North Gloucestershire Railway

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Coordinates: 51°59′20″N 1°55′44″W / 51.989°N 1.929°W / 51.989; -1.929

North Gloucestershire Railway
Jung Locomotive Justine on shed
Locale England
Terminus Toddington
Commercial operations
Name North Gloucestershire Narrow Gauge Railway
Original gauge 2 ft (610 mm)
Preserved operations
Stations 2
Length 1/2 mile
Preserved gauge 2 ft (610 mm)
Preservation history

The North Gloucestershire Railway (NGR) is a 2 ft (610 mm) narrow gauge railway running alongside the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway at Toddington. It was built in 1985 when the Dowty Railway Preservation Society needed a new home for its collection of narrow gauge rolling stock. The rail used on the railway was purchased from the Southend Pier Railway.


Name Builder Type Notes
Chaka’s Kraal No. 6 [1] Hunslet 0-4-2T Undergoing a major firebox repair
Justine Jung 0-4-0WT Operational
№ 1091 Henschel 0-8-0T Operational, visiting LBLR[2]
Hunslet 4wDH Operational
Ruston and Hornsby 4wDM Operational
Ruston and Hornsby 4wDM Operational
Lister 4wDM Operational
Motor Rail 4wPM Operational


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