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Amosan Oral Antiseptic Rinse, 2014

Amosan is an oral antiseptic rinse.[1] In 2014, Vintage Brands Limited began manufacturing and selling an oral antiseptic rinse containing 68.635% (w/w) Sodium Perborate under the Amosan brand name.[2] Until 2010, Amosan was an oral wound cleanser manufactured in Belgium and sold under the Oral-B brand, belonging to Procter & Gamble after its recent acquisition of Gillette (2005). It is used to aid in the prevention of, as well as speed the recovery from canker sores, denture irritation, orthodontic irritation, and oral injuries or after dental procedures. It is distributed in a powdered form that requires reconstitution with warm water, after which it is used as a mouth rinse. It is customarily packaged in 1.7g envelopes.

A recent double-blind crossover study [3] suggests that hydrogen peroxide, which is released during the use of this product, may prevent or retard colonization and multiplication of anaerobic bacteria, such as those that inhabit oral wounds.

A similar, if not identical product, also manufactured under the Oral-B brand name, called Bocasan was once distributed in the UK, but appears to have been discontinued some time after 2003.

Vintage Brands Limited began manufacturing and selling Amosan Oral Antiseptic Rinse in 2014 because many consumers were disappointed that it was no longer available.[4] Product review pages on Amazon[5] and public comment forums elsewhere[6] indicate a high level of frustration with the discontinuation by users who could find no effective alternative treatment.

In April 2012, it was reported that Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada had produced a comparable product under their house brand: 'Life Brand Oral Wound Cleanser'.[7] Also Rexall has their own house brand.

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