Áo bà ba

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Mekong Delta woman with áo bà ba
a woman in Áo bà ba

Áo bà ba (or Vietnamese silk pajamas) is a traditional Vietnamese costume. It is most associated with southern Vietnam, especially in rural areas.

Áo bà ba are usually worn with silk or satin pants, usually white or black, with a conical hat and bandanna, featuring the southern region of Vietnam.


The garment's simplicity and versatility has contributed to its popularity, as it is used by an overwhelming amount of the population, whether in rural or urban areas. It can be worn while laboring or lounging.

Modern versions allow countless different designs, colors, and embroidery, which have allowed the costume's transition into modern Vietnamese fashion as well.

All of this makes it easy to explain the costume's natural presence in almost every aspect of Vietnamese life.

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