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Five people in different-colored costumes, striking a pose
The Abarangers: (from left to right) Abare Black, Abare Blue, Aba Red, Abare Yellow, Abare Killer.

The Abarangers (アバレンジャー, Abarenjā) are fictional protagonists in the Super Sentai series Bakuryū Sentai Abaranger. They use a type of spiritual energy, Dino Guts, to draw power from their Bakuryū partners and transform themselves. Each member can shift into Abare Mode, with the diamond pattern on their costume changing to a blade.

The Abarangers[edit]

Ryoga Hakua[edit]

Ryoga Hakua (伯亜 凌駕, Hakua Ryōga), who fights as Aba Red (アバレッド, Aba Reddo), is a 22-year-old environmental protection investigator from the United States who is the leader of the Abarangers and lives in Nagoya. He is brash, good-natured and warm-hearted. Ryoga becomes his niece Mai's guardian after the deaths of his brother and sister-in-law, and does his best to raise her. He becomes Abare Max (アバレマックス, Abare Makkusu), with a deeper voice, when Asuka completes the StyRiser. Ryoga's Bakuryū partners are Tyranno and Styraco. In the finale, he tours the United States with Mai. In Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters: The Great Dinosaur Battle! Farewell Our Eternal Friends, Ryoga is kidnapped by Neo-Geilton for his Dino Hope to be given to Voldos. He is rescued by the Kyoryugers, and he and the team collaborate with the other dinosaur Super Sentai teams to defeat their common enemy. Ryoga's surname derives from Hakuaki (白亜紀), Japanese for "Cretaceous", and he is played by Koichiro Nishi (西 興一朗, Nishi Kōichirō).

Yukito Sanjyo[edit]

Yukito Sanjyo (三条 幸人, Sanjō Yukito), who fights as Abare Blue (アバレブルー, Abare Burū), is a 21-year-old chiropractor from Sapporo and the group's anti-hero. Yukito will help anyone for a price. He asks Asuka for 400 million Yen to assume his role as Abare Blue; Asuka promises to pay it, to Yukito's surprise. His Bakuryū partner is Tricera. Yukito seems cold, but is kindhearted (despite never fully revealing his feelings). He moves into the Dino House with the others to avoid commuting from his home. Yukito is also known to have a lot of connections as he is able to enlist the aid of government agents to help him such as having them investigate Mikoto Nakadai's past so Yukito could find something they could use to help save him. Yukito's anti-social personality is rooted in his past, when his father tried to prepare Yukito to succeed him as head of the Sanjyo Corporation. Yukito was forced to study hard, and was not allowed to have friends. Their father-son relationship was destroyed when his father paid his girlfriend's family to move when Yukito was in junior high school. He never forgave his father for that; although he claimed to hate him, he really hated himself for a long time. In the finale, Yukito returns to chiropractic with Emiri as his secretary. In Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger vs. Abaranger, the Abarangers convince the S.P.D. Earth Branch to work with them after Yukito uses his chiropractic skills to fix Doggie Kruger's back problem. In Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, while Yukito helped the Gokaigers assume his part of the team's Great Power he married Emiri. In Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters: The Great Dinosaur Battle! Farewell Our Eternal Friends, Yukito offers to help return the Kyoryugers to the present by infusing his Dino Guts into the Abaranger Zyudenchi developed by Yayoi Ulshade. Yukito's surname is loosely derived from Sanjōki (三畳紀), Japanese for "Triassic". He is played by Sho Tomita (富田 翔, Tomita Shō).

Ranru Itsuki[edit]

Ranru Itsuki (樹 らんる, Itsuki Ranru), who fights as Abare Yellow (アバレイエロー, Abare Ierō), is a 20-year-old technology whiz from Fukuoka who owns a Birdy BD-1 folding bicycle she nicknamed "Birdie" (バーディ, Bādi). All she wants is peace. Although she trained to be a model, she disliked it and left to work in mechanics. Ranru is interested in anything mechanical and can build her own devices. Although she used to hate nattō, she overcame her aversion to it during a battle with a Trinoid. Ranru carries a small camera, photographing the enemy in mid-battle to formulate a strategy of how to defeat them. Her back sometimes itches, and she asks others to scratch it for her. Ranru's Bakuryū partner is Ptera, and in the finale she goes to work at a racetrack. Her surname is loosely derived from Juraki (ジュラ紀), Japanese for "Jurassic" (the kanji for Itsuki can also be read as "Ju"). Ranru is played by Aiko Itō (いとう あいこ, Itō Aiko).


Asuka (アスカ), who fights as Abare Black (アバレブラック, Abare Burakku), is a warrior from Dino Earth with a tragic past as the last of a people who fought the Evoliens and escaped to Earth. He brought the Dino Braces and gave them to the Abarangers. When he arrived, the Dino Harp was damaged and he was unable to transform. After it was restored, Asuka lost his first battles, since he could not use his Dino Guts correctly until his sense of justice awakened. He is melancholy and fastidious, with high expectations which are often disappointed. Asuka has great power, defeating a Giganoid and an upgraded Killer Ghost on his own. However, due to his gentle nature he often holds back during battles. On Another Earth, he called himself Asuka Ohno (大野 飛鳥, Ōno Asuka). His Bakuryū partner is Brachio.

In the finale, Asuka and Mahoro name their child Mikoto (after Abare Killer) and they return to Dino Earth with the Bakuryū. Later, a family resembling Asuka, Mahoro and Lije arrive at Dino House. In Dekaranger vs. Abaranger, Asuka was brought back to Earth by his daughter's power to help the gang, and he rescued Ryoga and Ban/DekaRed from Kazak before they joined the others. He appeared in GoGo Sentai Boukenger vs. Super Sentai with Brachio and his second child. Asuka, Tetsu, Tsubasa and Nanami helped Eiji in his battle with Chronos; Asuka transferred his "Passionate Spirit" power to Aka Red to power DaiVoyager. He is played by Kaoru Abe (阿部 薫, Abe Kaoru).

