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There are several characters named Amphion (Ancient Greek: Ἀμφίων derived from ἀμφί amphi "on both sides, in all directions, surrounding" as well as "around, about, near") in Greek mythology:

  • Amphion, son of Zeus and Antiope, and twin brother of Zethus (see Amphion and Zethus). Together they are famous for building Thebes. Pausanias recounts an Egyptian legend according to which Amphion employed magic to build the walls of the city.[1] Amphion married Niobe, and killed himself after the loss of his wife and children (the Niobids) at the hands of Apollo and Artemis. Diodorus Siculus calls Chloris his daughter,[2] but the other accounts of her parentage identify her father as another Amphion, the ruler of Minyan Orchomenus (see below).
  • Amphion, son of Iasus and Persephone (a mortal woman, not the wife of Hades). This Amphion is an obscure character, said to be a king of the Minyans of Orchomenus, in Boeotia.
  • Amphion, son of Hyperasius; he and his brother Asterius were Argonauts.[3]
  • Amphion the Epean, of Elis, who took part in the Trojan War on the side of the Greeks.[4]


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