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This article is about Japanese song by Dir En Grey. For "I Will", see contraction (grammar). For manga, see I'll (manga).
Single by Dir En Grey
Released August 12, 1998
Recorded Cheers Studio
B-1 Studio
Genre Alternative rock, pop rock
Length 9:00
Label Free-Will (FWR-005)
Producer(s) Dir En Grey
Dir En Grey singles chronology
"Akuro no Oka"

"-I'll-" is a single released by Dir En Grey on August 12, 1998. The video of the title track would later be featured on the Mousou Toukakugeki VHS. The ephonym song is featured as the opening theme of the 'Urayasu Radical Family' anime series.[1][2]

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Kyo

No. Title Music Length
1. "-I'll-"   Dir En Grey 4:31
2. "Toriko" () Shinya 4:29




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