Mikoto Nakadai[edit]

Mikoto Nakadai (仲代 壬琴, Nakadai Mikoto, 18-48) is a doctor who was bored with life until the Bakuryū attacked his city under Evolien influence, caring for the injured Ryoga in the aftermath. His excitement waned when the Abarangers arrived and made the Bakuryū "dull goodies". After the destruction of the Anomalogaris, Mikoto found the prototype transformation device (Dino Minder) and TopGaler's Bakuryū egg. Mikoto left medicine to begin his "game". Until his formal introduction, he observed the Abarangers while mastering the Dino Minder. Concluding that it would be more fun to fight the heroes, Mikoto named himself Abare Killer (アバレキラー, Abare Kirā). However, the Abare Killer suit is a flawed prototype of the other Abaranger suits; it has a self-destruct mechanism capable of destroying an entire country. Mikoto apparently does not care about putting others' lives at risk, seeing it as an incentive to stay alive in his game. He fought the Abarangers, using their stolen energy to revive his partner TopGaler before recruiting Stego to their cause.

Mikoto later assumes leadership of the villains at Lije's request. However, after fighting the Killer Giganoid with the Abarangers it was revealed that the other half of Dezumozorlya (former leader of the Evoliens) has lived in him since childhood; it possesses him at times, triggering violent tendencies. Angry for being someone else's pawn, Mikoto decided to refocus his game on the Evoliens. It was also revealed that his suit had not yet exploded because the Dezumozorlya in him feeds his body energy, keeping it above a level that would trigger an explosion. Mikoto briefly joins the Abaranger before expelling Dezumozorlya. Freed of the Dezumozorlya, Mikoto begins to bleed and he is brought to the atmosphere by TopGaler (who promises to stay with him until they both explode).

In Dekaranger vs. Abaranger, Trinoid #0: Saunaginnan was going to use its power to revive "the most powerful being in hell" (which it believed to be Dezumozorlya). However, the ceremony revived Mikoto instead since he was the one who had died. Mikoto remained to help the Abaranger and Dekaranger to kill the Trinoid, allowing him to return to the afterlife. As he vanished, Mikoto tells Asuka to give his daughter his regards. His surname is loosely derived from Chūseidai (中生代), Japanese for "Mesozoic". Mikoto is played by Koutaro Tanaka (田中 幸太朗, Tanaka Kōtarō) as an adult and by Shotaro Okada (岡田 尚太朗, Okada Shōtarō) as a child.



Emiri Imanaka (今中 笑里, Imanaka Emiri), nicknamed "Emi-pon", is a high school student. When the Bakuryū came to earth, Emiri heard their call and nearly became Abare Yellow. Although her body could not support the transformation, Emiri contributes to the team by suggesting names; she named Bakuryū Sentai Abaranger, Abare Max and Senpuu Gourai AbarenOh when the other heroes donated their Dino Guts to AbarenOh in Abaranger vs. Hurricaneger. She eventually becomes an Abaranger, called Abare Pink (アバレピンク, Abare Pinku) (or "Abare Pig", as Yukito calls her), after Tensaichic's defeat. Voffa tried to turn Emiri into Giganoid #6: Giant (ギガノイド第6番 巨人, Giganoido Dai Rokuban Kyojin) in episode 24. Emiri later creates a short-lived Abare Pink suit (without powers) to convince her parents to let her stay at Dino House. In the finale, Emiri accepts an internship at Yukito's company; she is seen working as a chiropractor in Dekaranger vs. Abaranger, and a relationship with Yukito is implied. She is played by Michi Nishijima (西島 未智, Nishijima Michi).


Ryunosuke Sugishita (杉下 竜之介, Sugishita Ryūnosuke) runs a curry restaurant: Dino House (恐竜や, Kyōryū-ya), the Abarangers' base of operations. When the Bakuryū first came to Earth Sugishita heard their call, nearly becoming Abare Blue; however, his body could not support the transformation. Kind and supportive, he advises and assists the team whenever possible. After the fight with the Evoliens, Sugishita's curry business became successful. Although in Dekaranger vs. Abaranger he becomes wealthy and opens a worldwide chain of Dino House curry restaurants, he loses them to Yatsudenwani. Dino House is a recurring element of some Vs movies; characters from Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger to Engine Sentai Go-onger have met through Ryunosuke and the restaurant. Emiri nicknames him "Suke-san", and he is played by the late Kouen Okumura (奥村 公延, Okumura Kōen).


Mai Hakua (伯亜 舞, Hakua Mai) is Ryoga's five-year-old niece. His brother and sister-in-law died in a car crash, leaving her in his care. Mai thinks of Ryoga as a father, and cheers him on when he fights as Aba Red. Beginning at the end of episode 39, Rije's spirit (a mysterious girl) chooses Mai as the only one to see her. In episode 41, a virus transforms humans (including Mai) into Barmia. The mysterious girl warns the Abarangers that the Barmia are Mai's friends, and she is cured when her Dino Guts awaken when she cheers for the Abarangers after seeing Ryoga and the others in danger from the Barmia. After the end of the series, Mai stays in California with Ryoga. She is played by Maya Banno (坂野 真弥, Banno Maya).


Mr. Yokota (横田さん, Yokota-san), a regular customer at Dino House, is played by Taro Suwa (諏訪 太朗, Suwa Tarō).


