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Who are you?[edit]

A wise man once said, I'm just this guy, you know?

Why I, JethroBT?[edit]

My name is Jethro. It was a nickname given to me by some friends of mine who liked this rock band with a flautist. Jethrobot was inspired by the same group of friends after watching the movie I, Robot (film). In the weird way that nicknames tend to stick and how their recipients have no control over this, the name Jethrobot stuck. And so it was I, Jethrobot. I modified the -bot to -BT because "bot" might cause new users to think I'm not a real boy. The BT doesn't stand for anything particular.

Why Wikipedia? & editing history[edit]

I joined Wikipedia on Sunday, August 13th in 2006, though I did edit anonymously before that. I made an account when I decided to make additions and load the cover art for the game Dragon Quest Yangus. I was also disappointed at the lack of content on Game Boy circa 2006, so I tried to improve it as best I could. I still continue to make small improvements.

I didn't edit between 2007-2011 (because I forgot my password); I think I made a handful of minor, anonymous contributions under IPs, though I no longer remember them. When I came back in 2011, I was curious about deletion; I knew it was easy to create content on Wikipedia, but didn't know much about how it was removed. So, I started spending my time watching and participating in Articles for deletion discussions and reading up on this.

You'll notice some breaks in my edit history if you check it out. I took these breaks because I was in graduate school where I prioritized my research and work over other interests. I finished with school in 2013, which allowed me to focus more of my time here.

What I do[edit]

I write some articles, but I take a lot more interest in these activities:

I'm also broadly interested in retaining editors, both new and old. It's a good life!

Articles I have created[edit]

Articles I have worked hard on and made them pretty OK[edit]

  • Game Boy - Added a lot of technical information, initial release information, and have just generally cleaned up the page since 2006. I still keep an eye on it.
  • Leon Daniel - Vietnam War and US Civil Rights Movement reporter with UPI. Saved from its AfD. And have vastly improved. This page is some of my best work, and I feel very proud of it as an editor.
  • Veet - Hair removal product and chemical depilatory. Also has an interesting history. I even found a few old ads that were pretty funny to read that I've included as sources. Saved from its AfD.
  • Dog camp - Helped find sources during the AfD to keep this concept afloat that was, at first, considered a hoax. I helped with clean-up, but most of that was done by Tomwsulcer.
  • Steaz - Well, it certainly looked like this page was going to get deleted at first, until I stumbled upon some sources. Now, it's looking pretty good!
  • Heroes in Hell (and other books in the series) - Major clean-up due to some COI- and notability-related issues.
  • Edward Francis Anhalt - A community organizer in Milwaukee, and probably one of the most challenging articles I've had in the face of an AfD.
  • Engineering psychology - Mostly got involved in this one during its AfD. I initially thought it should be deleted, but I ended up cleaning it up and making fixes during the AfD and after it was kept.
  • Benjamin Moore & Co. - Kind of looked like a copyvio at first, but wasn't. This isn't a particularly long article, but the company received some coverage and several awards for its paint products, so I added in content to reflect these findings.
  • Did you know Merz Apothecary - Started as a stub, and found some decent sources about its history to flesh out the article a bit more.
  • Saint Maighneann - Initially speedily deleted as a copyvio, but I encouraged and worked with another editor to rewrite it and flesh it out a bit more.
  • Good article Taiko - Just an article that needed lots of improvement, like having nearly zero citations for instance.
  • Contra dance - Folk dancing tradition descended from French/English dances. Easy to learn, and lots of fun (I've been dancing since 2008!)
  • Kodo (taiko group) - Easily the most recognizable taiko group worldwide.
  • Did you know John C. McManus - Military historian and author, often writing in a narrative style.
  • Did you know John Robinson (aviator) - Black aviator responsible for opening up piloting opportunities for African-Americans in the United States.
  • Black-and-gray - Type of tattooing style.

An essay I started[edit]

Good Article nominations that I have reviewed[edit]

RfA discussion[edit]

RfA candidate S O N S% Ending (UTC) Time left Dups? Report
RfB candidate S O N S% Ending (UTC) Time left Dups? Report

No RfXs since 07:23, 11 October 2014 (UTC).—cyberbot I NotifyOnline

The best things ever (at the moment)[edit]

I like these things that Wikipedians have said (at least in part)[edit]

  • [1] - On edit counts and RfAs, from Coffee (talk · contribs)
  • [2] Some words from Drmies (talk · contribs) on a lot of stuff, like curbing your enthusiasm, though I don't care so much for the old vs. young stuff.
  • [3] A Teahouse question prompts an thoughtful and respectful answer from Demiurge1000 (talk · contribs)-- this is where they make you "read", not where they make you "real."
  • [4] A new editor has this to say after being feeling pushed away by warnings and incorrect reverts identified as vandalism to her contributions. We all need to be careful of being BITEy.
  • [5] Iryna Harpy (talk · contribs) comments on how in their (and definitely my) childhood, Wikipedia is the blow-your-mind kind of futuristic stuff we dreamed about: "the stuff of science fiction", she says. I definitely agree.
  • [6] [7] This exchange between Jimbo Wales and Robert McClenon about acknowledging that our community tolerates incivility, and considerations on what we might do about it.

COI declarations[edit]

I have worked at or been closely affiliated with the following institutions / companies and will never edit these articles for any reason:

AfD matters[edit]

AfD Pages I find Hilarious[edit]