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This is a list of monsters in movies, about such creatures as extraterrestrial aliens, giant animals, Kaiju (the Japanese counterpart of giant animals, but they can also be machines and plants), mutants, supernatural creatures, or creatures from folklore, such as Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. These movies usually fall into the science fiction, fantasy and/or horror genres.

Name Release Year Monster(s)
90210 Shark Attack 2014 Shark[1]
Achoura 2014 Grine[2]
Alien Outpost 2014 Alien[3]
Alien Resurrection 1997 Xenomorph
Alien 5 2016 Xenomorph[4]
Andhera 1980 Cats[5]
Animal 2014 Werewolf[6]
The Angry Red Planet 1959 Martians
The Ape Man 1943 The Ape Man
The Ape 1940 Circus Ape
The Ape 2013 Little Kong and an eastern black male gorilla
Apollo 18 2011 Parasitic Lunar Organisms
Army of Darkness 1993 Demons, Undead, living skeletons
Avenged 2013 Crows[7]
Baby Blood 1990 Parasitic Snake
Backcountry 2014 Bear[8]
The Babadook 2014 Ghoul[9]
Bait 3D 2012 Sharks[10]
Bambi Meets Godzilla 1969 Godzilla
Bear 1996 Werewolf
Bigfoot: The Movie 2015 Sasquatch[11]
A Blind Bargain 1922 Ape-man
Blood from the Mummy's Tomb 1971 Mummy
Beware! The Blob 1972 Alien Blob
Blood Redd 2014 Canine[12]
The Blob 1958 Alien Blob
The Blob 1988 Alien Blob
The Blob 2016 Alien Blob[13]
Blood and Chocolate 2007 Werewolf
The Blood Beast Terror 1968 Giant Death Head Moth
Blood Freak 1972 Giant Turkey-like Monster
Blood of Dracula's Castle 1969 Vampire
Blood Ransom 2014 Vampires[14]
BloodRayne 2005 Vampire
The Bone Snatcher 2003 Ikhulu intelligent insects
Bubba Ho-tep 2002 Mummy
Charles Bronson vs. The Golem 2015 Golem[15]
Cold Ground 2015 Beast of Gévaudan[16]
The Company of Wolves 1984 Werewolfs
Contamination 1980 Aliens
The Crater Lake Monster 1977 Plesiosaur
Creature 1985 Alien
Creature Feature 2014 Werewolfs[17]
Creature From The Black Lagoon 1954 Gill-man
Creature from the Haunted Sea 1961 Sea Monster
Crocodile 2000 Giant Crocodile
Crocodile 2: Death Swamp 2002 Giant Crocodile
Crying Wolf 3D 2015 Werewolf, Wolves[18]
Cthulhu 2000 Cthulhu
Cthulhu 2007 Cthulhu
Cub 2013 Ghoul[19]
Curse of the Fly 1965 Mutant Humans
The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb 1964 Mummy
Cursed 2005 Werewolfs
Cute Little Buggers 3D 2014 Rabbit[20]
Daffy Duck's Quackbusters 1988
Dagon 2001 Dagon
Daigoro vs. Goliath 1972 Daigoro, Daigoro's Mother, Goliath
Darker Than the Night 2014 Cats[21]
Darkness 1993 Bats, Vampire's[22]
Darkness Falls 2003 Tooth-Fairy
The Day of the Triffids 1962 Alienplants
Dead Meta 1988 zombiefied Cows[23]
The Deadly Mantis 1957 Giant Praying Mantis
The Deadly Spawn 1983 Aliens
Digging up the Morrow 2014 Ghoul[24]
DinoCroc 2004 Mutant Crocodile
Dog Soldiers 2002 Werewolf
Dogora 1964 Dogora
Doom 2005
The Dooms Chapel Horror 2015 Demons, Ghoul[25]
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark 1973 Demons
Dracula 1931 Vampire
Dracula (Spanish-language version) 1931 Vampire
Dreadtime Stories 2014 Ghoul[26]
Extenction 2014 T-Rex[27]
Event Horizon 1997 Alien[28]
The Evil Dead 1981 Zombies, Demons
Evil Dead II 1987 Zombies, Demons
Exists 2014 Bigfoot[29]
Face of the Screaming Werewolf 1964 Werewolf
Fear(s) of the Dark 2007
Feast 2005
Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds 2008
Feast 3: The Happy Finish 2009
The Fiancé 2015 Bigfoot[30]
Fiend Without a Face 1958 Mutant brains
Fire Serpent 2007 Alien Serpents
The Fly 1958 Mutant man, Spiders[31]
The Fly 1986 Mutant man
The Fly II 1989 Mutant man
The Fly 2016 Mutant man[32]
The Food of the Gods 1976 Giant animals
Frankenstein Created Bikers 2015 Frankenstein's monster, Baragon[33]
Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man 1943 Frankenstein's monster, Werewolf
Frankenstein's Army 2013 Frankenstein's monsters
Frankenstein's Daughter 1965 Frankenstein's monster
Frank Enstein 1992
Frankenfish 2004 Mutant Fish
From the Dark 2014 Far darrig[34]
Full Moon High 1981 Werewolf
The Funhouse 1981 Deformed Human
The Fury of the Wolfman 1972 Werewolf
