /ɲ/ nh /n̪/ n /n/
Plosive p /p/ k /k/ th /t̪/ t /t/
Affricate ch /t͡ʃ/
Trill rr /r/
Tap r /ɾ/
Approximant w /w/ y /j/ lh /l̪/ l /l/


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