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Arab Venezuelan
Total population

over 1,500,000[1]

5-7% of Venezuela's population
Regions with significant populations
Caracas, Maracaibo, Valencia, Maracay, Ciudad Guayana, Barcelona-Puerto La Cruz, Punto Fijo, Margarita Island
Spanish, Arabic
Roman Catholicism
Eastern Orthodoxy
Related ethnic groups
Lebanese people, Syrian people, Palestinian people

An Arab Venezuelan (Arabic: عرب فنزويلا‎; Spanish: Arabo-Venezolano) is a Venezuelan citizen of Arab origin or descent. There are around 1,600,000 Venezuelans of Arab origin, mainly from Lebanon, Syria and Palestine.[1] Most Arab Venezuelans are of Syrian descent with their number between 400,000 to nearly 1 million of inhabitants,[2][3][4] and of Lebanese descent with their number around 341,000[5] to 500,000[6]

Migration history[edit]

Arab immigration to Venezuela started as early as the 19th and 20th centuries. They came mostly from Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine, and are present in significant numbers in Caracas.

Immigration of Arabs in Venezuela has influenced Venezuelan culture, in particular Arabic food and music.

In religion, the majority of Arab-Venezuelans are Christians who belong to the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Rite Catholic Churches. There are few Muslims.

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