Gamera: Super Monster 1980 Gamera
Garuda 2004
Gehenna 2016 Ghoul[35]
Ghostbusters IV 2017 Ghosts[36]
Ghost of Frankenstein 1942 Frankenstein's monster
Ghoul 2014 Ghoul[37]
Ghoulies 1985 Demons
Ghoulies II 1988 Demons
Graveyard Shift 1990
The Grey 2014 Wolves[38]
Grizzly 2014 Grizzly Bear[39]
Grizzly Rage 2007 Grizzly Bear
Growth 2009
The Grudge 2004 Ghost
Guyver 1991
H-Man 1958 Mutant men
Half Human 1955 Yeti
The Halloween That Almost Wasn't 1979
The Haunted Palace 1963
Helen Keller vs. Nightwolves 1997 Werewolf, Bats[40]
Horrors of Spider Island 1960 Giant spider, Mutant man
Horsehead 2014 Wolves[41]
Hyena 2014 Hyena[42]
Hyenas 2010 Werehyena
I Am Legend 2007 Mutant Humans
I, Frankenstein 2014 Frankenstein's monster
I Was a Teenage Werewolf 1957 Werewolf
Ice Spiders 2007 Mutant spiders
Igor 2008 Igor
The Incredible Melting Man 1977 Mutant man
Independence Day 1996 Aliens[43]
ID Forever 2016 Aliens[44]
Indestructible Man 1956
Indoor Air[45] 2015
Infernal 2015 Ghoul[46]
Insectula 2012 Giant spider, Insectoid[47]
In the Deep 2016 Sharks[48]
Into the Deep 2015 Sharks[49]
Invasion of Astro-Monster 1965 Godzilla, Rodan, King Ghidorah
Invasion of the Star Creatures 1962
The Invisible Man 1933
The Invisible Man Returns 1940
The Invisible Woman 1940
Invisible Agent 1942
The Invisible Man's Revenge 1944
It 1990 Evil Clown, Monsters, Child-Haters, Abusers, Ghost, Giant Spider
It Came from Beneath the Sea 1955 Giant Mutant Octopus
It Conquered the World 1956 Aliens
It Came From the Desert 2015 Ants[50]
It Waits 2006 Demon
It! The Terror from Beyond Space 1958 Aliens
It's Alive 1974 Mutant baby
It's Alive 2008 Mutant baby
Jaani Dushman 1979 Bats, Vampire[5]
Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer 2007
Jeepers Creepers 2 2003 The Creeper
Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter 1966 Frankenstein's monster
Jinn 2014 Jinn[51]
Jurassic City 2015 Dinosaurier;Tyranosaurus Rex[52]
Khooni Panja 1991 Ghoul[5]
The Killer Shrews 1959 Mutant shrews
Killer Klowns from Outer Space 1987 Evil Clown-like aliens,
Killjoy 2000 to present Evil Clown
Krocodylus 2000 Giant Salt Water Crocodile
Kronos 1957 Giant Robot
Lake Placid vs. Anaconda 2015 Crocodile & Anaconda[53]
Lake Effect 2015 Yeti[54]
The Lair of the White Worm 1988 Giant worm
Latitude Zero 1969
The Legend of Boggy Creek 1972 Bigfoot
The Leviathan 2015 Leviathan[55]
Little Monsters 1989
Little Otik 2000
Love in the Time of Monsters 2015 Bigfoot[56]
Mad Monster Party 1967 Dracula, Mummy, Invisible man, Werewolf, Frankenstein's Monster, Gill-man, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Quasimodo, Giant ape
The Night Watchmen 2015 Bats, Vampire[57]
Nightlight 2014 Wolves[58]
Pitch Black 2000 Alien Creatures
The Phantom of the Opera 1925 Deformed Human
Puppet Master 1989 to Present Killer Toys, a few zombies, a ghost Demon-like Totems and nazis
The Pyramid 2014 Mummy[59]
Q-The Winged Serpent 1982 The Giant Flying Serpent
The Quatermass Xperiment 1955 Alien
Queen Kong 1976 Giant ape
Rats: Night of Terror 1984 Rats[60]
The Relic 1997 man transformed in to creature by evolutionary mutation that devours human's hypothalamuses
Scooby-Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf 1988 Werewolf Dracula and monsters
The Scorpion King 2002
Sector 7 2011 Sea Monster
Sexcula 2014 Vampires, Bats[61]
Shark Night 2014 Shark
She-Wolf of London 1946 Werewolf
She Creature 2001 Mermaid
SilverHide 1977 Werewolf[62]
Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger 1977 Ghouls, Giant Wasp, Minotaur, Giant Walrus, Caveman, Sabre-Toothed Cat
Unnatural 2015 Polar bears[63]
The University of Illinois vs. a Mummy 2006 Mummy
Vampire of the Coast 1909 Vampire
Vampirella 1996 Vampire[64]
Varan the Unbelievable 1958 Varan
Venom 2005
What We Do In the Shadows 1994 Bats, Vampires[65]
Willow Creek 2013 Sasquatch[66]
Wind Walkers( 2015 Vampires, Bats[67]
Witch Hunt 1994
The Wolf Man 1941 Werewolf
WolfCop 2014 Werewolf[68]
Wolves 1941 Werewolf[69]
Zombieworld 2015 genetically modified Apes[70]