2005 World Championships in Athletics – Women's high jump

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Events at the
2005 World Championships
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400 m men women
800 m men women
1500 m men women
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The Women's High Jump event at the 2005 World Championships in Athletics was held at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium on August 6 and August 8.


Gold Sweden Kajsa Bergqvist
Sweden (SWE)
Silver United States Chaunte Howard
United States (USA)
Bronze Sweden Emma Green
Sweden (SWE)


World Record  Stefka Kostadinova (BUL) 2.09 m Rome, Italy 30 August 1987
Championship Record  Stefka Kostadinova (BUL) 2.09 m Rome, Italy 30 August 1987


Heat 1[edit]

1. Flag of Russia.svg Anna Chicherova, Russia 1.93m q
2. Flag of Ukraine.svg Iryna Mykhalchenko, Ukraine 1.93m q
2. Flag of the United States.svg Chaunte Howard, United States 1.93m q
4. Flag of Sweden.svg Emma Green, Sweden 1.91m q
4. Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Iva Straková, Czech Republic 1.91m q
4. Flag of Ukraine.svg Viktoriya Styopina, Ukraine 1.91m q
7. Flag of Switzerland.svg Corinne Müller, Switzerland 1.91m
8. Flag of France.svg Melanie Skotnik, France 1.88m
8. Flag of Spain.svg Marta Mendía, Spain 1.88m
10. Flag of Moldova.svg Inna Gliznutsa, Moldova 1.84m
11. Flag of Colombia.svg Caterine Ibargüen, Colombia 1.84m
12. Flag of Romania.svg Monica Iagar, Romania 1.84m
13. Flag of Finland.svg Hanna Mikkonen, Finland 1.80m

Heat 2[edit]

1. Flag of Ukraine.svg Viktoriya Palamar, Ukraine 1.93m Q
2. Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Tia Hellebaut, Belgium 1.93m Q (SB)
3. Flag of Hungary.svg Dóra Győrffy, Hungary 1.91m q
3. Flag of Sweden.svg Kajsa Bergqvist, Sweden 1.91m q
5. Flag of Bulgaria.svg Venelina Veneva, Bulgaria 1.91m q
6. Flag of the United States.svg Amy Acuff, United States 1.91m q
7. Flag of Romania.svg Oana Pantelimon, Romania 1.91m
8. Flag of the United States.svg Erin Aldrich, United States 1.88m
9. Flag of Russia.svg Tatyana Kivimyagi, Russia 1.88m
10. Flag of Spain.svg Ruth Beitia, Spain 1.88m
10. Flag of Croatia.svg Blanka Vlašić, Croatia 1.88m
12. Flag of Saint Lucia.svg Levern Spencer, Saint Lucia 1.84m
13. Flag of Mexico.svg Romary Rifka, Mexico 1.84m (SB)
14. Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg Xingjuan Zheng, China 1.84m
15. Flag of the Dominican Republic.svg Juana Arrendel, Dominican Republic 1.80m



Rank Name Nationality 1.80 1.85 1.89 1.93 1.96 1.98 2.00 2.02 2.10 Result Notes
1st, gold medalist(s) Kajsa Bergqvist  Sweden o o o o o xo o xxx 2.02 WL
2nd, silver medalist(s) Chaunte Lowe  United States o o o o xo xo xxo xxx 2.00 =PB
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Emma Green  Sweden o o o xo xo xxx 1.96 PB
4 Anna Chicherova  Russia o o o o xxo xxx 1.96
5 Vita Palamar  Ukraine o o o xxx 1.93
6 Tia Hellebaut  Belgium o o xxo o xxx 1.93 SB
7 Vita Styopina  Ukraine o o o xxo xxx 1.93 SB
8 Amy Acuff  United States o xo o xxx 1.89
9 Dora Györffy  Hungary o o xxo xxx 1.89
10 Venelina Veneva-Mateeva  Bulgaria o o xxx 1.85
11 Iva Strakova  Czech Republic xo o xxx 1.85
12 Iryna Mykhalchenko  Ukraine o xo xxx 1.85

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