Trinoid #12: Yatsudenwani (トリノイド第12号 ヤツデンワニ, Torinoido Dai Jūnigō Yatsudenwani, 18, 21-Dekaranger vs. Abaranger): Yatsude (Japanese Fatsia, plus "telephone" and "crocodile") is a powerful Trinoid who was apparently killed by Abare Killer before he could do any harm. He was actually captured and forced to be Mikoto's manservant, a disgrace to his "father" Mikela. To redeem himself he captures the other Abarangers, developing a crush on Ranru and stalking her by telephone. However, after the Killer Giganoid incident Yatsudenwani joined Dino House as a staff member. In #44, Yatsudenwani uses TeleCroco Dream to put the Abarangers into a deep sleep (until they wake up and retaliate with Super Dino Bomber); the episode was the Trinoid's bad dream. Yatsudenwani chooses to stay on Earth; in Dekaranger vs. Abaranger he is CEO of Dino House, and has an artifact capable of resurrecting Dezumozorya. He is voiced by Kyōsei Tsukui (津久井 教生, Tsukui Kyōsei).


Mahoro (マホロ) is Asuka's love interest from Dino Earth. When she and her brother enter the Garden Palace to end the fighting they are captured by Dezumozorya, who shows her that Asuka "abandoned" them before using her to create Lije. Mahoro discards her name, becoming Destruction Messenger Jeanne (fixated on killing Asuka for betraying her). After killing Geilton, she uses the Cursed Armor and is haunted by the past (thanks to the mysterious girl). After the Anomalogaris explosion, Jeanne is restored to her original self because of Asuka's sacrifice in again wearing the Cursed Armor. Although the Abarangers find her and know who she is, Mahoro had lost her memory; she works in the Dino House until her memory returns, after she learns that Asuka has the Cursed Armor (which forced her to assume her Evolien identity to free him). Mahoro secretly helps the Abarangers until Dezumozorya learns about her treachery. She finally relinquishes her guilt and returns with Asuka to Dino Earth to begin their lives anew, returning to Earth at the end of Dekaranger vs. Abaranger to join the party. Mahoro is played by Eri Sakurai (桜井 映里, Sakurai Eri).

Mysterious girl[edit]

The mysterious girl (謎の少女, Nazo no Shōjo) is the "other side" of Lije (the only part unaffected by Dezumozorya), and she occasionally leaves Lije's body to stop fights between Asuka and Mahoro. When Lije becomes Lijewel she goes to Dino House, befriending Mai after she uses her to maintain her existence. The mysterious girl later becomes Lijewel to purge Dezumozorya, causing them to regress into infancy. The infant, renamed Mikoto for Mikoto Nakadai, still has Lije's ability to travel between worlds. She returns to Earth at the end of Dekaranger vs. Abaranger and Boukenger vs Super Sentai with her father. The mysterious girl is played by Kasumi Suzuki (鈴木 かすみ, Suzuki Kasumi).


When Princess Freezia (王女フリージア, Ōjo Furījia, Movie) appears in front of Ryoga at the gang's beach party, Hanabikinikibeenus drops from the sky to capture her. According to the Dragon People in Dino Earth, a mythical princess guards two evil Bakuryū on an Arctic island and Asuka is surprised that the legend is true. The BakuLaser has been broken in half, with one half excavated by humans and stored in a museum; Ryoga and Freezia steal it. Freezia (Garuvidi in disguise) uses her Dino Guts to repair it and brings it to visit the Bakuryū; the real Freezia was trapped in the BakuLaser. Although she likes Ryoga, after commending the Abaranger for their bravery she leaves with the BakuLaser. Freezia is played by Minako Komukai (小向 美奈子, Komukai Minako).


A wise man, Akgul (賢者アクガル, Kenja Akugaru, Movie), told the children (including Asuka) about two blue Bakuryū 15 years earlier. He is played by Naoya Makoto (誠 直也, Makoto Naoya), who previously played Tsuyoshi Kaijou in Himitsu Sentai Goranger.


Although they are not allied with the Abarangers, at the end of the final episode a couple (who resemble Mikoto Nakadai and Lijewel) and a family (resembling Asuka, Mahoro and Lije) visit the Dino House while everyone reminisces during the Abare reunion six months after Dezumozorya's defeat. The five people have the same names as their lookalikes (as noted by Yatsudenwani), but have slightly different personalities and wear the colors of AbareKiller and AbareBlack to represent their absent counterparts.

Other Super Sentai groups[edit]

  • Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger: Meet up in the Abaranger vs. Hurricaneger movie to fight the Space Ninja Iga. First, the Abarangers found Yousuke Shiina fighting Wendinu and Furabiijo, enemies of the Hurricanegers. When the Hurricanegers presumably defeated them, they fell into a warp hole that transferred them into the Evolien castle. They had joined the Evoliens. Even though the Hurricanegers and Abarangers had trouble adjusting to this sudden event at first, eventually they collaborated to fight off the enemies.
  • Lightning Speed Gouraiger: Allies of the Hurricaneger.
  • Sky Ninja Shurikenger: Thought to be dead near the Hurricaneger finale, Shurikenger, along with Revolver Mammoth, briefly return to help the Abarangers, Hurricanegers and Gouraigers in battling Jakanja and the Evoliens.
  • Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger: Meet up in the Dekaranger vs. Abaranger movie to fight an Alienizer's attempt to resurrect Dezumozorya. In the beginning, Ryoga, Yukito, and Ranru were arrested by the Dekarangers for attacking the city, but they later found out that they were after an Alienizer who was trying to revive Dezumozorya.


