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NASA has hosted many events for its social media enthusiasts called NASA Socials (formerly NASA Tweetups). These events are targeted at the social media followers of NASA through platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, and more. They provide guests with VIP access to NASA facilities and speakers with the goal of leveraging participants' social networks to further the outreach requirements of NASA as laid out in the National Aeronautics and Space Act.[1] NASA re-branded these events as "Socials" in March 2012 as it expanded participation to services beyond just Twitter.[2]

To date, 8 NASA field centers and NASA HQ have hosted tweetup events.[3] There were 5 NASA Tweetups in 2009, 10 in 2010, 16 in 2011, and 21 in 2012. As of August 2011, over 2,000 participants have been part of official NASA Tweetups.[4] Many tweetup events are at least partially broadcast on NASA TV and UStream. Some tweetups are at NASA facilities, while others are at many other locations, including the National Air and Space Museum and the Newseum. The length of tweetups range from a few hours to much longer, such as the STS-133 launch tweetup, which was a week long – the only one of its kind.

The first NASA Tweetup was held at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, in January 2009. During this event, guests were given exclusive tours and access to JPL scientists and engineers.[5]

NASA, in an attempt to measure the impact of tweetups, tracked 10,665 tweets originating from 150 participants in the Juno Tweetup as well as the subsequent retweets and found 29.9 million potential impressions.[6]

Speakers and Participants[edit]

Speakers at NASA tweetup/social events have included NASA engineers, scientists, executives and well over 80 NASA astronauts. Notable speakers include NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell, Senator and astronaut John Glenn, Bill Nye, and final Space Shuttle crew members Sandy Magnus and Chris Ferguson.

While the majority of participants in NASA tweetups/socials have been space enthusiasts, there have also been many "celebrity" participants, including Neil deGrasse Tyson, LeVar Burton, Trey Ratcliff, Robert Scoble, Bill Prady, Kevin Clash, Miles O'Brien, Seth Green,, and many others.

Participants are chosen randomly from submitted applications[7][8] from an open application process on the web. For the STS-135 Tweetup, 150 were chosen from over 5500 applications.[9][10]

Tweetup with ISS Astronauts in 2009
Former NASA Chief Scientist Waleed Abdalati speaking at the Juno Tweetup
Group picture in front of Countdown clock of STS-135 Tweetup participants
Astronaut TJ Creamer speaks to tweetup participants in July 2010 at NASA Headquarters

List of NASA Tweetups & NASA Socials[edit]

