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IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded March 1974
Commenced operations 10 October 1974
Ceased operations 1 April 2012 (merged into ANA)
Operating bases Tokyo International Airport
Alliance Star Alliance
Fleet size 35
Parent company All Nippon Airways
Former Air Nippon logo

Air Nippon Co., Ltd. (エアーニッポン株式会社, Eā Nippon Kabushiki-gaisha) was a regional airline based in the Shiodome City Center complex in Minato, Tokyo, Japan.[1]

A wholly owned subsidiary of All Nippon Airways (ANA), it mainly operated short routes and flights to isolated islands in support of ANA's domestic services. Its main base was Tokyo International Airport.[2]

Code data[edit]

In April 2004, Air Nippon adopted ANA flight codes and numbers for all domestic services.


An Air Nippon NAMC YS-11.
An Air Nippon Boeing 737-200.
Air Nippon Boeing 737-500 at Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)
Air Nippon Boeing 737-700 at Memanbetsu Airport

The company was founded by ANA, Japan Airlines and TOA Domestic as Nippon Kinkyori Airways[3] (日本近距離航空, Nippon Kinkyori Kōkū, lit. Japan Short-Distance Airline, NKK[3]) in March 1974 and started operations on 10 October 1974. The name Air Nippon was adopted in 1987, and the abbreviation ANK comes from the full, somewhat redundant name Air Nippon Kabushiki kaisha (lit. Air Nippon joint stock corporation.).[citation needed]

As part of ANA's reorganisation, Air Nippon's domestic operations are being consolidated into the main airline. It had 12 Boeing 737-200 aircraft. ANA and Air Nippon used different liveries and IATA codes on domestic flights until April 2004, when Air Nippon adopted ANA livery and ANA flight numbers. As an ANA subsidiary, it is considered a full Star Alliance member. However, on Republic of China flights before April 2008, Air Nippon's IATA code EL was still used due to political reasons and these flights are not considered being Star Alliance flights.[4]

In 1998 the airline was headquartered in Shinagawa, Tokyo.[5]

In 2002 Air Nippon was headquartered on the 5th floor of the Utility Center Building (ユーティリティセンタービル, Yūtiriti Sentā Biru) by Tokyo International Airport in Ōta.[6] Shiodome City Center, which became headquarters of Air Nippon and parent company ANA, opened in 2003.[7]

The airline employed 1,686 staff (at March 2007). Until 2010, Air Nippon operated the wholly owned subsidiary airline Air Nippon Network operating feeder services; however, on 1 October 2010, Air Nippon Network was merged into ANA Wings.[2]

On 1 April 2012, Air Nippon was merged to All Nippon Airways.



The Air Nippon fleet consisted of the following aircraft throughout operations:[2][8]

Air Nippon Fleet
Aircraft Total Photo
Airbus A320-200 3 ANK A320.jpg
Boeing 737-200 11 All Nippon Airways B737-281 Advanced (JA845621770588).jpg
Boeing 737-400 2 Air Nippon Boeing 737-400 Spijkers.jpg
Boeing 737-500 25 B737-54K(JA303K) approach @HND RJTT (494783222).jpg
Boeing 737-700 16 ANA B737-700(JA09AN) (4563685996).jpg
Boeing 737-800 8 ANA B737-800(JA54AN) (3826339094).jpg
Boeing 767-300ER 3 ANA B767-300ER(JA613A) (4281676956).jpg
Bombardier Dash 8-300 5 ANA Bombardier DHC8-Q300(JA801K) (4934219515).jpg
NAMC YS-11 ? MyPhotoYS11-2.jpg


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