  • Dino Braces (ダイノブレス, Daino Buresu): The transformation device of the three core Abarangers. The Dino Plates (ダイノプレート, Daino Purēto) attached to them are models of the Bakuryū's heads and speak for the Bakuryū. The transformation call is "Bakuryū Change!" (爆竜チェンジ!, Bakuryū Chenji!). Ranru's Dino Brace has the Search Beam (サーチビーム, Sāchi Bīmu) and the Dino Laser (ダイノレイザー, Daino Reizā). Upon transforming into Abare Max, Aba Red's Dino Brace is changed to a golden color.
  • Attack Bandit Resistance Suit (アタック・バンテッド・レジスタンス・スーツ, Atakku Bantetto Rejisutansu Sūtsu): The Abarangers' suits, which are impervious to bullets, radiation and heat, and absorb ninety percent of the damage if hit by a missile. Abare Killer's suit, the 0 Suit (0号スーツ, Zerogō Sūtsu), is the prototype of the Attack Bandit Resistance Suits. The #0 Suit is also a time-bomb, with enough power to take Tokyo along with it.
    • Abare Mode (アバレモード, Abare Mōdo): An upgrade for the Abarangers, in which their suit markings pop out as armor plating along with spikes that appear out of their boots when they are in battle. Their helmets' visors roars when Abare Mode is activated. Abare Yellow's Abare Mode gives her wings as well, but later in the show she stops using them.
    • Dino Guts (ダイノガッツ, Daino Gattsu): From genesis, the ground has been concealed with spiritual energy. This power has raised to a greater extent in the process of evolution. Creatures such as the Bakuryū have reached the point of evolution that they can attach the powerful spiritual energy wave to themselves. It can be triggered when its user has great courage.
  • AbaLasers (アバレイザー, Abareizā): The side-arms of the core three Abarangers. In Gun Mode (ガンモード, Gan Mōdo), it discharges an energy bullet which can penetrate a concrete 1 m thick. In Sword Mode (ソードモード, Sōdo Mōdo), it can slice a 50 cm iron prop.
  • Tyranno Rod (ティラノロッド, Tirano Roddo): Aba Red's personal weapon, attacks with the Tyranno Hurricane Attack (ティラノハリケーンアタック, Tirano Harikēn Atakku) and the Tyranno Rod Circle Moon (ティラノロッドサークルムーン, Tirano Roddo Sākuru Mūn).
  • Tricera Bunker (トリケラバンカー, Torikera Bankā): Abare Blue's personal weapon, attacks with the Blue Slash (ブルースラッシュ, Burū Surasshu) and the Tricera Rolling Finish (トリケラローリングフィニッシュ, Torikera Roōringu Finisshu).
  • Ptera Daggers (プテラダガー, Putera Dagā): Abare Yellow's personal weapons, attacks with the Yellow Flying Dagger (イエローフライングダガー, Ierō Furaingu Dagā) and the Ptera Spin Crash (プテラスピンクラッシュ, Putera Supin Kurasshu).
  • Dino Bomber (ダイノボンバー, Daino Bonbā): Combination of the Tyranno Rod, Tricera Bunker, and Ptera Daggers. It is used to destroy normal-sized monsters with the Hissatsu Dino Dynamite (必殺ダイノダイナマイト, Hissatsu Daino Dainamaito), a finishing move that fires a large blast to destroys the enemy, and the Hisattsu Riding Dynamite (必殺ライディングダイナマイト, Hisattsu Raidingu Dainamaito), which is used while riding on a Ride Raptor at 150 km/hour. The blast combines the Dino Guts of the Ride Raptor and the Abarangers. It is effective on monsters that can fly away.
  • Dino Commander & Dino Harp (ダイノコマンダー&ダイノハープ, Daino Komandā ando Daino Hāpu): Abare Black's transformation brace resembling a Brachiosaurus head, it is gold and black with red buttons. The harp is much like a harmonica. It was damaged in the first episode, which is probably what causes a fight between Asuka and Brachio. He gets his powers back in episode 7. Abare Black's transformation call is the same as the others. While Asuka was possessed by the Armor of Darkness, Abare Killer found the Dino Harp which the other Abarangers later recovered from him. It was later used by Ranru to try to restore Asuka's sanity in Episode 40. Once Asuka was freed from the armor, the Dino Harp was returned to him.
  • Dino Thruster (ダイノスラスター, Daino Surasutā): Abare Black's main weapon. Can thrust the blade into the ground to perform the Fire Inferno (ファイヤーインフェルノ, Faiyā Inferuno), the Splash Inferno (スプラッシュインフェルノ, Supurasshu Inferuno), the Storm Inferno (ストームインフェルノ, Sutōmu Inferuno), and the Grand Inferno (グランドインフェルノ, Gurando Inferuno). Its finishers are the Dino Thruster Head Crash (ダイノスラスターヘッドクラッシュ, Daino Surasutā Heddo Kurasshu), the Dino Thruster Crescent Moon (ダイノスラスタークレセントムーン, Daino Surasutā Kuresento Mūn), and the Dino Thruster Circle Moon (ダイノスラスターサークルムーン, Daino Surasutā Sākuru Mūn).
  • Super Dino Bomber (スーパーダイノボンバー, Sūpā Daino Bonbā): Combination of the Dino Bomber with the Dino Thruster. Attacks with the Hissatsu Super Dino Dynamite (必殺スーパーダイノダイナマイト, Hissatsu Sūpā Daino Dainamaito).
  • Dino Minder (ダイノマインダー, Daino Maindā): Abare Killer's transformation device which Top or Stego would use to talk to him. His transformation call is the same as the others. The Dino Minder, along with TopGaler's egg, fell from the sky from the Anomalogaris just before the ship was destroyed by AbarenOh.
  • Wing Pentact (ウィングペンタクト, Wingu Pentakuto): Abare Killer's main weapon. It has the two modes of a Tact Mode (タクトモード, Takuto Mōdo) and a Blade Mode (ブレードモード, Burēdo Mōdo), where he can use it like a pen to create and fire laser arrows, and Blade Mode, where he can use it to attack directly. As shown in Episode 18, when Abare Killer wrote his name to introduce himself to the Abarangers.
  • StyRiser (スティライザー, Sutiraizā): In episode 29, Asuka saw the location of this weapon in his dream. It was on Earth, but it still hadn't been explained how it got there. Using his sword, he carved it from white stone while the Abarangers fought against Killer Ghost. When Asuka finished it and brought it to them, Aba Red, Abare Blue, and Abare Yellow put their Dino Guts into the weapon, which gave it color and transformed Aba Red into Abare Max. Wielding this weapon, Abare Max can take the enemy to the Atmosphere Explosion Max Field (大気爆裂マックスフィールド, Taiki Bakuretsu Makkusu Fīrudo), another dimension which he can manipulate at will to defeat it where he has the advantage. In its Defense Mode (ディフェンスモード, Difensu Mōdo), the StyRiser acts as a shield, and in its Offense Mode (オフェンスモード, Ofensu Mōdo), a blade extends from the main body so that Abare Max can attack. Its finisher move is the Hissatsu Slash Maximum (必殺スラッシュマキシマム, Hissatsu Surasshu Makishimamu). It can also be placed into Styraco's cockpit to control it, as well as MaxOhja, and from there, the Dino Plates for Bachycelo, Dimenoko, Parasa, and Ankylo can attach to it to create its Summoner Mode (サモナーモード, Samonā Mōdo) and combine them with MaxOhja to form MaxRyuoh.
  • Superior Dino Bomber (スーペリアダイノボンバー, Sūperia Daino Bonbā): The combination of the Super Dino Bomber with the Wing Pentact. The finisher is known as the Hissatsu Superior Dino Dynamite (必殺スーペリアダイノダイナマイト, Hissatsu Sūperia Daino Dainamaito).
  • BakuLaser (バクレイザー, Bakureizā): Appears only in the Abaranger Deluxe movie, an AbaLaser-like weapon. Referred to as the "Sword of the Seal" in Dino-Earthian legends, as it sealed the Fearsome Bakuryū after Freezia infused the weapon with her life force. Princess Freezia had half of the BakuLaser in her possession and needed to find the other piece. The other piece was excavated by humans and put in a museum. Ryoga and Freezia sneaked in and steal it. He uses his Dino Guts to reforge it back together. However, "Princess Freesia" was revealed to be Garuvidi, who used the BakuLaser to form BakurenOh and piloted it until it was destroyed. The BakuLaser returned to Ryoga's possession and it gained the Abaranger emblem and attacked with the Hissatsu BakuLaser Sword Crash (必殺バクレイザーソードクラッシュ, Hissatsu Bakureizā Sōdo Kurasshu). The real Freezia was embedded in the weapon, unable to act on her own. But witnessing the acts Ryoga and gang done, she thanked them before the BakuLaser disappears.
  • Nonuple Connection Super Dino Victory (九重連スーパーダイノビクトリー, Kyūjūren Sūpā Daino Bikutorī): An Abaranger vs. Hurricaneger exclusive. The front section of the Super Dino Bomber connects to the end section of the Hurricaneger and Gouraiger's Victory Gadget. The finisher attack of the Super Dino Victory is the Hissatsu Victory Dino Dynamite (必殺ビクトリーダイノダイナマイト, Hissatsu Bikutorī Daino Dainamaito) attack.

