Lower Arrernte language

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Lower Aranda
RegionNorthern Territory
Extinct2011, with the death of Brownie Doolan Perrurle[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3axl

Lower Arrernte (Lower Aranda), also known as Lower Southern Arrernte (or Aranda), is the most distinct of several varieties of the Arrernte language. Lower Arrernte is spoken in the Finke River area, close to Alice Springs.

Lower Arrernte is a dying language. Until recently only one person was known to speak it fluently enough to hold a conversation: Brownie Doolan Perrurle. Brownie, who didn't know his exact age but was most likely in his early nineties died in 2011.[citation needed] He learned the language from his mother and grandmother.[1]

Gavan Breen, an Australian linguist, has been able to compile a dictionary of Lower Arrernte comprising about a thousand words by recording talks he had with Doolan.[citation needed]


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