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Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, more commonly referred to as Rhode Island (About this sound /roʊd ˈaɪlɨnd/ ), is a state in the New England region of the United States. It is the smallest U.S. state by area. Rhode Island borders Connecticut to the west and Massachusetts to the north and east. Rhode Island also shares a water border with New York's Long Island to the southwest. Despite being called Rhode Island in common usage most of the state is on the continental mainland. The name Rhode Island derives from the colonial-era name for what is now known as Aquidneck Island, which now comprises the city of Newport and the towns of Middletown and Portsmouth, the largest of several islands in Narragansett Bay. Rhode Island was the first of the thirteen original colonies to declare independence from British rule and the last to ratify the United States Constitution. Rhode Island's official nickname is "The Ocean State", a reference to state's geography, as nearly one tenth of Rhode Island's inland area is covered by salt water. In addition, no area of the state is more than a thirty-minute drive from the water's edge (under normal traffic conditions). Unofficially, and in other parts of the country, Rhode Island is referred to as Little Rhody.


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Eastbound Rhode Island Route 403 in North Kingstown, Rhode Island
Rhode Island Route 403 also known as the Quonset Freeway, is a numbered state highway located in Washington County and Kent County, Rhode Island, United States. The route is a nominally east–west limited-access freeway for its entire length. A spur of Rhode Island Route 4, Route 403 serves Davisville and the Quonset Business Park, providing freeway access to Interstate 95 and the northern Providence metropolitan area from the industrial zone. The western terminus of the freeway is at a trumpet interchange with Route 4 in East Greenwich. The route has three unnumbered interchanges along its 4.5-mile (7.2 km) length, including a junction with U.S. Route 1 in North Kingstown, before terminating at an at-grade intersection with Roger Williams Way and Commerce Park Road in Quonset. Route 403 is the highest numbered route in Rhode Island. Prior to 2006, Route 403 was a narrow, two-lane road through Davisville. The western terminus of the route was at an interchange with Route 4 and Rhode Island Route 402 in East Greenwich, and the eastern terminus was at U.S. Route 1 in North Kingstown.

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To me Newport could never be a place charming by reason of its own charm. That it is a very pleasant place when it is full of people, and the people are in spirits and happy, I do not doubt. But then the visitors would bring, as far as I am concerned, the pleasantness with them.

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Claiborne Pell Newport Bridge, also known as the Nerport Bridge, spanning the Narragansett Bay
Credit: User:ReneS
Claiborne Pell Newport Bridge, also known as the Nerport Bridge, spanning the Narragansett Bay


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