Ride Raptors[edit]

The Ride Raptors (ライドラプター, Raido Raputā) are velociraptor-like creatures, less intelligent than the Bakuryū and similar to horses. They are the Abarangers' primary transportation. Each Abaranger (except Killer) has a Ride Raptor in a matching color, and the Black Raptor made a cameo appearance in GoGo Sentai Boukenger vs. Super Sentai.


The Bakuryū (爆竜, Bakuryū) are highly evolved dinosaurs from Dino earth and were friends of the Dino People (竜人, Ryūjin) until the Evorians attacked. Although most Bakuryū eggs were sent to Earth, Tyranno, Tricera and Ptera fell under Evolien control. Sent to Earth, they embarked on a path of destruction until their partners freed them.


Nicknamed Tyranno (ティラノ, Tirano), the Bakuryū Tyrannosaurus (爆竜ティラノサウルス, Bakuryū Tiranosaurusu) is Aba Red's partner Bakuryū and the strongest of the first three Bakuryū. Although his jaws, strength and claws make him a formidable opponent, his tail (which enables him to drill through anything) is his greatest weapon. He is wise, but is impatient with Ryoga. Tyranno is sympathetic to Mai, since he has fatherly feelings. He lost his wife and child on Dino Earth to the Evolien, and urges Ryoga to be a good father figure for Mai; in the finale, he tells Ryoga that if he and Mai are unhappy he would return for them. Tyranno forms most of AbarenOh: the head, legs, body, left arm and blade of the Double-Tail Sword (ダブルテイルソード, Daburu Teiru Sōdo), and donates his tail to another robot combination. He is voiced by Takashi Nagasako (長嶝 高士, Nagasako Takashi).