# Date Event Location Official speakers Notes Attendees
80 April 1–2, 2014 50 Years of Deep Space Network Social[11] JPL To Be Added 50
79 March 15–16, 2014 Social Media Accreditation for SpaceX CRS-3 Launch [12] KSC To Be Added 50
78 February 27, 2014 GPM Photo Social[13] Goddard (GSFC) To Be Added 15
77 January 23, 2014 TDRS-L Launch Social[14] CCAFS / KSC To Be Added 50
76 January 22, 2014 JWST Social[15] Goddard (GSFC) To Be Added 40
75 January 8, 2014[16][17] Social Media Accreditation for Orbital-1 Antares Launch [18] Wallops To Be Added 50
74 December 10, 2013 2013 AGU Social [19] Moscone Center NASA Chief Scientist Ellen Stofan, NASA’s Associate Administrator for Science and veteran astronaut John Grunsfeld and more. 20
73 November 16 & 18, 2013 MAVEN Launch Social[20] CCAFS / KSC NASA's Planetary Science Chief Jim Green, program executive Lisa May, program scientist Kelley Fast, deputy project manager Sandra Cauffman, system design lead with Lockheed Martin Chris Waters, NASA Chief Scientist Ellen Stofan, NASA’s Associate Administrator for Science and veteran astronaut John Grunsfeld, astronaut Wendy Lawrence, Bill Nye, NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden and Kennedy Space Center Director Bob Cabana. 150
72 November 4–5, 2013 JPL Earth Science Social[21] JPL To Be Added 100
71 September 17, 2013 Social Media Accreditation for Antares Launch [22] Wallops To Be Added 50
70 September 5–6, 2013 LADEE Launch to Moon Social[23] Wallops John Grunsfeld(NASA HQ), Charles Bolden(NASA Administrator), Bob Barber(NASA Ames), Tony Colaprete(NASA Ames) ... More To Be Added 50
69 August 21, 2013 Social Media Accreditation for Major Airborne Field Campaign[24] EFD To Be Added 15
68 August 14–15, 2013 Orion Stationary Recovery Test Social[25] LaRC Personnel from Naval Station Norfolk, among others 30
67 July 17, 2013 Astronaut Health, Fitness & Rehabilitation Social[26] JSC To Be Added 30
66 June 7–8, 2013 Centennial Challenge Sample Return Robot Social[27] WPI To Be Added First Social at WPI 20
65 May 30, 2013 Going Operational - Landsat 8 Social[28] USGS EROS Center To Be Added First Social with the USGS 30
64 May 22, 2013 ISS Research Social at JSC[29] JSC To Be Added 30
63 April 25–27, 2013 Great Moonbuggy Race NASA Social[30] USSRC & MSFC To Be Added First Social at MSFC 50
62 April 15–17, 2013 Social Media Accreditation for Antares Launch [31] Wallops To Be Added 25
61 April 12, 2013 JAXA-NASA Cherry Blossoms[32] Goddard (GSFC) Ramesh Kakar, NASA Earth Sciences; Gail Skofronick-Jackson, NASA GPM; Riko Oki, JAXA GPM; Ardeshir Azarbarzin, NASA GPM; Masahiro Kojima, JAXA GPM; Peter Hildeband, NASA Goddard Earth Sciences; Don Figgins, Ball Aerospace; Compton Tucker, NASA Earth Sciences; Dawn Myers, NASA Goddard Solar Science; Horace Mitchell, NASA Goddard Scientific Visualization Studio; Ben Reed, Robotic Refueling Mission; Jason Dworkin, Astrobiology Analytical Lab and OSIRIS-REx; Ed Packard and Janet Thomas, Satellite Integration and Testing; Craig Pollock, MMS; and Paul Geithner, JWST 60
60 March 19, 2013 ISS Social at JSC[33] JSC To Be Added 30
59 March 10, 2013 NASA Social at SXSW Interactive[34] Austin, Texas To Be Added First NASA Social at SXSW 20
58 February 28 & March 1, 2013 Social Media Accreditation for SpaceX CRS-2 Launch [35] KSC To Be Added 50
57 February 20, 2013 Science on the ISS Social [36] NASA HQ & Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center William Gerstenmaier,Tara Ruttley, Tom Marshburn, Kevin Ford, Chris Hatfield, Marshall Poterfield 150
56 February 10–11, 2013 Landsat Data Continuity Mission Launch Social [37] VAFB To Be Added 80
55 January 29–30, 2013 TDRS-K Launch Social [38] CCAFS To Be Added 60
54 January 25, 2013 Social Media Accreditation for NASA Airborne Earth Science Event at Dryden [39] Dryden (DFRC) To Be Added 50
53 January 18, 2013 NASA Open House Social [40] NASA HQ To Be Added 75
52 December 4, 2012 AGU Social [41] Moscone Center To Be Added 20
