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Flag of Venezuela
Map of Venezuela
officially, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, is a federal republic, located at the north of South America. It borders north with the Caribbean Sea, east to Guyana, south with Brazil and west with Colombia. Its territory comprehends about 916,445 km², including 600 islands that form the Federal Dependencies, uncounting the Essequibo area, which has been largely reclaimed by the country.

A country with a large biodiversity, Venezuela is divided into 23 states (estados), the Venezuelan Capital District and the aforementioned dependencies. The capital city is Caracas, where resides the government along the legislative body. The country gained independence from Spain in 1821, and was one of the three nations that formed the Great Colombia. The economy is most based on the petroleum industry, depending also on the agricultural sector. The official language is Spanish, although several indigenous languages are spoken by aboriginal tribes through the nation.

Venezuela is a co-founder member of the OPEC and the South American Community of Nations.

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Cachapa with shredded cheese

Cachapas are a part of traditional Venezuelan cuisine. They are made of maize in the form of masa. They are made as fresh corn is ground and then mixed into a batter of the consistency of pancakes, yet slightly thicker and lumpier. It is then cooked like a pancake. It is served with many toppings, but traditionally with butter or margarine and white cheese (queso blanco) on top. They can be prepared as an appetizer or a full breakfast, depending on the size. Cachapas could be very elaborate, some including different kinds of cheese, milky cream, and jam.

Venezuelan Corn Cakes: Cachapas Recipe

10 ears of corn 2 tablespoons sugar 1/4 cup milk Pinch salt Corn oil, for sauteing 1/4 lb fresh cheese

Remove kernels form husk of corn using a sharp knife. Puree in a blender. Mix in the sugar, milk, and salt. Heat griddle to medium heat, lightly coat with corn oil. Spoon mixture onto hot griddle to form "pancakes" of your desired size. Cook for 2 minutes on each side, and fold with a big piece of cheese inside

The Cachapas are eaten with "Queso de Mano" Hand Cheese, a soft mozzarella like cheese and also with fried Pork on the side.

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"El Chiguire", the biggest rodent.

"El Chiguire", the biggest rodent (photo finalist of WikiViajes por Venezuela 2014)

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Pintor que pintas tu tierra,
si quieres pintar tu cielo,
cuando pintes angelitos,
acuérdate de tu pueblo;
y al lado del ángel rubio
y junto al ángel trigueño,
aunque la Virgen sea blanca,
píntame angelitos negros.
Andrés Eloy Blanco, "Píntame Angelitos Negros".

English: "Painter, you that paint your land, / if you want to paint your heaven, / when you're painting little angels, / remember where you're from; / and beside the blond angel / and next to the brunette angel, / even if the Virgin is white, / paint me black little angels."

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