Deh Rahwod District

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Deh Rahwod is a district in Oruzgan Province, southern Afghanistan, and the name of the town that serves as district seat. Deh Rahwod lies along the Helmand River. The tribes in the district are Pashtun, dominated by the Noorzai and Populzai sub-tribes.

The Netherlands, representing the NATO International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) force in Oruzgan province, has established a military base in Deh Rawod, adjacent to pre-existing U.S. and Afghan Army bases.

Security and Politics[edit]

On 19 November 2009 it was reported that a suicide bomber blew himself up in Deh Rawad district in a crowded area. The attack killed 10 and injured 13.[1]

On 17 December 2009, another suicide bomber blew himself up but failed at his attempt to get inside of the district headquarters.[2]

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Coordinates: 32°37′35″N 65°28′13″E / 32.62639°N 65.47028°E / 32.62639; 65.47028