51 December 4, 2012 @AstroAcaba Social [42] NASA HQ Astronaut Joe Acaba 150
50 November 1–2, 2012 Atlantis Social [43] KSCVC To Be Added 45[44]
49 October 15, 2012 Goldstone DSN Social[45] Goldstone DSN To Be Added First Goldstone Social 65
48 October 7, 2012 Social Media Accreditation for SpaceX CRS-1 Launch [46] KSC NASA Administrator Charles Bolden; SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell First Media Accreditation for Social Media 50
47 September 19–20, 2012 Dryden Endeavour Social[47] Dryden (DFRC) To Be Added 40
46 August 22–23, 2012 Radiation Belt Storm Probes Launch Social[48] KSC David Sibeck, NASA Living with a Star Mission Scientist, Nicky Fox, Radiation Belt Storm Probes (RBSP) Deputy Project Scientist, Dave “Kouch” Kusnierkiewiczm Space Dept. Chief Engineer JHU/APL, Aly Mendoza-Hill, Mission Manager NASA Launch Services Program. Astronaut Leland Melvin, Associate Administrator for Education NASA HQ, Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator. Kurt Lindstrom, Civil Space Business Area Executive JHU/APL 50
45 August 2–3, 2012 KSC 50th Anniversary Social KSC To Be Added First Multi-Site Social[49] 50
44 August 3, 2012 Ames Mars Curiosity Social Ames (ARC) Danny Skarka @dannyskarka First Multi-Site Social[50] 20
43 August 3, 2012 Glenn Mars Curiosity Social Glenn (GRC) To Be Added First Multi-Site Social[50] 30
42 August 3, 2012 Goddard Mars Curiosity Social Goddard (GSFC) Jason Dworkin, Astrobiology Analytical Lab, OSIRIS-REx; Chris Johnson & Melissa Trainer, SAM Environmental Chamber; Paul Geithner, JWST; guides: Lora Bleacher, Ellen Gray, Liz Zubritsky, Rob Garner, Erin Ryan, Rupa Nune, and Aries Keck First Multi-Site Social[50] 20
41 August 3, 2012 JSC Mars Curiosity Social JSC To Be Added First Multi-Site Social[50] 25
40 August 3, 2012 Langley Mars Curiosity Social Langley (LaRC) David Bowles, Associate Site Director; Walt Engelund, Chief Engineer, Neil Cheatwood, MEDLI principal investigator; Steve Gaddis, Game Changing Program Office First Multi-Site Social[50] 30
39 August 3–5, 2012 Mars Curiosity Landing Social[51] JPL To Be Added First Multi-Site Social[50] 25
38 July 23, 2012 Landsat Social[52] DC - Newseum & Goddard (GSFC) To Be Added 25
37 May 4, 2012 Dryden[53] Social Dryden Flight Research Center To Be Added First Dryden Social;
sonic boom planned
36 May 18–19, 2012 Space X COTS 2 Social [54] KSC NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver; SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell; NASA Public Affairs Officer Josh Byerly; NASA Flow Director for Space Shuttle Orbiter Transition and Retirement Stephanie Stilson; NASA Administrator Charles Bolden; KSC Director Bob Cabana First SpaceX Social 50
35 April 19, 2012 Discovery Welcome Social [55] Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center Director of National Air and Space Museum (NASM), General Jack Dailey; Secretary of NASM, Dr. Wayne Clough; NASA Administrator Charles Bolden; Senator John Glenn; Dr. France A. Córdova.[56] First NASA Social; First at Udvar-Hazy Center 30
34 March 2, 2012 Glenn Tweetup [57] Glenn (GRC) Astronaut Gregory H. Johnson (@Astro_Box) & more. First tweetup at Glenn 100
33 February 14, 2012 @Astro_Ron Tweetup[58] NASA HQ Astronaut Ron Garan (@Astro_Ron & @FragileOasis) 150
32 February 13, 2012 NASA Budget Tweetup[59] NASA HQ NASA Administrator Charles Bolden and NASA Chief Financial Officer Elizabeth Robinson[60] 20
31 November 25 & 26, 2011[61] Mars Science Laboratory Launch[62] KSC Astronauts Doug Wheelock (@Astro_Wheels) and Leland Melvin (@Astro_Flow), NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, Deputy Administrator Lori Garver (@Lori_Garver), Bill Nye (@TheScienceGuy), engineers from JPL, musician (@iamwill); Also: @MarsCuriosity [63] Launch of the Mars Science Laboratory mission carrying the Curiosity rover[64] 151
30 November 8, 2011 Langley Tweetup[65] Langley (LaRC)

