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Britney Spears video discography

Spears promoting seventh album in September 2011
Music videos 38
Concert tour videos 2
Video compilations 4
Video singles 0

American entertainer Britney Spears has released thirty-four music videos, four home videos, two concert tour videos, one music video compilation, and two documentaries. In 1997, Spears signed a recording contract with Jive Records. Spears' first music video "...Baby One More Time", in which she chose to dress as a Catholic schoolgirl, propelled her to superstardom.[1] It ranked number one on TRL's Final Countdown of the most iconic music videos.[2] The music video for the lead single from Spears' second album, "Oops!... I Did It Again", was similarly successful. Set on Mars, Spears dons a tight-fitting red jumpsuit. The "Stronger" music video had a more sophisticated, adult feel to it.[3] 2001's "I'm a Slave 4 U" let Spears move further into a more mature territory, performing a complicated dance routine in a risqué outfit.[4]

"Me Against the Music", which featured Madonna, was released in 2003. Director Paul Hunter talked to MTV News about the video, saying, "Madonna is an icon of an earlier generation, and then Britney of the newer generation. [...] I wanted it to be a bit of a cat-and-mouse sort of game and a little bit of a foreplay between Britney and Madonna and just sort of tease the audience."[5] Spears came up with the storyline for "Toxic", directed by Joseph Kahn.[6] Spears plays three different incarnations of herself and poisons her unfaithful lover. Throughout the video, there are scenes of Spears naked covered in diamonds.[6] The music video for "Everytime", directed by famed photographer David LaChapelle, was notably darker than Spears' previous videos.[7] The video portrays Spears as a star hounded by paparazzi, who drowns in her bathtub when she starts bleeding from a wound in her head. In the hospital, doctors fail to resuscitate her while a child is born in the next room, implying she has been reincarnated. The original treatment would have had Spears killing herself from a drug overdose, but the plot was removed after it received criticism by several organizations, who perceived it as a glamorization of suicide. Featuring many religious references, the music video was noted by contemporary critics for predicting Spears's future struggles with fame.[8][9][10] The clip for Spears' cover of "My Prerogative" was described the video as "[having] an element of old Hollywood glamour and mystery".[11] The video begins with Spears driving erratically in a Porsche and crashing it into a pool.[12]

The music video for Spears' 2007 comeback single "Gimme More" displayed Spears as a stripper and featured a break from Spears's highly choreographed music videos.[13] It received mixed to negative reviews from critics, who panned Spears's pole dancing as well as the lack of storyline.[14][15] "Piece of Me" referenced Spears' life at the time, while "Break the Ice" was accompanied by an animated music video showing Spears as a superheroine. 2008's "Womanizer" was seen as a return to form for Spears.[16][17][18] Described as a sequel to "Toxic", the concept was again pitched to director Kahn by Spears.[19] The video for "Circus" portrayed Spears as the ringmaster of a circus accompanied by different performers, and it is interspersed with scenes of Spears in different circus settings. "If U Seek Amy" saw Spears at a sex party that takes place at her house, before she transforms into a typical American housewife,[9] while "Radar" pays tribute to Madonna's "Take a Bow".[20] The clip for "3" was described as "simple" and "very, very minimal."[21]

The video for Spears's fourth number one single Hold It Against Me was highly complimented from her dancing to her maturity in it. Her single Till the World Ends features Spears at a dance party and is described as very sexy & erotic.I Wanna Go's video received positive reviews from critics, naming it one of her best dancing videos. The video for Criminal (Britney Spears song) was complimented for her acting and sexy moves. It features her real-life boyfriend.[clarification needed] Over the years, Spears has given some of the most controversial music videos of all time. At the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, she has been honored with a tribute by young dancers & an MTV Video Vanguard Award presented by her big & all-time fan Lady Gaga, who said that the industry would not be the same without her.

Spears ranked #4 VH1's "50 Greatest Women of the Video Era" show list, ahead of most of her contemporaries and behind only veterans like Madonna, Janet Jackson, and Whitney Houston.[22] She also appeared in a music video for the song cover of "Sweet Dreams" for Marilyn Manson.

Music videos[edit]

