Alpha Phi Delta

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Alpha Phi Delta
Alpha Phi Delta crest.png
Founded November 5, 1914; 102 years ago (1914-11-05)
Syracuse University
Type Social
Scope National, Italian-American Heritage
Motto Faciamus!
Colors     Royal Purple and     White
Symbol Fasces
Flower Garofano (white carnation)
Publication The Kleos
Chapters 103 Collegiate Charter Chapters, 3 colonies, 27 active Alumni Chapters
Members 10,000+ collegiate
Alumni Entities 50
Headquarters Staten Island, New York

Alpha Phi Delta (ΑΦΔ), commonly referred to as APD, is a Greek social fraternity that evolved from an exclusive Italian society (Il Circolo Italiano) at Syracuse University in 1914.

Seven founding members who strove to create a brotherhood that would last long after their college days. They were Brother Cesidio A. Guarini, Brother Ferdinand F. DiBartolo, Brother Anthony T. Frascati, Brother Nicholas Frunzi, Brother Otto Gelormini, Brother Dominic T. Ciolli, and Brother Joseph Cangiamila.

Soon after its founding, Alpha Phi Delta spread from Syracuse and became a national fraternity. Alpha Phi Delta is traditionally an Italian-American heritage fraternity; however, since September 2, 1965, it has welcomed young men of all racial backgrounds.


After the creation of the Alpha Chapter at Syracuse University, Nicholas Frunzi transferred to Columbia University in 1916. He became friends with the brothers of a fraternity that had similar values as Alpha Phi Delta, Sigma Gamma Phi. After convincing the founding fathers of Sigma Gamma Phi to merge, Columbia University became the Beta Chapter of Alpha Phi Delta, hence becoming a national fraternity. As time passed the fraternity grew bigger. Unfortunately, a lot of chapters have been shut down due to inactivity. So far the fraternity has around +40 collegiate chapters. In 2015, the fraternity reached 20,000 lifelong members.[1]

Active Chapters and Colonies[edit]

Alpha Phi Delta is the top represented fraternity in the New York City Tri-State Area, and among the top on the East coast.[2]

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