Charles Harris, Director of Research, NASA Langley; Bruce Fisher, Flight Services; Mike Obland, Airborne Science; astronaut Susan Kilrain; Karen Whitley, Inflatable Lunar Habitat; Mary Beth Wusk, Hypersonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator; Amanda Cutright, Inflatable Reentry Vehicle Experiment; Roman Paryz, National Transonic Facility; Martin Annett, Landing Impact Research/Hydro Impact Basin Facility [66]

First tweetup at Langley, Orion capsule splash test 50
29 October 27, 2011[67] NPP satellite
(Delta II) Launch[68]
VAFB @NASANPP; NASA Astronaut Piers Sellers, the deputy director of the Sciences and Exploration Directorate at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland;
NPP Project Scientist Jim Gleason;
NPP Systems Manager Janice Smith;
NASA Launch Director Tim Dunn;
Scott Asbury, a senior program manager with Ball Aerospace & Technologies, Corp. in Boulder, Colorado.[67]
First tweetup at Vandenberg;[68]
First tweetup for a U.S. West coast launch;[67]
Launch of Earth-observing NPP satellite[68]
28 October 21, 2011 Wallops Tweetup[70] Wallops (WFF) Rebecca Powell, Dr. Joyce Winterton, Stephanie Schierholz-intro; Harold Cherrix, Ed Lagman, Rob Marshall, Cliff Murphy-NASA Sounding Rocket; Henry Cathey & Debbie Fairbrother-NASA Balloon Program; Sarah Daugherty-Range Control Center; Les Kovacs & Kate Campbell-Taurus II HIF (Orbital Sciences)
Bill Wrobel-Wallops Director
First tweetup at Wallops 50
27 October 14, 2011 SOFIA Telescope/Ames Tweetup[71] Ames (ARC) David Morse (@drmNASA); Dr. Pamela Marcum, SOFIA Project Scientist; Bill Thigpen, NASA Advanced Supercomputing; Steven Beard & Dean Giovannetti, Vertical Motion Simulator; Thomas Roellig, SOFIA Deputy Project Scientist; Roger Hunter, Kepler mission
Also: @SOFIATelescope
26 October 13, 2011 STS-135 Crew (Magnus & Ferguson)[72] NASA HQ Final Space Shuttle crew members Sandy Magnus (@Astro_Sandy) and Chris Ferguson (@Astro_Ferg) 150
25 September 7–8, 2011 GRAIL spacecraft (Delta II) Launch[73] KSC Neil deGrasse Tyson (@neiltyson), NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, Nichelle Nichols (@RealNichelle), Jim Adams (@NASAJim), Sally Ride Science (@SallyRideSci), @VeronicaMcG (@NASAJPL), Maria Zuber, @Doug_Ellison (@NASA_Eyes), @TrentPerotto[74] Launch of twin lunar-bound spacecraft 150
24 August 4–5, 2011 Juno spacecraft (Atlas V Launch)[75] KSC Bill Nye (@thescienceguy), @NASAJim, @VeronicaMcG (@NASAJPL), NASA Chief Scientist Waleed Abdalati, @TrentPerotto, @SteveMatousek, @Doug_Ellison (@NASA_Eyes), @CassiniSaturn, @NASA_LSP & Juno Science Team members[76] Launch of the Jupiter-bound Juno spacecraft 150
23 July 21, 2011 STS-135 Landing[77] KSC Final landing of the Space Shuttle 50
22 July 19, 2011 STS-135 Mission[78] JSC @Astro_Clay, @StationCDRKelly, @Carbon_Flight, @saroy, @mgrabois, @gnholt, @Astro_Ron (from space), NASA PAO Josh Byerly Space Shuttle ascent, rendezvous & landing simulators, as well as the Mission Control Center and the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility 30
21 July 7–8, 2011 STS-135 Launch[79] KSC Lori Garver (@Lori_Garver), Elmo, @Astro_Mike, @Astro_Wheels, @Phalanx, @ISS_NatlLab, Bill Gerstenmeier, Robert Crippen, @Astro_Ron (from space) Final launch of the Space Shuttle 152
20 June 6, 2011 JPL Tweetup[80] JPL Aquarius, GRAIL, Juno, Mars Science Laboratory / @MarsCuriosity, Dawn, @SOFIATelescope, @NASAJPL, @MarsRovers, @AsteroidWatch A few of the tweetup attendees were also invited to attend the June 8, 2011, SOFIA Telescope Media Day at Dryden Flight Research Center.[81] 120
