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Béal Átha an Ghaorthaidh
The former An Óige Youth Hostel
The former An Óige Youth Hostel
Ballingeary is located in Ireland
Location in Ireland
Coordinates: 51°51′N 9°14′W / 51.85°N 9.23°W / 51.85; -9.23Coordinates: 51°51′N 9°14′W / 51.85°N 9.23°W / 51.85; -9.23
Country Ireland
Province Munster
County County Cork

Ballingeary (Irish: Béal Átha an Ghaorthaidh, pronounced [bʲial̪ˠ ɑhən̪ˠ ˈɣʷeːrˠhiɡʲ]) is a village in the Shehy Mountains in County Cork, Ireland.[1]

The village is within the Gaeltacht (Irish-speaking area) and has an active Irish-language summer school, Coláiste na Mumhan (The College of Munster), which was attended by Thomas MacDonagh in the summer of 1906. It also hosts a yearly agricultural and horticultural show.

The River Lee rises a few miles west of the village, at Gougane Barra Park.

The National Hillclimb Cycling Championships will be held in the village on 3rd October 2015 see

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