Nicknamed Tricera (トリケラ, Torikera), the Bakuryū Triceratops (爆竜トリケラトプス, Bakuryū Torikeratopusu) is Abare Blue's partner, armored Bakuryū. He can take considerable punishment from an opponent, and seems strong enough to topple every building in downtown Tokyo. Tricera is the youngest of the three Bakuryū, and his voice is that of a pre-teenager. In episode 36, wanting to be human, he becomes a little boy named Kerato (ケラト). The transformation is later revealed to be caused by an angel (to God's dismay). Although Tricera falls in love with a woman he sacrifices his human life, returning to his normal form to protect Yukito; in the finale, he thanks Yukito for everything. He forms AbarenOh's right arm, shield and Double-Tail Sword handle. Tricera is voiced by Kōki Miyata (宮田 幸季, Miyata Kōki), and played as Kerato by Ryunosuke Kamiki (神木 隆之介, Kamiki Ryūnosuke).


Nicknamed Ptera (プテラ, Putera), the Bakuryū Pteranodon (爆竜プテラノドン, Bakuryū Puteranodon) is Abare Yellow's partner Bakuryū and the fastest of the three. Although she can reach speeds exceeding Mach 1.2 and her wings, beak and shock waves are effective weapons, she is kind and sweet and known to watch TV; in the finale, she advises Ranru to look for a nice boyfriend. Ptera forms AbarenOh's helmet and "gown", and is voiced by Emi Shinohara (篠原 恵美, Shinohara Emi).


Nicknamed Brachio (ブラキオ, Burakio), the Bakuryū Brachiosaurus (爆竜ブラキオサウルス, Bakuryū Burakiosaurusu) is Abare Black's partner Bakuryū and the largest. Wise and calm, he dislikes fighting. Brachio is the only Bakuryū who was immune to Evolien control, because of his partnership with Asuka. Living at the bottom of Tokyo Bay, he keeps most of the other Bakuryū in his body until they are needed. Brachio recites rousing, poetic speeches (puns on Toei heroic songs) when he heads into battle, and made a brief cameo in GoGo Sentai Boukenger vs. Super Sentai movie. Brachio is voiced by Banjō Ginga (銀河 万丈, Ginga Banjō).


A pachycephalosaurus called Bachycelo (バキケロ, Bakikero), the Bakuryū Bachycelonagurus (爆竜バキケロナグルス, Bakuryū Bakikeronagurusu) was the first Bakuryū egg found. After hatching, he stayed at Dino House until he was large enough to be placed in Brachio with the others. Bachycelo is childish, similar in personality to Tricera, and he forms MaxRyuoh's right arm. In the finale he tells Mai that he is happy with her close to her foster father Ryoga, and advises her to be good to him. Bachycelo is voiced by Sayaka Aida (相田 さやか, Aida Sayaka).


A laid-back dimetrodon called Dimenoko (ディメノコ), the Bakuryū Dimenokodon (爆竜ディメノコドン, Bakuryū Dimenokodon) is found in Kyoto and becomes the inside of MaxRyuoh's right leg. Dreamy, he loves the music of Asuka's Dino Harp. After Asuka was possessed by the Armor of Darkness, Dimenoko suggested that the Abarangers use Asuka's Dino Harp to return him to his senses. In the finale, he tells Sugishita to take care and be healthy. Dimenoko is voiced by Daisuke Kishio (岸尾 だいすけ, Kishio Daisuke).


A stegosaurus called Stego (ステゴ, Sutego), the Bakuryū Stegoslidon (爆竜ステゴスライドン, Bakuryū Sutegosuraidon) combines with TopGaler to become KillerOh, in which Stego forms the body and head. Although he was temporarily controlled by Abare Killer, he awakened (separating KillerOh), left and voluntarily returned to Abare Killer. Stego cares about Mikoto (with Lije), secretly contacting the other Abarangers in the hope that they could help save Mikoto's life. His personality is similar to that of Ptera and Dimenoko. In the finale, Stego asked Yatsudenwani why he was still on Earth. He is voiced by Hiroshi Iida (飯田 浩志, Iida Hiroshi).


A parasaurolophus, Parasa (パラサ) has a Spanish accent and forms the inside of MaxRyuoh's left leg. The Bakuryū Parasarokkiru (爆竜パラサロッキル, Bakuryū Parasarokkiru) lived in the Juan Fernández Islands until he followed Asuka's scent to Japan. A dedicated pianist, in the finale he tells Emiri to remain cheerful. Parasa is voiced by Kōzō Shioya (塩屋 浩三, Shioya Kōzō).


A tupuxuara called Top (トップ, Toppu) who destroyed a large Dino Earth city, the Bakuryū TopGaler (爆竜トップゲイラー, Bakuryū Toppugeirā) was found and released by Abare Killer and became his partner. Reaching speeds of Mach 20 in battle, he calls Mikoto "human" (人間, ningen) as a sign of their gruff relationship and is a lone wolf like his master. Despite this, he cared for his master when he returned to free him from Immortal and agreed with Asuka's suggestion to let him form KillerOh. Although he and Abare Killer apparently died near the series' end, he returned in Dekaranger vs. Abaranger and combined with AbarenOh to become Killer AbarenOh. Top forms KillerOh's limbs and weapon or the wings of AbarenOh Galer or BakurenOh Galer; with Stego, he has the same wing position for Killer AbarenOh, Killer BakurenOh and Oo-AbarenOh. He is voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa (緑川 光, Midorikawa Hikaru).


A petulant ankylosaurus, Ankylo (アンキロ, Ankiro) forms MaxRyuoh's left arm. Although the Bakuryū Ankyloveilus (爆竜アンキロベイルス, Bakuryū Ankirobeirusu) admits his mistrust of the Abarangers, he still helps when needed. When he first contacted the Abarangers he led them on a wild goose chase, telling them that he was in the city, on the beach and on a farm. He is found by accident, preferring a quiet life until Asuka convinces his otherwise. In the finale, Ankylo called Yatsudenwani an interesting fellow. He is voiced by Akemi Misaki (御崎 朱美, Misaki Akemi).