19 Apr. 28-29, 2011
May 16, 2011
STS-134 Launch[82] KSC @Astro_Clay @Astro_Flow, Astronaut Ricky Arnold
NASA Chief Scientist, Waleed Abdalati
The Shuttle launch was delayed, but participants were invited back for its successful May launch attempt—the final flight of Space Shuttle Endeavour. 150
18 Mar. 19, 2011 Sun-Earth Day 2011[83][84] Goddard (GSFC)
Aleya Littleton, Vicky Portway (NASM)
Troy Cline, Michelle Thaller (GSFC)
NASA EDGE (live show broadcast)[85]
@SunEarthDay @NASA_SDO, @Camilla_SDO,
First tweetup at GSFC (see SDO is GO, #6 below) 100[86]
17 Mar. 16, 2011 @Astro_Wheels Tweetup[87] NASA HQ Expedition 25 Commander Doug Wheelock (@Astro_Wheels) "Wheels" was the first person to check-in in space, using Foursquare 100
16 Feb. 11, 2011 Ames Planet Hunters Ames (ARC) @worden, @NASAKepler, David Morrison, Director of the Carl Sagan Center at SETI, @SOFIAtelescope First tweetup at ARC 100
15 Nov. 10, 2010 STS-133 Mission JSC @Astro_Clay, @AstroRobonaut, Flight Director @Tungsten_Flight & PAO Rob Navias Although STS-133 was delayed, the tweetup went on as scheduled. 19
14 Oct. 31-Nov. 5, 2010
Feb. 24, 2011
STS-133 Launch KSC @Astro_Ron, @Astro_Soichi, @Astro_Flow, @Astro_Bones, Shannon Walker & @AstroRobonaut First extended tweetup
Discovery's launch was delayed, but participants were invited back for successful Feb. launch attempt—the final flight of Space Shuttle Discovery.
13 July 29, 2010 @Astro_TJ Tweetup NASA HQ Expedition 22/23 Flight Engineer & Science Officer, @Astro_TJ TJ was the first astronaut to send a live tweet from space (and set up the Station's live Internet) 100[88]
12 June 5, 2010 World Science Festival NYU's Kimmel Center @Astro_Flow, @Astro_Sandy, John C. Mather, Brian Greene 73
11 May 19, 2010 STS-132 Mission JSC @Astro_Ron (Answered Questions by Tweet), Talat Hussain (Boeing - Presented on TDRS), Ellen Ochoa, Deputy JSC Director and Former Astronaut, @Astro_Jeff 82
10 May 13–14, 2010 STS-132 Launch KSC @Bobby_Braun, @Lori_Garver, @Rocky_Sci, astronauts Dave Wolf & Janice Voss 2nd Tweetup at a Shuttle Atlantis launch 143
9 May 3, 2010 SDO First Light DC - Newseum Dean Pesnell, SDO project scientist, NASA GSFC
Madhulika Guhathakurta, SDO program scientist, NASA HQ[89][90]
Hosted by Goddard Space Flight Center. 16
8 April 18, 2010 Earth Day - 40th[91] DC - National Mall James Balog, Rob Simmon, Compton Tucker[92] 40
7 Feb 17, 2010 STS-130 Mission[93] JSC @Astro_Bones/@ZeroG_MD First tweetup at JSC 100[94]
6 Feb 11, 2010 "SDO is Go" Launch[95] KSC First launch tweetup for uncrewed vehicle
Organized by GSFC Aleya Littleton and Andy Wolt
A concurrent tweetup at Goddard was planned, but a large snow storm caused it to be cancelled. A group of Goddard invitees drove from Maryland to Florida to see the launch instead.[96]
35 (GSFC)
5 Nov 15-16, 2009 STS-129 Launch[98] KSC @Astro_Mike, Scott Kelly (@StationCDRKelly), Jon Cowart (@Rocky_Sci), @MarsPhoenix's @VeronicaMcG, Miles O'Brien, Wayne Hale First tweetup at KSC
First Shuttle launch tweetup
First 2-day event
4 Oct. 21, 2009 ISS Crew[100] NASA HQ @Astro_Nicole & @Astro_Jeff aboard ISS First tweetup featuring live downlink from ISS
Link with ISS was cut short due to a false alarm aboard Station during tweetup.[101]
3 Sept. 24, 2009 STS-127 Crew NASA HQ @Astro_127 & the rest of STS-127 crew 58
2 July 21, 2009 STS-125 Crew[102][103] NASA HQ @Astro_Mike & rest of STS-125 crew First tweetup at NASA HQ 120
1 Jan. 21, 2009 JPL Tweetup
JPL @MarsPhoenix's @VeronicaMcG First NASA tweetup
First tweetup at JPL