Year Title Album Director
1998 "...Baby One More Time" ...Baby One More Time Nigel Dick
1999 "Sometimes"
"(You Drive Me) Crazy" (The Stop Remix!)
"Born to Make You Happy" Bille Woodruff
"From the Bottom of My Broken Heart" Gregory Dark
2000 "Oops!... I Did It Again" Oops!... I Did It Again Nigel Dick
"Lucky" Dave Meyers
"Stronger" Joseph Kahn
2001 "Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know" Herb Ritts
"I'm a Slave 4 U" Britney Francis Lawrence
"Overprotected" Bille Woodruff
2002 "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman" 1 Wayne Isham
"Overprotected" (Darkchild Remix) Chris Applebaum
"I Love Rock 'N Roll"
"Anticipating" Marty Callner
"Boys" (featuring Pharrell Williams) Dave Meyers
2003 "Me Against the Music" (featuring Madonna) In the Zone Paul Hunter
2004 "Toxic" Joseph Kahn
"Everytime" David LaChapelle
"Outrageous" 2 Dave Meyers
"My Prerogative" Greatest Hits: My Prerogative Jake Nava
2005 "Do Somethin'" Britney Spears, Bille Woodruff
"Someday (I Will Understand)" Britney & Kevin: Chaotic Michael Haussman
2007 "Gimme More" 4 Blackout Britney Spears, Jake Sarfaty
"Piece of Me" 5 Wayne Isham
2008 "Break the Ice" 6 Robert Hales
"Womanizer" Circus Joseph Kahn
"Circus" Francis Lawrence
2009 "If U Seek Amy" Jake Nava
"Radar" Dave Meyers
"Kill the Lights" 6 PUNY
"3" 7 The Singles Collection Diane Martel
2011 "Hold It Against Me" Femme Fatale Jonas Åkerlund
"Till the World Ends" 8 Ray Kay
"I Wanna Go" Chris Marrs Piliero
2012 "Scream & Shout" (with willpower Ben Mor
2013 "Scream & Shout (Remix)" (with, Hit-Boy, Waka Flocka Flame, Lil Wayne and Diddy)
"Ooh La La" Music from and Inspired by The Smurfs 2 Marc Klasfeld
"Work Bitch" Britney Jean Ben Mor
"Perfume" Joseph Kahn


  • 1 There are two different videos for "Baby One More Time, there is an original music video. In the alternative version, Spears is dancing in the street outside the school, in the uncensored version, the new scenes are dancing in the classroom as it's the unfinished edit
  • 1 There are two versions of the track "(You Drive Me) Crazy". One is the original version, and the other is a stop remix.
  • 1 There are two versions of the "Overprotected" music video. There is a darkchild remix video and there is also an original international video.
  • 1 There are three versions of "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman". One of them is the video version without movie clips, while the other two contains clips from the movie Crossroads.
  • 1 There are two versions of the song "Boys". One is the original version and the other is an co-ed remix with the brand new collaboration - Pharrell Williams.
  • 2 The video for "Outrageous" is unfinished. It is a montage of scenes dancing in the street filmed before Spears injured her knee.
  • 3 The music video for the Chris Cox Megamix is for the radio edit including 17 video clips. The only music videos that are not shown are "Born to Make You Happy" and "My Prerogative".
  • 4 The video for "Gimme More" contains two different versions with two different endings. In the uncensored version, Spears is topless. On July 19, 2011, a new version of the video featuring never before scenes leaked.
  • 5 There are two versions of "Piece of Me". The international version shows Spears in the first verse singing in front of a background of flashes, wearing a dress and a blond bob wig, while the US version shows her singing in front of a colourful background, which can also be seen in other parts of the international video.
  • 6 The music video for "Break the Ice" and "Kill the Lights" are made in an cartoon style.
  • 7 There are two versions of "3". The first one is the official music video, and the other one is the director's cut, which shows new scenes, different sequences and has no music at the beginning.[23]
  • 8 There are two versions of "Till the World Ends". The first one is the directors cut which shows the apocalypse theme in the video while the second one is a choreography cut which shows only dance sequences in the video.

Miscellaneous videos[edit]

Video albums[edit]

Title Album details Certifications
Time Out with Britney Spears
  • Released: December 21, 1999
  • Label: Jive
  • Formats: DVD, VHS
  • US: 3× Platinum[31]
Live and More!
  • Released: November 21, 2000
  • Label: Jive
  • Formats: DVD, VHS
  • US: 3× Platinum[31]
  • FR: Platinum
Britney: The Videos
  • Released: November 20, 2001
  • Label: Jive
  • Format: DVD
  • US: 2× Platinum[31]
Live from Las Vegas
  • Released: February 12, 2002
  • Label: Jive
  • Format: DVD
  • US: 2× Platinum[31]
  • AUS: Platinum[32]
In the Zone
  • Released: April 6, 2004
  • Label: Jive
  • Format: DVD/CD
Greatest Hits: My Prerogative
  • Released: November 9, 2004
  • Label: Jive
  • Format: DVD
  • US: 2× Platinum[31]
  • AUS: 3× Platinum[33]
Britney & Kevin: Chaotic
  • Released: September 27, 2005
  • Label: Jive
  • Format: DVD/CD
Britney: For the Record
  • Released: April 7, 2009
  • Label: Jive
  • Format: DVD
Britney Spears Live: The Femme Fatale Tour
  • Released: November 21, 2011
  • Label: RCA
  • Format: DVD/CD, Blu-ray
  • US: Platinum
  • AUS: Gold

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