The legendary Bakuryū Styracosaurus (爆竜スティラコサウルス, Bakuryū Sutirakosaurusu) appears on a mountaintop to Abare Max when Brachio was attacked by the second Anomalogaris, leaving the Abarangers unable to fight with the other Bakuryū and helpless against Ballugigenia. With him is the DinoGarry (ダイノギャリー, Dainogyarī), a chariot containing the War Steel Dinosaur SpinoGold (武鋼竜スピノゴールド, Bukōryū Supinogōrudo) helmet and War Steel Dinosaur RhamphoGold (武鋼竜ランフォゴールド, Bukōryū Ranfogōrudo) axes. Styraco and the DinoGarry are called the StyracoGarry (スティラコギャリー, Sutirakogyarī) when Styraco is pulling the DinoGalley. They destroyed Ballugigenia, and Styraco became Abare Max's partner. Its attack is Fireball Crash (ファイヤーボールクラッシュ, Faiyābōru Kurasshu); because it is an ancient Bakuryū, it cannot speak to humans and communicates telepathically with the Abarangers.


Bakuryū Firenokodon (爆竜ファイヤーノコドン, Bakuryū Faiyānokodon) is a dimetrodon which hatched in Hawaii and combines with AbarenOh to form AbarenOh Nokodon Fire, a circular saw arm.

Bakuryū combinations[edit]


Bakuryū Combination AbarenOh (爆竜合体アバレンオー, Bakuryū Gattai Abaren'ō, Riot Union King): Tyranno, Tricera and Ptera combine to form AbarenOh, a humanoid fighting machine. Tyranno forms the main body, legs, left-arm-drill and head. Tricera forms the right arm and Ptera the helmet and chest, which becomes the Ptera Cutter (プテラカッター, Putera Kattā). AbarenOh's finisher is Bakuryū Blitz Drill Spin (爆竜電撃ドリルスピン, Bakuryū Dengeki Doriru Supin), using its left arm to pierce an opponent's body. AbarenOh's other attacks include Tyranno Drill (ティラノドリル, Tirano Doriru), Tricera Punch (トリケラパンチ, Torikera Panchi), Bakuryū Blast (爆竜ブラスト, Bakuryū Burasuto), Bakuryū Fire (爆竜ファイヤー, Bakuryū Faiyā) and Bakuryū Salmon Hunter (爆竜サーモンハンター, Bakuryū Sāmon Hantā).

  • Bachycelo can replace Tricera on AbarenOh to form AbarenOh Nagurus (アバレンオーナグルス, Abaren'ō Nagurusu), with a boxing arm for the Bakuryū Finisher Knuckle Cracker Punch (爆竜必殺バキバキパンチ, Bakuryū Hissatsu Baki Baki Panchi) finisher.
  • Dimenoko can combine with AbarenOh to form AbarenOh Nokodon (アバレンオーノコドン, Abaren'ō Nokodon), by replacing the Tyrano Drill with a buzzsaw arm for the Bakuryū Finisher Cross Thunder (爆竜必殺クロスサンダー, Bakuryū Hissatsu Kurosu Sandā) finisher.
  • AbarenOhji (アバレンオージ, Abaren'ōji, Riot Union Prince): A combination without Ptera. This was created by Ryoga in episode 14 because Ptrera and Ranru were both hesitant to destroy the Giganoid, but it is not used again afterwards.
  • Stego can combine with AbarenOh to form AbarenOh Slidon (アバレンオースライドン, Abaren'ō Suraidon), serving as a surfboard for the Bakuryū Finisher Slider Attack (爆竜必殺スライダーアタック, Bakuryū Hissatsu Suraidā Atakku) finisher.
  • Parasa can combine with AbarenOh to form AbarenOh Rokkiru (アバレンオーロッキル, Abaren'ō Rokkiru), by replacing the Tyranno Drill with a scissors arm for the Bakuryū Finisher Snipping Scissors (爆竜必殺チョキチョキシザース, Bakuryū Hissatsu Choki Choki Shizāsu) finisher.
  • Ankylo can replace Tricera on AbarenOh to form AbarenOh Veilus (アバレンオーベイルス, Abaren'ō Beirusu), forming a shield and drill blade arm. It can defend against attacks with the Veil Blocker (ベイルブロッカー, Beiru Burokkā), and can be used together with the Tyranno Drill for the Bakuryū Finisher Double Tornado (爆竜必殺ダブルトルネード, Bakuryū Hissatsu Saburu Torunēdo) finisher.
  • In Episode 26, AbarenOh has Parasa and Ankylo become its arms as AbarenOh Veilus Rokkiru (アバレンオーベイルスロッキル, Abaren'ō Beirusu Rokkiru), for the fishing-themed Bakuryū Bonito Fishing (爆竜カツオの一本釣り, Bakuryū Katsuo no Ipponzuri) attack against a Trinoid enabling for them to switch to AbarenOh Rokkiru to administer the final blow.
  • Firenokodon can combine with AbarenOh to form AbarenOh Nokodon Fire (アバレンオーノコドンファイヤー, Abaren'ō Nokodon Faiyā), by replacing the Tyrano Drill with a buzzsaw arm for the Bakuryū Finisher Burning Cutter (爆竜必殺バーニングカッター, Bakuryū Hissatsu Bāningu Kattā) finisher.
  • In Abaranger vs Hurricaneger, upon gaining the powers of the Hurricangers and the Gouraigers' courage (using the kanjis for "Destroy", "Reverse", "Sword", "Roaring" and "Thunder"), AbarenOh becomes Senpuu Gourai AbarenOh (旋風轟雷アバレンオー, Senpū Gōrai Abaren'ō), armed with a golden version of the Sword Slasher. Its finisher is Bakuryū Finisher Ultimate Secret Technique Copy Drill Slasher (爆竜必殺究極奥義分身ドリルスラッシャー, Bakuryū Hissatsu Kyūkyoku Ōgi Bunshin Doriru Surasshā).