Other science/tech-related tweetups[edit]

# Date Event Location Official speakers Notes Attendees
20 January 25, 2014 Udvar-Hazy Open House Social[108] Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, Virginia TBA First Social at UHC 10
19 February 7, 2013 Canadian Space Agency Tweetup - A Day in the Life of Chris Hadfield aboard the ISS CSA HQ, Saint-Hubert, Quebec, Canada CSA astronauts @Cmdr_Hadfield and @Astro_Jeremy, engineers, scientists and experts Selected participants will take part in a live space to ground connection with Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield (@Cmdr_Hadfield) live from the ISS and hosted by astronaut Jeremy Hansen (@Astro_Jeremy). A special program will also be offered along with a visit of the facilities. This will be the 4th #CSATweetup. Up to 50
18 November 12, 2012 #MathAlive #SCTweetup with Space Camp & Raytheon[109] U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama TBA Unk
17 November 11, 2012 Raytheon's Veterans Day Tweetup[110] Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts TBA Raytheon's first tweetup in the USA. 20
16 September 14, 2012 DLR/ESA ILA Tweetup[111] ILA Berlin, Schönefeld, Germany DLR and ESA officials, engineers, scientists and ESA astronauts The DLR German Aerospace Center and ESA are again inviting 50 of their followers on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to a Tweetup at the ILA Berlin airshow in September. 2nd #SpaceTweetup. 50
15 August 6, 2012 Canadian Space Agency Tweetup[112] CSA HQ, Saint-Hubert, Quebec, Canada CSA officials, engineers, scientists and experts; CSA astronaut David Saint-Jacques (@Astro_DavidS) by videoconference; event hosted by Isabelle Tremblay, Senior Systems Engineer - CSA Lead Engineer for Phoenix Mars Lander and James Webb Space Telescope projects (@1sa6e11e) The Maple Leaf returns to Mars as NASA's Mars Curiosity lands on Mars with Canada's APXS instrument aboard. To highlight this historic event, the CSA is organising its 3rd #CSATweetup. 20
14 July 13, 2012 Raytheon's #meetRay Tweetup[113] Farnborough International Airshow in Hampshire, England TBA Raytheon's first tweetup. 50
13 Mar. 18 - 19, 2012 [1] CNES/ESA ATV Docking SpaceTweetup[114] CNES/CST - Centre spatial de Toulouse ESA & CNES mission operations experts, ESA ATV programme managers and (potentially) an ESA astronaut The first joint ESA-CNES SpaceTweetup Up to 60
12 Jan. 26 - 27, 2012 [2] Space Camp Tweetup 3[115] U.S. Space Camp "A Smile as Big as the Moon" author Mike Kersjes and US Space & Rocket Ctr's CEO Dr. Deborah Barnhart. Space Camp's third #SCTweetup featured SCUBA diving, two motion SIMS, Shuttle flight SIM and Red Carpet movie premiere for #SmileMovie. Images: 16
11 October 11, 2011 #EndeavourLA Launch Tweetup[116] California Science Center Astronaut Mark Kelly (@ShuttleCDRKelly) and the STS-134 crew. 50
