Lancia Artena

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Lancia Artena
Lancia Artena Berlina 1930.jpg
Lancia Artena Berlina 1930
Manufacturer Lancia
Production 1931-1936
Body and chassis
Body style saloon
Layout FR layout
Engine 1924 cc Lancia V4 engine
Length 4,320 mm (170 in)
1931 - 1933
4,370 mm (172 in) or
4,600 mm (180 in)
1933 - 1936
4,960 mm (195 in)
1940 - 1942
Width 1,632 mm (64.3 in)
1931 - 1933
1,680 mm (66 in)
1933 - 1936
Curb weight 1,350 kg (2,976 lb)
Predecessor Lancia Lambda
Lancia Artena Cabriolet 1931

The Lancia Artena was produced between 1931 and 1936 by the Italian automanufacturer Lancia. The car was powered by a 2 litre Lancia V4 engine.

There were four successive versions of the car. Lancia built approximately 1500 of the first series between autumn of 1931 through summer of 1932. During the next year the second series was produced, and the third series from Autumn 1933 till the start of 1936. The third series was available in two lengths.

The 54 bhp (40 kW) engine was sufficient to provide a claimed maximum speed of 115 km/h (72 mph) for each of the first three versions.

Between 1940 and 1942 a further 507 Artenas were built. These modified Artenas were larger and slower than the prewar versions: they were used by senior military and political personnel, and in modified form as ambulances.

The Lancia Astura was a more powerful and more luxurious version of this car based on the same platform.[1]

Four versions of the Artena were built:

  • 1st series, produced between 1931 and 1932: 1,500 built.
  • 2nd series, produced between 1932 and 1933: 1,520 built. The car now incorporated modified engine mountings to reduce noise and vibrations
  • 3rd series, produced between 1933 and 1936: 2,040 built. Modified chassis with two different wheelbase lengths.
  • 4th series, produced between 1940 and 1942: 507 built. At the beginning of World War II, these Artenas were built with ambulance and other wartime body configurations.


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