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Lightning Car Company
Type Private
Industry Automotive
Founded 2007
Headquarters Fulham London, United Kingdom
Products Cars

The Lightning Car Company is a British sports car developer, based in Fulham and Peterborough, focused on the development and production of high performance electric sports cars.

Lightning GT[edit]

The firm's first product, the eponymous Lightning GT, was unveiled in 2008.[1][2] It is based on an extant internal-combustion vehicle from Ronart Cars. It incorporates quick-charging lithium-titanate batteries from Altairnano into a body made from Superform aluminium. The Lightning GT employs rear wheel drive from two synchronous motors to accelerate to 60 miles per hour (97 km/h) in less than 5 seconds and has an expected usable range of 150 miles (240 km) on a single battery charge. with a range extender battery pack option increasing this to 225 miles (360km).

The company is taking orders for 2012 delivery, with the first batch of 50 being secured now.[citation needed]

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