Shekh Ali District

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Shekh Ali district Parwan Province.

The main tribes of Shekh Ali's are: Daikakalan, Naiman, Qaraluq, Karmali and Babur. Although Qaraluq, Naiman and Babur inherited Hazara culture and Hazaragi language, and many people consider them as Hazaras, but they are not Hazaras by Origin. Naiman and Qaraluq people are Turkmens despite Naimans are Shiite's and Qaraluqs are Sunni Muslims.

Sheik Ali also has a small minority of Ismaili hazara at the Bamiyan border of Shibar Pass.

The main village's of shekh ali are:[1]

  • Jarf, Jaukool, Bed: Daikakalan People
  • Nerkh Naiman people
  • Nawi: the hometown of Said Hussain Anwari - the ex-minister of agriculture and ex-governor of Herat province. Nawi is the village Siad shii'it's.
  • Qaraluq.
  • Karmali

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