Gamja ongsimi

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Gamja ongsimi
Korea-Sokcho-Gamja ongsimi-Potato dumpling soup-01.jpg
A bowl of gamja ongsimi at a restaurant in Sokcho, Gangwon province
Type Sujebi
Place of origin Korea
Region or state Gangwon Province
Main ingredients Dumplings (ground potatoes, vegetables), broth
Cookbook:Gamja ongsimi  Gamja ongsimi
Gamja ongsimi
Hangul 甘藷옹심이
Hanja n/a
Revised Romanization gamja ongsimi
McCune–Reischauer kamja ongsimi

Gamja ongsimi is a variety of sujebi (a dumpling soup) in Korean cuisine, consisting of dumplings made from ground potato and chopped vegetables in a clear broth. It is a local specialty of Gangwon province, South Korea, where a lot of potatoes are cultivated and harvested due to the cold weather. It has a relatively bland taste with a broth usually made from anchovies. The name is a combination of two words; gamja (감자), meaning potato in Korean; and ongsimi (옹심이), the Gangwon dialect term for saeyal (새알), a small ball made of grain flour served in soups or porridge.[1][2]

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