10 October 9, 2011 SpaceTweetup in the Netherlands[117] ESTEC Franco Ongaro, Director of ESA's Technology Center ESTEC, astronaut Christer Fuglesang (@CFuglesang) ~25
9 September 22, 2011 CNES Ariane VA204 Launch Tweetup[118] CNES, Évry, France Meet people in launcher management and secondary launch control center Witness Ariane 5 flight VA204 launch from Le Kourou, from the Launcher Center in Évry, near Paris 14
8 September 18, 2011 DLR & ESA First European Space Tweetup[119] DLR site Cologne /ESA European Astronaut Center, Cologne, Germany Mike Fincke Greg Chamitoff Greg Johnson Paolo A.Nespoli Catherine Coleman Paolo Ferri, Alexander Soucek, Bob Meyer, Alois Himmes, Ed Trollope, Stephanie Schierholz, Beth Beck, Luca Parmitano, Alexander Gerst, Samantha Cristoforetti, Thomas Reiter, Jan Wörner, Michel Tognini See the SpaceTweetup wiki for details 60
7 September 8, 2011 ATK #DM3 rocket ground test Tweetup Promontory, Utah, USA Alliant Techsystems Witness rocket ground test at ATK in Utah ~25
6 July 8, 2011 Canadian Space Agency Tweetup for the launch of STS-135[120] CSA HQ, Saint-Hubert, Quebec, Canada Canadian Astronauts @Cmdr_Hadfield, @Astro_Jeremy, Julie Payette, @Astro_DavidS, Robert Thirsk and @AstroDaveMD; CSA officials @alainbb, Benoît Marcotte Participants attended a launch event with CSA employees and media representatives hosted by astronauts Jeremy Hansen and David Saint-Jacques. Other Canadian astronauts joined the event live from KSC. Tweeps were also treated to a private meeting with Hansen and Saint-Jacques as well as a tour of the facilities. 32
5 June 18, 2011 National Air & Space Museum's Be a Pilot Day Tweetup[121] NASM Udvar Hazy Center Jack Dailey, NASM Director
4 June 2–3, 2011 Space Camp Tweetup[123][124] Space Camp & MSFC @SpaceCampUSA, Astronaut Hoot Gibson, Tim Pickens Organized by U.S. Space Camp and the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, rather than NASA. 13[125]
3 May 13, 2011 Canadian Space Agency Tweetup[126] - Launch of the Living in Space Exhibition Canada Aviation and Space Museum, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Canadian Astronauts @Cmdr_Hadfield, @Astro_Jeremy, Steve MacLean (CSA President), @Astro_DavidS and Robert Thirsk Q&A Session with students and tweeps 20
2 Oct 27, 2010 Tour & Tweet Goddard Space Flight Center Dr. James B. Garvin, Chief Scientist Included tour of spacecraft testing facilities and earth sciences visualization lab [3] 12
1 Sep 18, 2010 International Observe the Moon Night Goddard Space Flight Center Included tour of rocket garden, multimedia events, guest lectures and moon viewings. Bonus trip included visit to Laser Ranging Facility. #InOMN2010 20


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