Bakuryū Combination KillerOh (爆竜合体キラーオー, Bakuryū Gattai Kirāō, Killer King): Top and Stego combine to form KillerOh. TopGaler forms its staff, Gale Spear (ゲイルスピア, Geiru Supia), arms and legs and Stego forms its body and head. Its finishers are the Bakuryū Finisher Death Stinger (爆竜必殺デススティンガー, Bakuryū Hissatsu Desu Sutingā) and the Bakuryū Finisher Death Combustion (爆竜必殺デスコンバッション, Bakuryū Hissatsu Desu Konbasshon). Other attacks are the Fillet Strike (ヒレストライク, Hire Sutoraiku) and the Death Combustion Fire (デスコンバッションファイヤー, Desu Konbasshon Faiyā).

  • KillerOh Nagurusu Nokodon (キラーオーナグルスノコドン, Kirāō Nagurusu Nokodon): Combines with Bachycelo and Dimenoko. First used in Episode 23 after Abare Killer captures and hypnotizes Bachycelo and Dimenoko. Attacks with the Killer Baki Baki Punch (キラーバキバキパンチ, Kirā Baki Baki Panchi) and the Killer Cross Thunder (キラークロスサンダー, Kirā Kurosu Sandā) finishers together.
  • KillerOh Veilus Rokkiru (キラーオーベイルスロッキル, Kirāō Beirusu Rokkiru): Combines with Parasa and Ankylo. Formed by Asuka in Episode 43 after he takes command of KillerOh. Finsher attack is Bakuryū Finisher Drill Scissors (爆竜必殺ドリルシザース, Bakuryū Hissatsu Doriru Shizāsu), by first striking with Ankylo's Tail Anchor, then hacking with the Parasa's Tail Chopper.

Killer AbarenOh[edit]

The Great Bakuryū Combination Killer AbarenOh (爆竜大合体キラーアバレンオー, Bakuryū Dai Gattai Kirā Abaren'ō, Killer Riot Union King) is created when AbarenOh combines with Top and Stego to defeat BakurenOh, also appearing later in the series. It attacks by using Stego to slide down Brachio's tail, back and neck and uses Bakuryū Multi-Combine (爆竜マルチコンバイン, Bakuryū Maruchi Konbain), an attack employing Tricera, Tyranno, Bachycelo, Dimenoko, Ankylo and Parasa as arms before its Flying Drill Spin (フライングドリルスピン, Furaingu Doriru Supin) finisher.

In Dekaranger vs. Abaranger, Killer AbarenOh is formed without Stego and called AbarenOh Galer (アバレンオーゲイラー, Abaren'ō Geirā); it finishes with the Gatling Drill Spin (ガトリングドリルスピン, Gatoringu Doriru Supin), having the Dekarangers' Super Dekaranger Robo propel AbarenOh Galer (instead of Stego) forward with its Gatling Punch attack and Flying Drill Spin.


For Bakuryū Combination MaxOhja (爆竜合体マックスオージャ, Bakuryū Gattai Makkusu Ōja, Max Monarch), Styraco combines with the DinoGarry to form the humanoid fighting robot MaxOhja. Two of its attacks are Max Crusher (マックスクラッシャー, Makkusu Kurasshā) and Max Thunder Spark (マックスサンダースパーク, Makkusu Sandā Supāku), and its finisher is the Max Shoulder Attack (マックスショルダーアタック, Makkusu Shorudā Atakku). Styraco's head becomes the chest of MaxOhja or MaxRyuoh, and his tail forms MaxOhja's head or MaxRyuoh's back. The rest of Styraco forms the body and upper legs, with the DinoGarry as the lower legs (the wheels serve as MaxOhja's arms), the spike on the right wheel the right "glove" and the left spike the left "glove". Abare Black pilots MaxOhja and MaxRyuoh when Abare Max is unable to.


When MaxOhja combines with Bachycelo, Dimenoko, Parasa, Ankylo, and the Gold trio they form the Super Bakuryū Combination MaxRyuoh (爆竜超合体マックスリュウオー, Bakuryū Chō Gattai Makkusuryūō, Max Saur King), one of the most powerful Bakuryū combinations. Its primary attack is the Bakuryū Finisher Ryuoh Buster (爆竜必殺リュウオーバスター, Bakuryū Hissatsu Ryūō Basutā), in which the left arm triggers a tornado and the right-arm bazooka discharges an energy shell. An additional attack is the Finisher Bakuryū Great Charge Attack (必殺爆竜大進撃アタック, Hissatsu Bakuryū Dai Shingeki) and Ryuoh Javelin.


AbarenOh combines with Stego, Top, the two RhamphoGold and SpinoGold to form the Strongest Bakuryū Combination Oo-AbarenOh (爆竜最強合体オオアバレンオー, Bakuryū Saikyō Gattai Ō Abaren'ō, Great Riot Union King). It is only used once (to destroy the Killer Giganoid), and its finisher is the Bakuryū Finisher Oo-Abare Full Throttle (爆竜必殺オオアバレフルスロットル, Bakuryū Hissatsu Ō Abare Furu Surottoru).


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